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Running Shorts is published by the CTC to inform its members of local and regional events of interest, recognize and compliment member accomplishments, provide tips, and give other pertinent information. All of this should be done in a positive manner. Letters are limited to 250 words and must include the full name, address, telephone and signature of the author. If the submission is sent by email the author will be verified. All submissions including letters may be edited. The newsletter staff has the right to publish what they deem appropriate information. Any rejected submissions will be referred to the CTC Board for consideration.




Letter from the Editor

I got a new computer a few months ago, and I found myself increasingly frustrated when trying to transfer files from my old computer to my new computer. The files that were being really tricky to transfer were not work related or even financially related, they were running related and as such, were very important to me. I couldn’t seem to get my files from the old PC’s ‘Garmin Training Center” to load to my new Mac. My old files contained information on runs from when I started training for my first marathon in 2008. I’d tried a few different techniques to transfer the files, but to no avail. The idea of losing these files permanently was causing some anxiety. The old computer was having many problems, and I couldn’t upload to Garmin Connect online and I’d already taken it somewhere to have all my files transferred to my new computer, but alas I couldn’t upload my data to my new computer. Without getting into all the details, I managed to transfer a lot, not all, of my data to my new computer.

This made me think of how other people go about tracking their running. Some people have Garmin’s while others use Nike models or various other running watches that keep track of mileage, pace, elevation, heart rate and so much more.

I also wondered if people track their races differently than they track their running. I may have lost some of my Garmin data, but I still had my trusty Word document, where I kept a table of my racing results, including time, pace, and where I placed in events dating back to 2003. Every year I look at this document before a race, to see what my goal is. I want to be around, time wise, where I was the year before, or a little faster. I look back at my results to see if I improved from the previous year, and if so, what were the weather conditions, how was I feeling, was I injury free, etc.

I wanted to ask a few other racers how they kept track of their results. I decided to ask Leah Connor and Andrew Zapanta. I knew Leah, former CTC president and current CTC Webmaster, competed in races multiple times a month; I knew Andrew, another former CTC president, ran multiple marathons a year. I was betting that they probably tracked their results, but I wanted to know how.

Leah wears a Garmin to track her daily runs, but she also uses Nike & her iPod as a back up. She told me she uses to track race results. I know Leah keeps her results, broken down by quarter mile splits, and dissects them to see where she can improve. I know she recently tracked how she did in 10K’s from 1994 and compared it to her current 10K time. She improved by about 17 minutes, while her 5K time improved by 5 minutes.

Andrew informed me he tracks both his training runs and races on a spreadsheet. He also informed me that a large majority of his races make it onto his profile. He also often writes about how his race went in a race report, which tracks the minute details of the day and course (some of which you see here in the newsletter).

I’d never heard of before, but with these two big racers saying it was a good resource, I had to check it out. WOW, is all I can say. Using my name and age, I claimed results dating back to 1997. Given not all my races were included, but 68 results populated for me to claim.

Enough about tracking our running and racing, sometimes we need to log off, and get away from technology and just run for the fun of it.

~Kristen Keller
Newsletter Editor

A Message from the CTC President

2012 was a very good year for the Track Club. Over $400,000 was donated to local charities, many new runners were introduced to local races through our training programs, and many experienced runners earned PRs and reached other milestones in their running careers. We have friends who ran in the Olympic Trials and friends who ran/walked their first 5k.

We wouldn't be successful without the work of our volunteers. There are so many of you that come out and donate your time and talent to make each CTC event a success. To recognize you, we are bringing back Volunteer Points. You will receive points for volunteering at events. We'll award prizes based on the different points levels at our Social. It's just a small way of showing our appreciation.

2013 is shaping up to be a busy and exciting year. I look forward to seeing you out on the road. Have a great run.

~Deb Gilbert (CTC President)

Charlottesville Ten Miler Training Program

If you are running at least 6 miles a week (long run of 2.5 miles), there's still time to join the 400+ participants of the 2013 Charlottesville Ten Miler Training Program. Online registration closes on 12/31/12.

NEW THIS YEAR! Coach Mark Lorenzoni and Brad Savage of 106.1 The Corner will be following 12 first-time runners as part of "THE SAVAGE DOZEN."

Listen to the first radio interview online:

Morning Show: Alison Visokay 11-15-12

At the Races

‘At the Races’, are results submitted by race directors for the various races in the area.  Being listed does not necessarily mean this is a CTC sponsored event, or that the CTC has anything to do with this event. Listing this event, means the race director submitted their own results and recaps to us to include in our newsletter. Note all CTC sponsored races are for charitable purposes only.

Boars Head Turkey Trot
The Boars Head Turkey Trot had 1400 entrants this year and raised over $35,000 for the UVa Children’s Hospital.
Turkey Trot Race Results

Pepsi 10K
467 finishers of this year’s Pepsi 10K run to benefit Special Olympics, raising $7143.76 for Special Olympics.
Pepsi 10K Race Results

Clark Elementary School Buzz-by-Belmont 5K

This year’s Clark Elementary School Buzz-by-Belmont 5K inaugurated the return of the Belmont-Carlton Bash, turning an annual celebration of family fitness into a full day of community fun. People of all ages ran and walked to best their goals, unite with the neighborhood and to enjoy the stunning fall day.

The race is a successful fundraiser for school programs but the real story is what the kids showed they can do. About forty children aged ten and under completed the 5K (3.1 mile) course within a total field of 174.

Second grader Angus Munro (brother of last year’s fastest girl Claire) led the charge of Clark kids in 24:21. Galatea Misevich continued her steady improvement to become the fastest Clark Girl in 30:50. At the lead of the pack, Brian Kayser bested the hilly course in 18:04, while Elly Montague just missed the course record, cruising to 20:27.

Clark is blessed to have two running clubs in the Clark Road Warriors and a chapter of Girls on the Run.  The school is incredibly supportive, with many teachers, staff and families joining as racers, pacers, and volunteers. This event is full of inspiration from front to back. It is amazing what someone can do if they believe.

We would like to thank our financial backers (the Bog Hughes team at Nest, Allstate, the Local, ACAC, NWG Solutions, Wells Fargo, Gibsons Grocery) and the many businesses who contributed product and technical assistance. Many of these are located right in the neighborhood. This year’s event netted over $5,000 for the Clark Educational Opportunity Fund. Big “Thanks” as well to the many friends and neighbors, who gave their time and most especially to everyone who came out and made it such a wonderful day.

See you next year!

Buzz-by-Belmont Race Results

Charlottesville Women’s 4 Miler
Congratulations to race director’s Cynthia & Audrey Lorenzoni, as they raised $340,000 for the Breast Care Program and breast cancer research at UVA. This is the largest amount raised in the race’s 30 year history. Top fundraisers were Jennie Sue Minor, Donna Lynn Martin, Alix Padget-Brown, Vicky Eicher, & Susan Thomas. Top fundraising team was State Farm (Tom Jackson Team).

Women's 4 Miler Race Results

Members on the Run

A few of our marathon friends travelled to Germany in late September, and participated in the Berlin Marathon. Kenny Ball ran a personal best of 3:10, making him 48th in his age group, Mark Hampton ran a 3:24, & Harry Landers finished in 3:40. All had terrific times and were Boston Qualifiers.

A group of the Track Club’s Marathon group made it up to the superfast course in Corning, NY. While there, Sarah Trundle led the Charlottesville group with a PR of 3:20, followed closely by Jim Hall & Kristen Keller with 3:21’s, and rounding out the foursome was Hosni Haghighian, with a 3:34.

A week after Corning and Berlin, a group of Charlottesville Marathoners hit the Chicago marathon. Fast time of the day went to Charlie Hurt, with a 2:25. Of note, former CTC President Leah Connor got her Boston Qualifying time of 3:36.

Congratulations to the trio of Rick Kwiatkowski, Steve & Deric Park on the Raleigh Marathon. This group of guys had trained the New York City Marathon, which was cancelled the day before the race, due to the after effects of Hurricane Sandy. The guys didn’t let it get them down, they headed down to Raleigh the following weekend, and tackled one of the hilliest marathon courses on the east coast.  Rick finished with a 3:03, Steve 2:59, and Deric 2:58. Amazingly fast men!

The Charlottesville Team that went to the Smuttynose Marathon (New Hampshire) got really wet, but still posted some great times. Laurie Wilson & Jeanine Wolanski ran 3:35, Glen Anderson clocked a 3:55, Peggy  Mowbray ran a 3:51,  Andrew Zapanta clocked in at 3:46, and Susan Keith ran the half marathon in 1:55.  With weather starting in the low 50’s with light rain at the start that turned to heavy rain at the end, congratulations to you all for just finishing.

Bonnie Wilfore: Congratulations to Bonnie for her 17 minute half marathon PR at the Outer Banks Half Marathon in mid November.

Stephanie Tanner went up to Bethlehem PA to run in the inaugural Runners' World Half Marathon on Sunday Oct 21st.”Fabulous race, lovely town, perfect weather. I was happy with my time of 2.16.15 So much fun!!”

Lise Willingham: Congratulations for 2nd in age group finish in the 8K at the Richmond Marathon/Half/8K. Lise had clocked an impressive 72 minutes in the Army 10 Miler just a few weeks before.

Clark Jackson, congratulations for being named an XTERRA Trail Run Ambassador

Mike Gaffney: Congratulations on being awarded the 2012 Paul Goodloe McIntire Citizenship Award from the Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce.

Jim Bell: Congratulations on finishing Fall Foliage 10K in Waynesboro with a 7:28 pace.

Jenny (Jorvig) Goswami: Congratulations on finishing the Twin Cities Marathon in 2:56!  This time placed her 6th in her age group, in a marathon with a lot of big names running.

Congratulations to Richmond Marathon’s fastest couple, Jim Ryan & Katie Ryan. Jim finished with a time of 2:48, while Katie finished with a time of 3:26.  Amy Martin also clocked an impressive finishing time at the Richmond Marathon, running a 3:02, which I believe is a new personal best.

Making the Local News

Local marathoner, Glen Anderson goes above and beyond just completing marathons in all 50 states, but is now one of only 29 people in the world to complete a marathon in all 50 states with finishing times all under 4 hours. Congratulations Glen!

Member Submission

~ submitted by Andrew Zapanta

Over the years, I’ve run on some unusual race courses.  A waterfront path in Anchorage, The Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada (under a full moon at midnight), and more recently…an international airport’s runway.

 Yes….Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.  I ran the Charlotte Airport Runway 5K.  1.5 miles on the airport runway, the rest on roads around the airport grounds.  Uber-flat on the runway, but some grooved surfaces on the side of the taxiways.  The course went by planes readying for takeoff, private hangers for NASCAR teams (such as Roush-Fenway Racing) and under the wing of a passenger plane. 

 Some pictures from race day, courtesy of CLT Airport’s Facebook page. Note: I wouldn’t recommend driving to Charlotte just for this race (I have family in Charlotte, hence my visit!), but if you ever happen to be in Charlotte in late October one weekend, here’s one with a unique course!


I also recently ran the Route 66 Marathon, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Local marathon legend Glen Anderson convinced me to do a second marathon this fall, and it worked out that I was also present for his 50th marathon/50th state completion under 4 hours!  The quick facts about the course, best described by Glen:  "Run the MJ8K course...and then run 21 more miles."  The second half of the marathon course was tougher than the first.  The hill climbing started at mile 14....but more significant at between 18 and 23. (Course map) The last 3 miles, even though it was downhill, still hurt!  I finished in 3:41, Glen finished in 3:55.  The race was well organized...and the volunteers and fans along the course were great!

Calendar of Upcoming Events

CTC Point Series: Are You Being Tracked?

2012 has drawn to a close and the start of a New Year and new racing season, including point series, has started. CTC members receive points for participating in the CTC sponsored Category 1 and 2 races. CTC members who wish to participate in the point series program must email their name to Andrew ZapantaPoint Series Master. The first CTC member in a race receives 18 points (there are two age group categories): second place 17 points; third place 16 points on a descending scale to 8 with the 9th place CTC member receiving 8 points. Simply cross the finish line (no matter if you finish after 10th place) and pick up 8 points.
You can also accumulate points by volunteering at track club events.

We only track runners who have requested to be tracked. If you wish to be tracked contact Andrew Zapanta, CTC Point Series Master!

Note that the Blue Ridge Burn and Buck Mountain ½ marathon are no longer Point Series events.

Volunteer Call

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 - 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Contact Deb Gilbert if you can lend a hand on Tuesday, January 1st from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. to help with onsite registration, parking, timing, and post-race clean-up. THANK YOU!

Many of the Not-for-Profit races in the area are still in need of volunteers to help at packet pick up, and race day and for other parts of the event. So please call/email the race director and volunteer your services and time. If you are not sure when an event is, please check out the track club calendar, which has links to upcoming races in the area. If it is one of the races supported by the Track Club, you may get volunteer points for participating (Hint: leads to prizes, determined by amount of points, awarded at the CTC banquet.

Charlottesville Track Club is on Facebook, athlinks & Twitter!

Running Shorts is published by the CTC to inform its members of local and regional events of interest, recognize and compliment member accomplishments, provide tips, and give other pertinent information. All of this should be done in a positive manner. Letters are limited to 250 words and must include the full name, address, telephone and signature of the author. If the submission is sent by email the author will be verified. All submissions including letters may be edited. The newsletter staff has the right to publish what they deem appropriate information. Any rejected submissions will be referred to the CTC Board for consideration.




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