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Running Shorts is published by the CTC to inform its members of local and regional events of interest, recognize and compliment member accomplishments, provide tips, and give other pertinent information. All of this should be done in a positive manner. Submissions are due to the Editor by the 10th of each month. Letters are limited to 250 words and must include the full name, address, telephone and signature of the author. If the submission is sent by email the author will be verified. All submissions including letters may be edited. The newsletter staff has the right to publish what they deem appropriate information. Any rejected submissions will be referred to the CTC Board for consideration.

A Word from your Editor

As the year winds down the CTC can look back on 2004 with a smile and what a great year it’s been.  Over 10,000 folks participated in CTC hosted races and training programs and in turn these events raised over $125,000 for a variety of wonderful causes! Wow!

So many of you helped out at so many levels and folks like Vickie Marsh, Michael Goldman, Susan Stewart, Dave Lasch, Frances Hersey, Carol Finch, Jim Bell, Dot Dunbar, Chuck Lascano, Chip Hopper, Joan Esposito, Rollin Stanton, Scott Smith, Bev McCoid, Bette Dzamba, Jay Wildermann, and so many others like them that keep this club chugging along.  Thanks to all of our members who continue to support the club at a financial level.  We couldn’t do it without you!

Happy Trails,


Board Sets Date for Annual Club Awards Banquet

The club’s big dress up event of the year, the CTC awards banquet is set for Saturday February 26th from 6PM – 9PM at the Gravity Lounge on the Downtown Mall.  Following the dinner and awards (including the presentation of the club’s highest honor, the 2005 CTC Lifetime Service Award) members will be treated to live blue grass music.  Mark your calendars for one of the best CTC events of the year.

Tip of the Month

Now that the weather is cooling down it’s even more important to start your run slowwww!  Runners perform better after starting out slowly and when the temperatures are cold it’s prudent to let your muscles ease into your run.  The hamstring, Achilles and calves are particularly vulnerable to quick movements from cold to hot.  So, take a few extra minutes to concentrate on warming yourself up properly on those sub-freezing morning and evening runs.

It’s Winter… - Stay Visible!

In the club’s ongoing effort to keep the image of running positive throughout the community we encourage all of our dark time runners to be as visible to motorists and hunters as possible.  Reflective vests, small blinking lights, reflective leg bands or even a flashlight can help keep you safe and our area motorists relaxed and content.

Team in Training Area Teams Forming

The regional chapter of the largest endurance sports training program in the world will be forming teams in the Charlottesville area in January.  They will be preparing for a century bike ride, triathlons, and spring and summer marathons.  Visit for more information on how to get more involved in this fund raiser for leukemia.

At the Races

Run for Shelter 5K (11/6/04)

One of the largest races of the fall is also one of the best organized as CTC members Cartie Lominack and Bette Dzamba once again treated area runners to a dandy of an event.  No less than 210 folks cruised over the hills of downtown en route to the finish of the 9th edition of this special run for the Shelter for Help in Emergency (one of our most worthy causes).

CTC veteran Chris Samley narrowly missed the overall brass ring as he clocked an impressive 17:31, only 8 seconds behind leader Justin Buczyna who is almost half Samley’s age!  Longtime CTC member, Kerry Hendrix who is new to the master’s division, scored an equally impressive outing as she finished 2nd overall less than a minute behind 23year old winner Whitney Holmes.  Several CTC members rocketed to blue ribbons in their respective age groups including:  Jim Bell (55-59), Matt Shields (25-29), Paul Humphreys (50-54), Deb Morris (45-59), Carin Ward (25-29), Anna Castle (50-54), and Wendell Golden (70-79).

Other CTC times of note over this challenging but scenic downtown course were turned in by the following CTC racers:  Susan Cain, Kate Kohn, Rich Barnett, Mary Rainey, George Gillies, Dan Dunsmore, Becky Lower, Nathalie Krovetz, Frances and Andrew Hersey, Derek Leach, Bob Downer & Pat Finn.

CCS 5K (10/9/04)

The Charlottesville Catholic School once again hosted one of the more unique and fun events of the fall, a true blend of road and x-country as close to 125 runners tested their running skills over the paved hills of Pen Park and the soft surface of the Meadowcreek trails along the banks of the Rivanna.

CTC master’s speedster Chris Samley continued his hot racing as he hammered home an impressive 53 second win as he clocked a lickety split 17:52 over this very challenging course.  CTC member Pete Runge finished 3rd overall in 20:09.  CTC members Yvonne Woodsmall (21:46) and Leisa Gonella (21:57) battled it out for the 2nd and 3rd overall spot in the women’s category, both very impressive times for this uphill finish.

The course, which starts and finished on the grounds of the Charlottesville Catholic School, winds down through Pen Park to the paths that border the lower part of the Meadowcreek Golf Course before turning the runners around and heading back up the long, continuous hill to the school.

CTC members turned out in mass to help support director, Barb Woodsmall in her efforts to organize an excellent run.  Dave Lasch, Leisa Gonella, Bob Wilder and Carol Finch were jus a few of the CTC folks that volunteered at the finish line.

Another contingency of CTC members scored good efforts in the race.  Pam Balcke, Scott Smith, Armand Zambardi, Jim Bell, Randy Huffman, Richard Young, Abigail Gillies, Jonathan Mathes, Mary Dittmar, Virginia Dittmar and Jed Dittmar all fared well over the hills of this chameleon course.

Blue Ridge Burn 5K/10K (10/23/04)

CTC workhorse Carol Finch directed her second race in as many months by organizing a dandy over the winding labyrinth of trails at Walnut Creek Park.  The area’s original off-road race had 87 folks finish the 10K and 46 runners complete the 5K course.

Dirt path speedster Burkhard Spiekermann continued to rule the woods as he outlegged veteran triathlete Andy Kinlay by over a minute on the long course.  CTC member Kristin Keller was the first woman out of the woods as she scored an equally impressive 70 second victory.

A few CTC members ventured over the hills of this beautiful county park course including Pam Stratos, Tim Whitby, Bob Clark, Sarah Warner, Charlie Beckum, Henry Reeves, Rachel Horsley, and Marilyn Thurber.

Alex Foraste and Sarah Gravatt were the first CTC members into the chutes after completing the 5K course.  Interestingly enough only about half the number of folks who ran the 10K participated in the 5K.  CTC members Lee Coppock, Lisa Kiwiatkowski, Monty Mantero, Megan Fuller, George Gillies & Neal Ammerman all had successful treks over the up and downs of Walnut Creek.

Congrats to the folks at Blue Ridge Outdoors and CTC veteran Carol Finch for organizing a wonderful romp through the woods.

Members on the Run

25 year member Skip Kinnier had surgery to remove a tumor from the base of his brain in mid-November and was recuperating as we went to press.  We wish Skip, one of the club’s most beloved members, a speedy and full recovery. t Several members had impressive long distance racing seasons this fall including, John Rust (Ironman – Hawaii), Harold Blincoe (Chicago Marathon), Jim Horskotte (30 minute marathon P.R. at Chicago), Kate Dempsey (P.R. at Chicago Marathon), Lauri Wilson (3:27 P.R. at Baltimore), Peggy Mowbray (3:39 at Baltimore), Alice Fletcher (Baltimore Marathon), Derek Leach (Baltimore and Richmond Marathons), Laurie Duxbury (P.R. at Twin Cities), John Burgess (5th overall at Catoctin 50K and 5th overall at Great Eastern 100K), Lisa Kwiatkowski (Rock ‘n’ Roll ½ Marathon), Jay Burgess (Richmond Marathon), Dawn Zbell (P.R. at Richmond), Wendy Wright (P.R. at Richmond), Toni Gimple (Richmond), Maggie Thacker (P.R. Richmond), Randy Rains (Richmond), Ben Farmer (P.R. at Richmond), Marty and John Whitlow (P.R. at Richmond), Joan Bienvenue (Baltimore and Richmond Marathon finishes), Jerri Emm (P.R. at Richmond), Beth Cottone (3:18 at Richmond), Andrew Zapanta (Richmond and Hartford Marathons), Brian Campbell (P.R. at Richmond Marathon), Pam Stratos (4:03 at Richmond), Stewart Lawson (Richmond), Downing Smith (Richmond PR), Patti Clevenson (4:06 at Richmond), Andrea Wright (3:16 and first in her 40 - 44 age group at Richmond), Kate Driscoll (3:28 P.R. at Richmond), Neal Goodloe (Richmond), Lisa Fitch (Richmond P.R.), Armand Zambardi (Richmond), Mike Herrick (P.R. at Richmond), Ben Hocking (Marine Corps), Brooks Hathaway (3:57 at Marine Corps), Glen Anderson (Baltimore and Richmond Marathon finishes), Barbara Greb (Richmond Marathon), Casey Opitz (Richmond – 3:28), Jennifer Baurele (Richmond), Amy Bright (Richmond), Kimberly Perry (Chicago), Sandy Hayes (Richmond P.R.), Kara Williams (Richmond), Laura Luevano (Richmond in a P.R. of 4:40.38 beating her previous P.R. of 4:51.)  t One of the most amazing participants in the Richmond Marathon was Len Geiger.   Len is a double-lung transplant recipient and patient of CTC’s own Mark Robbins. t Congratulations to members Sara and Martin Katz on the birth of their first child! t Several members had excellent outings at the prestigious Richmond 8K (3,100 finishers):  Cal Fowler (1st in the 65-69 age group at 32:43), Dan Murray (1st in the 55-59 age group at 30:07), Jim Bell (3rd 55-59 at 32:53), Chuck Lascano (4th in the 60-64 age group at 36:24), Kevin Lounsbury (3rd 45-49 – 28:58), and Chris Samley (1st in his age group at 27:24) all scored high in their respective age groups.  Samley’s effort was of particular note as he finished 16th overall and 2nd in the 40 and over category! t  And speaking of Richmond, fellow members Andrea Wright and Beth Cottone had two of the fastest CTC Marathon times of the year and what was especially impressive about their efforts was that Wright finished 17th and Cottone 24th overall in the women’s division. t And while we’re on the subject of fast falls, CTC member Lynn Connette has been shedding chunks of time off her previous road racing times at a variety of distances including 2 minutes/mile faster effort at the Women’s Four Miler (vs. 2003) t Lise Willingham also had some great races this fall.  She finished 3rd in her age group at the Ukrops X-Country Festival in 1:34:22 and followed up with a 1:09:37 in the Army Ten Miler.  Capping things off was the Space Coast Half Marathon in Cocoa Florida on November 28th, where her time was 1:37:31 (3rd woman overall).t CTC member and Western Albemarle running star Tasmin Fanning, will attend Virginia Tech (and compete for them) in the fall of 2005!

 Run an out-of-town race of note?  Did we miss your latest PR?  New baby arrival?  We’d like to recognize these accomplishments and events in your monthly newsletter.  E-mail us at: or call 293-3367.

Course of the Month

If you haven’t been on the RTF recently (or ever) then you owe it to yourself to take a tour of some of the most scenic urban trails.  Simply look for one of the green and white RTF trail posts, park your car nearby and head out to explore the labyrinth of soft surface paths that now almost completely ring the city of Charlottesville.  For flatter running I would recommend the trails that run along the eastern side of the city, particularly those that run from CHS to Free Bridge.  Want a more rugged and challenging run?  Then try the trails the run along the base of O-Hill south to the loop around the Fontaine Park.

A tip of the hat to CTC member Diana Foster Jones, who has done an excellent job as president of the RTF!  Call us at 293-3367 for more details on this special network of soft surface trails!

High School Harrier Report

Our area high school runners had excellent cross country seasons.  The Western girls led by Tasmin Fanning won their 3rd straight x-country championship.  Other great CTC x-country efforts were turned in by Bethany Coppock (Covenant), Jack Delany (Miller), Gwen Buckley (CHS), Mark Castle (WAHS), Chris Post (WAHS), Sean Raynor (WAHS), Becca and Kathy Samley (AHS), Stephanie Rich (Monticello), Chelsea Gay (CHS), George Heeschen (AHS), Adrian Sitler (WAHS), Ellie Whitenack (AHS), Emily Humphreys (STAB), Will Conti (AHS), Mary Kate Smith (CHS), Kelsey, Andy and Sam Stafford (WAHS), Adrian Lorenzoni (WAHS), and Joe Souter (Covenant). And congrats to our CTC coaches:  Al McLearen (Madison), Lindy Bain (WAHS), Lance Weisend (AHS), Dan Wiggins (STAB), Linda Wells (WAHS), Charlie Souter (Covenant), Buz Male (Miller), Carin Ward (WAHS) and Matt Shields (Monticello).




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