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Running Shorts is published by the CTC to inform its members of local and regional events of interest, recognize and compliment member accomplishments, provide tips, and give other pertinent information. All of this should be done in a positive manner. Submissions are due to the Editor by the 10th of each month. Letters are limited to 250 words and must include the full name, address, telephone and signature of the author. If the submission is sent by email the author will be verified. All submissions including letters may be edited. The newsletter staff has the right to publish what they deem appropriate information. Any rejected submissions will be referred to the CTC Board for consideration.

A Word from Your Editor

As we bring 2007 to a close the club has much to be proud of.  We helped organize and host over two dozen races, coordinated and supervised four training programs and helped to raise over $350,000 for a variety of worthy not-for-profit causes.  In the process, we entertained over 8,000 folks at the races and helped close to 2,000 people train for their personal racing goals.

We also had a wonderful turnout throughout the year from our club volunteer corps.  This selfless group of folks, numbering in the hundreds, was the driving force behind the success of these events.  Folks like Chris Samley, Jennifer Bauerle, Cathy Branchaud, Cindy Eichelkraut, Carol Finch, Vickie Marsh, Joan Esposito, Jay Wildemann, Lyle Henofer, Scott Smith, Bette Dzamba, Andrew Zapanta, Joan Bienvenue, Alec Lorenzoni, Bev McCoid, Dave Lasch, Dave Murphy, Dan Monahan, Bob Wilder, Tom Scala, Jim Bell, Frances Hersey and so, so many others are why we’re such a well oiled machine.

And thanks to the efforts of Chip Hopper, Heidi Johnson, Alice Wiggins and Michelle Bushrow we were able to get 11 issues of the CTC newsletter into your mailboxes this year.  I’m most appreciative of their volunteer service and support.  I simply couldn’t do it without their help.

I look forward to personally congratulating these and so many other selfless individuals at the CTC Awards Banquet on January 26th.  See you then!

Happy Trails,


Come one Come All... to the Annual CTC Awards Banquet

On Saturday January 26th the club will host its annual celebration to recognize and thank all of our wonderful members for all their racing accomplishments and selfless hours of volunteerism.  The CTC Board will be hosting the event at Chef Ted’s Shimmy Shack and the evening promises to be a pile of fun with delicious food, socializing, good times and an informative guest speaker (Francesca Conte).  Reserve your place today; please let us know by Thursday, January 24th so we can give the caterer plenty of warning.  See the registration form in this issue for more details or call us at 293-6115 to make your reservations for this exciting annual event.   We encourage you to sign up early because the banquet is a popular and fun club event and we are limited to 200 people.

Upcoming Race Spotlight:  The New Years Day 5K

One of our most popular annual races is actually our first event of the year.  Everything about this popular holiday race is a plus.  First off, it starts at a very unique time.  An 11:00AM start appeals to most everyone, especially those who have stayed out too late celebrating the night before.  The course is not only scenic, featuring gorgeous panoramic views of the Blue Ridge, but is also user friendly as it gently rolls out and back along a relatively flat section of Wesley Chapel Road.  The race is beautifully organized by our able CTC board and a crack team of club volunteers and, to top it all off, this year all of the entrants will receive a soft and wicking technical Brooks shirt (value $30.00).  There will not be a t-shirt contest this year. 

Pre-race entries are available on the CTC website or in this issue.  You may also enter on race day but we strongly recommend entering prior to race day to save time and dollars.

Members on the Run

  • What a record breaking fall it was for CTC participation in marathons.  Several dozen members completed marathons from Chicago to New York and just about everywhere in between.  Here’s a list of several of our fellow members who deserve a big pat on the back for their 26.2 mile efforts.  ChicagoMary Fowler, Loren Driscoll, John Going, Walker Richmond, Tommy Kinstle.  NYCBeth Cottone, Kerry Hendrix, Melissa McDowell, Julia BellisRichmondTommy Kinstle (3:32 P.R.), Kenny Ball (3:31 P.R.), Hallie Hegemier (3:39 P.R.), Frances Hersey, Winn Ballard, Hernan Garbini, Jim Firster (P.R.), Tom Mahone (P.R.), Ed Spellman (P.R.), Phil Halapin, Linda Hill (P.R.), Kevin Lynch (P.R.), Ky Lindsay, Craig Sarazin, Roger Gildersleeve (P.R.), Jay Wildemann, Diane  Okusa, Andrew Zapanta (3:51 P.R.), Casey Opitz (P.R.), Lauri Wilson, Aidyn Mills, Ed Russell, Cynthia Lorenzoni, Rick Kwiatkowski (2:55 P.R.), April Ristau, Glen Anderson.  OBX:  Bess Tarkington.  Philadelphia:  Peter Mackey, Daniel Allen, William Cox, Kristin Hennings Solomon,  Bob Johnson, Fansu Ku, Robin Truxel, Wendy Golden, Kevin Owen (2:49) and Katherine Owen.
  • And speaking of marathons, how about those impressive performances turned in by Sophie Speidel and Bill Potts who had excellent races at the Mountain Masochist 50 miler and the Hellgate 100K.  Speidel won her age group at both events (2nd overall female at Hellgate) and Potts scored an amazing 13:56 at Hellgate, good for 16th overall.
  • Longtime member Ray Clarke scored one P.R. after another in 2007 culminating with a show topping best ever marathon time at the Kiawah Island event in early December. 
  • A pile of our members had excellent races at the Richmond 8K in mid November.  Masters speedster Andrea Wright established herself as one of the top 45-49 races in the nation this fall with several impressive outings culminating with a 30:05 (6:03/mile, 10th place overall female) scorcher at this event.  Other CTC races of note included Jim Bell’s 1st place finish in the 60-64 age group (33:37); Leisa Gonnella (5th, 35-39), Chuck Lascano (6th, 60-64), Cindy Eichelkraut (4th, 60-64), Rocket Roberts (8th, 55-59), Vickie Marsh, Amy Smith, and Kurtis Pivert.  Longtime member Dr. Mark Robbins had one of the most inspiring races of the day as he ran side by side with one of his lung transplant patients. 
  • There’s no doubt that CTC speedster Hernan Garbini has had an incredible 2007.  From the very start at the New Years Day 5K to the last race of the season at the Men’s Four Miler.  Garbini finished 1st or 2nd in his age group at all 17 area races he competed at.  The 46 year old also tore it up in events all over the state and is now widely considered to be one of the best masters racers in Virginia.  Congrats and keep it up Hernan!
  •         Did you hear longtime CTC member and endocrinologist Al Rogol on NPR the other day?  Hear his interview on steroid use at :

The Kelly Watt Memorial Two-Mile Run, November 17, 2007

In only its third year this special race to celebrate the life of Kelly Watt doubled in size and it’s easy to see why.  The race is well organized by one of Kelly’s former Albemarle guidance counselors Dan Monahan; well supported by Kelly’s family, friends and community; run over what many feel is the most beautiful cross country course in the state and offers all of the participants the chance to race in memory of one of the area’s most beloved runners.

Thanks to the generosity and hospitality of Steve Murray and his family at Panorama and all the fine folks at Albemarle High, close to 200 runners were treated to one of the most memorable events of the fall.  One of Kelly’s old buddies and former William & Mary star Charlie Hurt out legged the rest of the field with an impressive 10:08.  Kelly’s best friend George Heeschen followed Hurt into the chutes with a stellar 10:41 and current AHS start Nathan Rouse rounded out the top 3 in 10:48.

Several CTC members came out in force to support the Watt family and many of them had excellent races including Burkhard Spiekermann, Alec Lorenzoni, Larry Rouse, Jeannine Wolanski, Libby Heeschen, Chip Hopper, Mark Robbins, Claire Wolanski, Pam Stratos, Bonnie Wilfore, Sam Stafford, Audrey Lorenzoni, Theresa Coppola, Lisa Kwiatkowski, Chris Post and Laura Kwiatkowski.

The 2007 Boars Head Turkey Trot 5K, November 22, 2007

One of the area’s most popular and beloved footraces kicked off this year’s holiday season on a high note with the 26th running of the Boars Head Turkey Trot.  This Thanksgiving tradition features the hilliest 5K course in the area and this year was extra challenging as the unseasonably mild temperatures made it tough going for the holiday trotters. 

About 900 runners and 400 walkers traversed the ups and downs of Ednam and several CTC members finished at or close to the top of their respective age groups.  Chris Post (2nd), George Heeschen (2nd), Christen Duxbury (2nd), Alec Bateman (1st), McKenzie Inigo (2nd), Sophie Speidel (2nd), Hernan Garbini (1st), Charlie Beckam (2nd), Pam Balcke (2nd), Christian Defries (1st), Mark Abel (1st), Jean Abel (3rd), Sharon Balint (2nd), John Gathright (1st), Kate Kohn (2nd), Chuck Lascano (3rd), Skip Mullaney (1st) and Barbara Wiggins (1st) were among the CTC crew scored impressive races over this challenging course.

The CTC was also well represented as over two dozen folks like Dave Lasch, Carol Finch, Dan and Alice Wiggins, Bev McCoid, Andrea and Megan Wright, Audrey Lorenzoni, Ian and Al Rogol, Tom Scala, T.J. Wilson, Bev Wispelwey, Phil Stokes, Lyle Henofer, Glen Anderson, Michael Goldman and several others helped to keep things beautifully organized.  Thanks to their volunteer efforts and the support of the 1,300 participants the race was able to pass along $30,000 to the Children’s Hospital at UVA!

The Charlottesville Men’s Four Miler, December 1, 2007

An early winter chill set up almost perfect racing conditions for the 4th running of the area’s only all-male footrace.  Close to 300 men ran the ever so gently rolling Free Union course within view of some of the most gorgeous scenery our beautiful county has to offer.

The field was highly competitive and it took faster times than previous years to place overall and in the various age groups.  As an example, last year’s excellent second place time of 23:08 would have been 14th overall in this year’s high octane crowd.

CTC speedster Jason Buczyna was the first club member into the chutes as he finished 5th overall in 21:58.  Kevin Owen (22:36) and Doug Bloor (22:57) rounded out the top 3 for the CTC.  Club members fared well in their respective age groups as the following members joined Buczyna (25-29) in the Blue Ribbon circle:  Owen (30-34), Bloor (40-44), Hernan Garbini (45-49), Clark Jackson (50-54), Bill Guerrant (55-59), Jim Bell (60-64), Skip Mullaney (65-69) and Wendell Golden (80+).

This year’s field represented a 20% jump over last year’s entries and the race also saw a dramatic jump in the dollars raised for prostate cancer programs at UVA’s Urology Department.  Thanks to the generosity of the race entrants and sponsors the CTC was able to pass along close to $10,000 to this very worthwhile male oriented cause.

Several members took full advantage of the cool weather and friendly terrain to turn in quality times on this brisk December morning.  Tom Wolanski, David Rapp, Bob Wilder, Glen Anderson, Jason Braunstein, Alec Lorenzoni, Peter Mackey, George Rich, Larry Rouse, Mike Cassity, Andrew Zapanta, Michael Hanshaw, Andy Wicks, Bob Johnson, John Sturtz, John Gonnella, Michael Vaughn, Bill Blodgett, Kevin Lynch, Jim Hackett, Harold Workman, Daniel Foley, Rich Barnett, Harry Freestone, Neal Ammermann and Jason Welch.

There were several first timers in the field including four dozen guys who had spent the fall diligently preparing for their first race by participating in the Men’s Four Miler Training Program.  CTC members Tom Scala, Harold Workman, Ed Russell, Bill Duxbury and Jamie Collins are to be commended for their efforts in serving as volunteer coaches.  Their selfless time in helping guide these guys to not only their first race finish but more importantly a new lifestyle of exercise is greatly appreciated.

Many CTC volunteers were on hand to help with race day logistics including folks like Carol Finch, Lyle Henofer, Ian Rogol, Trish Foley, Heidi Johnson, Bev McCoid, Roc Roberts, Vickie Marsh, Andrea Wright, Sam Stafford, Audrey Lorenzoni, Dave Murphy, Julia Bellis, Melissa McDowell and Cynthia Lorenzoni.  We publicly thank them for their excellent help.





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