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Running Shorts is published by the CTC to inform its members of local and regional events of interest, recognize and compliment member accomplishments, provide tips, and give other pertinent information. All of this should be done in a positive manner. Submissions are due to the Editor by the 10th of each month. Letters are limited to 250 words and must include the full name, address, telephone and signature of the author. If the submission is sent by email the author will be verified. All submissions including letters may be edited. The newsletter staff has the right to publish what they deem appropriate information. Any rejected submissions will be referred to the CTC Board for consideration.

A Word from Your Editor

Whew!  What a busy time it’s been for yours truly and the CTC over the past few months.  An immensely successful youth triathlon, another great Women’s Four Miler (with record crowds), a fun Ragged Mountain Cup out at Panorama, another well-organized Pepsi 10K, a wonderful debut event in Belmont for Clark Elementary School, the continuation of the Club’s marathon/half marathon training program and the start of the Men’s Four Miler group.  And lots more!  All fun stuff that has kept the Club chugging along and in the area spotlight for positively promoting the sport. 

I had a person who travels all over the country, racing wherever he goes for business, including several cities in the mid-Atlantic, recently tell me that the CTC organized races are “by far the best” and he gives us the “5 Diamond rating!”  Way to go, everyone.  Let’s keep it going this Fall as there are lots more events to come. 

Happy Trails,


P.S. I want to pass along a big public thanks to Alice Wiggins, Heidi Johnson and Michelle Bushrow for continuing to give me such great help with this monthly newsletter!

Save The Dates! 

The CTC Banquet will be January 27, 2007.  See you there!

The 32nd running of the CharlottesvilleTen Miler will be March 31, 2007.

CTC Volunteers of America

All of our club organized events are directed by volunteers and pass along all of their proceeds to a variety of worthy area non-profit causes.  We are always looking for race day volunteers for these events.  No experience is necessary and the help is always appreciated.

November 4th – Run for Shelter 5K – 25 CTC volunteers needed – Call Bette at 295-5186 or Mark at 293-3367.

November 23rd – Boar’s Head Turkey Trot 5K – 40 CTC volunteers needed – Call 293-3367.

December 2nd – Men’s Four Miler – 25 volunteers needed – Call 293-3367.

Ten Miler Training Program Kicks Off

 On October 28th, the club will kick off its 19th annual training program for the area’s granddaddy of them all, the Charlottesville Ten Miler.  With the help of my great assistant Vickie Marsh and the wonderful volunteer services of 45 CTC Saturday morning “captains”, we have to once again guide close to 350 folks to their individual Ten Miler goals.  The group will meet every Saturday at 8:15AM at the UVA track throughout the Fall and Winter for a long run.  Like in past years, we will break the trainers into 4 different program levels (based on folks individual current training regimens).  Anyone is welcome to join us on any given Saturday.  Come see for yourself what 3,000 folks have had fun with during the winter over the past two decades!

Members on the Run

Longtime Volunteer CTC Medical Director Bob Wilder scored an impressive finish at the Dayton Half Marathon, as the Masters racer sped to a 1:30 clocking.  And speaking of Dr. Wilder, he was recently bestowed the prestigious “Clinical Excellence Award” by the University of Virginia.

Several CTC High School X-Country racers had excellent outings over the hills of Panorama Farms at the 21st Annual Ragged Mountain CupHolly Rich (Monticello), Chris Post (WAHS), Joe Souter (Covenant), Bethany & Lee Coppock (Covenant), Jackson Ball (WAHS), Emily Balcke (CHS), Erin Thorpe (Monticello), Ben Post (Miller), Adrian Lorenzoni (WAHS), Becca and Kathy Samley (AHS), Hilary Wayland (WAHS), Gwen Buckley (CHS), Sarah Connette (WAHS), Eric Smith (CHS), Mark Castle (WAHS), Adrian Sitler (WAHS).

And speaking of high-schoolers, congrats to CTC member Chris Post on his recent “Eagle Scout” award!

Becky Keller had an impressive triathlon season as she placed at several prestigious events including the World Triathlon ChampionshipsKeller is quickly establishing herself as one of the premier triathletes in the region. 

Club ultra marathoners Russ Gill and Francesca Conte recently had impressive finishes at the Lean Horse events in South Dakota .  Gill was 2nd in the 50 miler (8:24) and Conte won the 50K event in 4:19.

Congratulations to Joan Van Dyken and Bob Van Dyken who scored impressive runs at the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach over the Labor Day weekend. 

Congrats to longtime member Buz Male, who was recently honored by The Harrier Magazine (widely considered to be the authority on High School and College X-Country) by being elected to the High School coaches Hall of Fame.  Male, who has been coaching for thirty years, currently heads the up and coming program at Miller School.  Way to go, Buz!

Here’s just a brief list of some of our many new members.  We thank them for joining us and welcome them to the club:  Ed Russell, The Dillenbacks, Mary Alice Blackwwell, Doug Bloor, Sheila Blackford, and Harry Landers

On a historical note:  Bloor is the last area runner to break 16 minutes (15:59) on the legendary Piedmont X-Country course (sight of the Virginia High School Championships until 1990.)  He performed this amazing feat his senior year at CHS.

The club passes along the very best to longtime member Mo Stevens, who was recently hospitalized and is recuperating at home.  We wish our friend the very best.  We also pass along a big “get well soon” to CTC member Dick Atkinson, one of the area’s most beloved veterinarians, on continuing his fight to beat the cancer that has attacked him over the past few years.

A big thanks to our members from other states who continue to support us from afar.  We appreciate their long distance support.  Robin Baxter, Chris Pikrallidas, The Villadsen’s, The Stumps, Richie Williams, Rollin Stanton, The Hayden’s, Bill Gerow, Dot Dunbar, Patty Pitera, and Kate Kohn.

Hats off to our fellow members who are giving their afternoons to help coach area teams.  Your dedication to these young runners is to be commended:  Charlie Souter (Covenant), Jenny Blair ( Monticello), Jerry Jared (Blue Ridge), Lance Weisend (AHS), Charlie Hurt (WAHS), Lee Coppock (Covenant), Buz Male (Miller)

A carload of CTC Marathoners CRUISED to Pennsylvania to compete in the Steamtown Marathon and several came away with excellent finishes including Joan Bienvenue, Mark Newell, TJ Wilson (3:56 P.R.), Glen Anderson, Lauri Wilson and Robin Truxell.  But the race of the day belonged to veteran Peggy Mowbray, who was just coming off a long layoff due to a stress fracture.  Mowbray ran 3:51 and finished 3rd in the 50-54 age group!

And speaking of placing in their age group, Patti Clevenson (4th) and Jerri Emm (3rd) ran excellent in their respective age divisions at the Maymont Half MarathonFrances Hersey and Maggie Thacker also had excellent races at this Richmond event. 

One of the most inspiring CTC stories of the year is the incredible comeback of Glen Anderson, who after being hospitalized with kidney stones earlier this summer fought his way back into shape and completed the Steamtown Marathon (only a few minutes off his P.R. too!)  And speaking of Glen, we thank him for again donating so many Pepsi cups to our summer marathon program!

Longtime CTC member Dot Dunbar scored an impressive 2nd place finish in a large 5K event in Naples in early October.

A huge thanks to CTC treasurer Jennifer Bauerle who continues to do a great job of keeping the books for this growing club.  By all accounts, we’re in great financial health and we owe a debt of gratitude to Jennifer for her wonderful work.

Some of our members did battle with the 24,000 runners at the Army Ten Miler in D.C. in early October and came away with excellent results including Jim Dillenback and Chuck Lascano.  Former Albemarle runner Emily Potter finished 2nd overall.

Race Scoop

The Buck Mountain Half Marathon, maybe one of the most scenic road halfs in the mid-Atlantic, has been moved to Sunday, October 22nd and is a FREE event (just like the old days).  The course and miles will be marked, self serve water stops will be available and accurate results will follow the event. 

The Kelly Watt Invitational at Panorama Farms on November 18th is an honest to goodness old-fashioned X-Country Invitational open to all ages.  So, if you want to hit the grass trails in a race setting, this memorial run (for one of the area’s most popular and talented high school runners) is for you! 

Don’t forget to enter the Boar’s Head Turkey Trot.  This popular Thanksgiving Day race once again has held its limit at 1,300 and that is likely to be filled well before race day.  To enter, go to or Oh, by the way, we need lots of race day volunteers, as the CTC is in charge of course/finish line logistics.  Call us at 293-3367 if you or a family member can lend a hand.  Thanks!

The Men’s Four Miler has changed its location (due to the heavy volume of autos along the course).  The new location will be familiar to many of you as it will run over a good portion of the New Year’s 5K and will start and finish at the Buck Mountain location next to the MacIntosh’s field.

25+ Year Club

We want to congratulate and thank the following folks for supporting the CTC at so many special events over the past 25 (or more) years.  This group has been loyally backing the sport as dues paying members since the early eighties (or longer).  Thank you!

The Bambricks

Virgil Berry

Carolyn Belt

Rich Barnett

The Cargiles

The Guerrants

Connie Friend

Tim & Ellie       Gathright

Jay Fox

Larry Fielding

Skip Kinnier

The Lorenzonis

John Lloyd

Carol Finch

Chip Hopper

Dave Lasch

Peggy Cornett


Dan Monahan

The McCoids

The McLearens

Jan Mikalson

Chris Pikrallidas

The Rogols

Joe Stirt

The Wists

Lance Weisend

Mo Stevens

Don Whitenack

Richard Moon

Skip Mullaney

The Somervilles

The Wilkinsons

Kathy Thomas

Frances Hersey

Andrew Hersey


Charlottesville Women’s Four Miler
September 2, 2006

By most accounts, the 24th edition of Virginia ’s largest all-women’s race, the Charlottesville Women’s Four Miler, was the best ever as a record crowd of 2,400 females participated in this special event.  Overcast skies and cooler temperatures than the previous hot and humid race mornings, greeted the participants and volunteer Medical Director Bob Wilder commented that “we might not see better racing weather for this event in the next twenty years!”  What a relief the weather was after 3 straight days of being pounded with the heavy rains of a tropical storm and it put all of the participants in a celebrating mood. 

Veteran CTC race director Cynthia Lorenzoni and her volunteer race committee were pleased with the positive feedback on several of their new additions to the event including on line registration, chip timing at the finish and the spectacular parking job lead by new “parking Czar” Tom Hintz, whose army of pre-dawn volunteers parked over 2,500 vehicles in a little over an hour.   WOW!

CTC Ace Andrea Wright led a slew of fellow club members across the finish line, as the 45 year old finished 3rd overall in a P.R. of 25:18.  Eliza O’Connell (4th – 25:23), Nicola Ratcliffe (7th – 26:00), Beth Cottone (8th – 26:03), Kristin Keller (9th – 26:08), and Heidi Johnson (10th – 26:34) were the other CTC members in the Top 10, and these speedy women continued to dispel the myth that the “youngsters” are always in the Top 10, as the average age of this crew was 39!

Several clubsters scored impressive finishes in their respective age groups, including the following blue ribbon winners:  Kristin Keller (25-29), Eliza O’Connell (35-39), Peggy Mowbray (50-54), Mary Napolean (60-64), and Nancy Fraser (65-69).  Other age group scores of note from the CTC squad:  Emily Bascom (26:46), Dawn Herrick (26:45), Jenny Blair (26:50), Krista Coppock (30:39), Amy Reice (31:46), Missi Brown (30:24), Nicola GoergeB Leisa Gonnella B Pam Balcke B Kiyoko Asao-Rogosta (29:12), Trish Foley (30:46), Michelle Bushrow (29:15), Lauri Wilson (28:16), Jerri Emm (32:34), Natalie Krovetz (33:19), Dorie McHugh (31:50), Jeanine Wolanski (28:39), Marit Gay (31:10), Jennifer Ackerman (30:42), Bev Wispelway (29:52), Patti Clevenson (32:06), Marcia Kraft-Sayre (32:13), Linda Scandore (32:11), Bev Hayden (40:39), Bonnie Wilford (32:02), Sachi Rogosta (32:05), Linda Hanson (33:00), Karen Ferrer (33:18), Tanya Stuetz (33:45), Jenny Gerow (31:56), Anne Tommasu (34:31), Sharon Foley (35:36), Sarah Cargile (38:26), Rocket Roberts (38:58), Lisa Draine (38:53), Janet Herman (42:48), and Carol McIntosh (43:07) to name just a few of the 200 CTC women who had impressive outings at this year’s race.

Lorenzoni passed along rave reviews to her dedicated race committee, who helped her organize this special CTC event.  Frances Hersey, Jim Bell, Nancy Fraser, Tom Hintz, Melba Atkinson, Bob Wilder, Michael Goldman, Melba Campbell and Carol Finch made their fellow club members proud as they volunteered their time, energy, and expertise to bolster the level of quality of this already impressive race.  Thanks to their efforts and the financial support of the 2,400 entrants and their friends and family, the race raised a record $124,000 for patient services at  UVA’s wonderful Breast Care Center. 

Pepsi 10K
September 9, 2006

Veteran volunteer Race Director Carol Finch pulled off another dandy edition of this popular Fall Club classic.  The 23rd running of the Pepsi 10K was one of the largest as 240 folks traversed gently rolling Owensville Road as they started and finished their journey at Meriwether Lewis School .

CTC masters ace Burkhard Spiekermann was the first club finisher into the chutes as he clocked a sub 6:00 minute/mile performance (36:48).  Rick Kwiatkowski (38:24 P.R.), Herman Garbini (38:52), Lee Coppock (39:01) and Bob Wilder (41:32) rounded out the Top 5 for the CTC.

Andrea Wright followed up her great finish at the Women’s Four Miler with an impressive 39:53 victory.  Beth Cottone (40:17), Kristin Keller (41:43), Dawn Herrick (42:35) and Leisa Gonnella (44:14) rounded out the rest of the speedy CTC Top 5.

Club members spent tons of time on the awards platform as several CTC racers won their respective age groups.  In addition to Spiekermann, Kwiatkowski, Coppock, Cottone, Keller and Gonnella, the following members scored blue ribbons: Dave Krovetz, Cal Fowler, Wendy Golden, Armand Zambardi, Linda Owens and Jerri Emm.

All total 59 members crossed the finish line, which represented over 20% of the field and several of those folks had excellent races on this crisp fall morning:  Richard Young, Jim Bell, Aaron Bloomfield, Dan Brown, Mary Hagel, Frances Hersey, Paul Humphreys, George Gillies, John Neil, Pam Tetro, Michelle Co, Patti Clevenson, Chuck Lascano, Lisa Kwiatkowski, Butch Proctor, David Wilson, Marcia Kraft-Sayre, Henry Reeves, Jim Hackett, Neal Ammerman, and Wendell Golden.

As always, all of the proceeds from this well organized event were passed along to the fine folks of our area Special Olympics.

Clark Super Achiever 5K
September 23, 2006

Longtime CTC member and former club Treasurer Linda Scandore also turns out to be an excellent Race Director as she organized a dandy of an event in her debut.  The Clark Super Achiever 5K played host to one of the largest first time event crowds in recent memory as over 200 folks turned out for a scenic romp through the tree line streets of historic Belmont. 

Scandore and dozens of volunteers, including CTC veterans like Michael Goldman, Frances Hersey, Carol Finch and Jim Bell helped make this event a success.

The race went off like a well-oiled machine and many of the participants commented that is was one of the best organized and enjoyable races in the area.  And all of the proceeds benefit the great programs for the wonderful students at Clark.

CTC member Matt Shields led the charge across the finish line (19:31) and he was quickly followed by fellow CTC speedster Anthony Nappi (20:03).  CTC road master Pam Balcke was the first club female over the course as she finished 7th overall (21:32) and first in her age group.  Several CTC members took home top honors in their respective age groups including Randy Rains (55-59), Cindy Eichelkraut (55-59), Anne Cronk (35-39), Kiyoko Asao-Rogosta (45-49), Robert Van Dyke (50-54), Andrew Hersey (45-49), Sachi Rogosta (0-15), Chuck Lascano (60-64), Nancy Davis Imhoff (65-70), and Armand Zambardi (70+).





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