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Running Shorts is published by the CTC to inform its members of local and regional events of interest, recognize and compliment member accomplishments, provide tips, and give other pertinent information. All of this should be done in a positive manner. Submissions are due to the Editor by the 10th of each month. Letters are limited to 250 words and must include the full name, address, telephone and signature of the author. If the submission is sent by email the author will be verified. All submissions including letters may be edited. The newsletter staff has the right to publish what they deem appropriate information. Any rejected submissions will be referred to the CTC Board for consideration.

A Word From Your Editor

Wow!  How can we top this summer?  Three successful and well attended track meets, two successful training programs, John Lloyd’s farewell Chicken Run tour, record breaking fields at the 4th of July 5K and Fairview 5K, and the largest race in Charlottesville history at the 25th running of the Women’s Four Miler!  Collectively, we as a club have much to be proud of and grateful for.

In my 28 years as a member, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen our wonderful club more active.  We have tremendous participation from both the racing and volunteer ranks and not only are we entertaining thousands of runners, we’re also now raising over $300,000 annually for worthy not-for-profit causes in the process.  Wow is right!

And now the fall games are about to begin with two programs and close to a dozen area races on tap.  There’s lots to be involved with.  Give me a call at 293-6115 if you want to join the fun.  I’ll see you out there!

Happy Trails,


Members on the Run

Rock and Roll a Hit with CTC Half Marathoners

Several Club members hit the flat land for the Annual Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon at Virginia Beach.  Over 17,000 other runners and walkers had the same idea and our crew fared quite well.  Vickie (2:28:33) and Clay Marsh (2:13:04), Jeanne (2:20:23) and John Densmore (1:24:54), Neal Ammerman (2:22:22), Lisa Boyce (2:20:51), Stuart Lawson (2:01:54), Karen Duffy (2:06), Lisa and Mary Kwiatkowski (2:44:22), Megan Baskin (2:06) and Cathy (2:06) and Scott (2:06) Bender.  Congratulations to all of our fellow members!

5th Annual Men’s Four Miler Training Program Continues

As all the excitement of the Women’s Four Miler training program and race quiets down, we now turn our attention to the men!  The Men’s Four Miler Training Program, which takes  men from zero to four in 9 weeks, kicks off on Saturday, September 29th at 8:30AM at the UVA track.  I am looking for fellow CTC members to help Ed Russell, Tom Scala and myself with coaching the 100+ guys in the program.  Please give me a shout at 293-3367 if you can lend a hand on one or more of the Saturdays between 9/29 and 11/24.  And, like the women’s event, the men’s program and race benefit a great UVA cause as this one is for Prostate Cancer Programs. 

Ten Miler Training Program to Follow

The Club’s oldest training program kicks off on November 3rd at 8:00AM.  Close to 350 folks of all abilities, including those who had never run before, participated in the Charlottesville Ten Miler Program last winter and we’re now looking for 50 folks to serve as captains to help Vickie Marsh and me coordinate this popular weekly program.  Captains need only “lead” one or two group runs all winter.  Many previous participants point to our CTC captains as one of their favorite aspects of the program.  Call Vickie at 924-1632 or Mark at 293-3367 if you are interested in helping with the 20th anniversary of the CTC’s original training program. 

Women’s Training Program a Huge Success

This summer’s CTC hosted Four Miler Training Program broke all previous records as Joan Esposito and her dozens of “Pink Ladies” played host to 1,500 women.  This group of women started with two laps on the track and by summer’s end nearly 1000 of them were running or walking four miles and headed to the Women’s Four Miler race!  A big tip of the CTC cap to all the women who helped coach this amazing group and to all the females who completed their four mile journey.

Team In Training – Seeking Volunteers

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training, an exciting endurance training program, is seeking a coach in Charlottesville to help prepare participants for several exciting spring events.  Spring events include the Country Music Marathon and 1/2 Marathon, the Rock 'N' Roll marathon in San Diego, the NEW Nike Women's Half Marathon in Chicago, and the Shamrock 1/2 and full marathon in Virginia Beach.  Responsibilities include creating and implementing a successful training schedule for all volunteer participants, plan and run a weekend group workout, and uphold the mission of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Interested in volunteering?  Contact Brent Kintzer, at 1-804-627-0400 x 12, or

At the Races

4th of July 5K

One of the club’s most popular races is run over one of the fastest 5K courses on the circuit.  So, despite the heat and humidity that reigns on the runners for this holiday event, many of the participants score impressive times.  In fact, most years when the racing season comes to a close most of the fastest age group times of the year come out of this race.

Having run the course many times I would attribute this odd phenomenon to the long downhills that greet the runners at three different locations along the course.  In fact, I clocked a faster time at this event than I did on the flatter Free Union course on a cool New Year’s Day morning!

CTC collegiate speedster Brad O’Neil pulled away from the field of 300 and finished first into the chutes with an impressive 16:58 clock stopper.  Burkhard Spiekermann (4th overall, 17:30) and Doug Bloor (5th overall, 17:34) rounded out the CTC’s top three males. 

Ten Miler champ Andrea Wright was our first female member into the chutes as she was second overall (19:16) and only a scant 9 seconds behind AAA State Champion Rachel RoseKristen Keller (20:21) and Dawn Herrick (21:03) rounded out the CTC’s top three.  We had several excellent age group contests including a three way battle between 45-49 year old speedsters Burkhard Spiekermann, Hernan Garbini, and Chris Samley.  A mere 11 seconds separated the speedy threesome, making this one of the most competitive age groups in the club.  Other outstanding CTC age group races were turned in by the following blue ribbon winners:  Lee Coppock (35-39), Lise Willingham (40-44), Wendy Golden (50-54), David Kwiatkowski (10 & Younger), Sandy Derr (60-64), Armand Zambardi (70-74), Beth Schmid (55-59), Nancy Fraser (70-74), Rich Barnett (65-69), Nancy Davis-Imhoff (65-69), and Wendell Golden (80+).  

The 50-54 age group race was also a hotly contested one as Wendy Golden out kicked fellow member Bev Wispelwey in the final quarter mile for a scant 4 second victory!

Other CTC times of note were turned in by Michael Kadick, Christian Defries, Sharon Balint, Tom Hintz, Michelle Bushrow, Eddie Karoliussen, Eric Smith, Nathan Rouse, Lisa Kwiatkowski, Robert Van Dyken, Charlie Bushrow, Randy Rains, Linda Owens, Alice Fletcher, Mary Fowler, Leah Foley, Sarah Collie, Bruce Schirmer, Alison Brent, and Leah Connor. 

As always, veteran volunteer Jay Wildemann and his corps of CTC volunteers organized and hosted an excellent race as all of us runners were treated to a traffic free and well-marked course with accurate results.  The CTC one again teamed with the fine folks at the Kiwanis club to help raise several thousand dollars for area causes.

Fairview 5K, July 21, 2007

With a new twist to the course and a new date, the 2007 running of this popular mid-Summer run drew one of its largest fields ever.  Over 125 runners traversed the hills in and around the famous Fairview Swim Club, home of the area’s longest standing athletic dynasty. 

CTC member Theresa Coppola debuted with a wonderfully organized event with some guidance from former three term club president Tom Scala.  Many of the participants commented that it was one of the best runs on the local circuit.

CTC members Jason Buczyna (16:56) and Nicola Ratcliffe (20:02) took home top overall honors, as both had comfortable cushions over their closest gender competition.  Burkhard Spiekermann (17:42) and Hernan Garbini (17:49) rounded out the top 3 and they have been having some excellent age group competitions this summer.  This race was no different as Spiekermann narrowly outdistanced the quickly improving Garbini, providing us with yet another thrilling race.

Leisa Gonnella, who finished 2nd overall and Kiyoko Asao-Ragosta (5th overall) rounded out the top three females for the club.  Several fellow members scored blue ribbons in their respective age groups including Sharon Balint (50-54), Spiekermann (45-49), Asao-Ragosta (45-49), John Schorling (50-54), Armand Zambardi (70-74), Nancy Fraser (70-74), and Harry Freestone (80+).  All total 28 members finished the race, making up about 15% of the total field.  As always, the proceeds were passed along to the American Cancer Society.

The 25th Annual Chicken Run Five Miler, August 18, 2007

Longtime Volunteer Director John Lloyd decided to make the 25th running of the Chicken Run Five miler the last chapter in the illustrious and colorful history of this popular local footrace.  Many area racing fans were saddened by the news of the final running of this late summer community tradition.

Started in 1983 by North Garden residents Bill and Ellen Kelso, the race quickly gained a cult status following thanks to its challenging out and back country course and the unique downhill finish into the middle of the North Garden Chicken BBQ fair grounds.  I had the pleasure of directing this fun event for the first decade before turning over the reins to Phil Gates, who eventually gave the job to John Lloyd.  Lloyd had ably directed this popular event for more than a decade and many consider him to be one of the best country race directors in the business.

Over the years many great times were run over this difficult five mile course but no one person dominated the Chicken Run more than Burkhard Spiekermann, who finished first four times and 3rd on another four occasions.  He truly is the Chicken Run champ.  John Eros ran in over a dozen Chicken Run races making him the favorite son of North Garden .

John Lloyd built the race at so many levels with passion and hard work.  Lloyd threw his energies into making it a late summer ritual for thousands of runners over the years.  CTC runner Jason Buczyna took first in this final running of the race as he clocked an impressive 28:26.  Fellow members Hernon Garbini (29:42) and Burkhard Spiekermann (29:54) continued their close road rivalry as they both clocked sub 30 minute performances.  CTC veteran Beth Cottone ran one of the fastest female masters times in race history (33:27) en route to another road victory.  Fellow member Kristen Keller finished second in 35:38 and Monticello speedster Hannah King finished third in 38:32.  Several CTC members took home first place prizes in their respective age groups including Sharon Balint (50-54), Skip Mullaney (60-69), Richard Young (50-54), Lee Coppock (35-39) and Phil Halapin (55-59).  So it is with great sadness that I report about the Chicken Run in this newsletter for the 25th and last time.  We will miss this run!

The 25th Annual Women’s Four Miler, September 1, 2007

By most accounts the 25th edition of  Virginia ’s largest all-women’s event was an overwhelming success.  A record field of 2,700 females entered this special event and, in the process, they raised close to $240,000 for Breast Cancer Survivor programs at UVA’s Cancer Center .  This incredible sum represents an almost 100% increase over last year’s phenomenal $125,000.  Veteran CTC Director Cynthia Lorenzoni and her hard working committee were tickled with how well things went this summer and they were pleased with the organizational efforts of the 300 race day volunteers.  Folks like Jim Bell, Melba Atkinson, Carol Finch, Tom Hintz, Bob Wilder, Michael Goldman, Frances Hersey, Melba Campbell and Kathy Thomas have been helping Cynthia for several years with organizing this wonderful club event.  Hintz’s parking crew was 75 strong this year and they did a beautiful job of helping to get the women on the starting line on time once again.  Veteran CTC volunteers like Tom Scala, John Lloyd, Al Rogol, Dave Murphy, Melvin Wilson, Jim Cargile, Dan Monohan, Bob Downer, Chris Conti and David Cooke were joined by many first timers in making this a wonderful experience for all their racer guests. 

The CTC was well represented throughout the race field starting with the dynamic duo of Andrea Wright (24:20) and Eliza O’Connell (24:24) finishing 2nd and 3rd overall.  Amazingly these two training partners and road rivals have been only separated by a mere 5 seconds in their last two races. 

Several members scored well in their respective age groups, including blue ribbon winners Kristen Keller, Nicola Ratcliffe, Peggy Mowbray, and Nancy Fraser. Other CTC age group placers included Maria Bell, Anna Castle, Natalie KRovetz, Marcia Kraft-Sayre, Sarah Cargile, Nancy Davis-Imhoff, Laura Kwiatkowski, Dawn Herrick, Becky Keller, Bridget Donaldson, Leisa Gonnella, Bess Tarkington, Krista Coppock, Missi Brown, Lise Willingham, Jeanmarie Bantz, Michelle Bushrow, Frances Hersey, Chris Thomas, Chris Defries, Pam Balcke, Marit Gay, Trish Foley, Valerie Lopez, Kiyok Asao-Ragosta, Wendy Golden, Karen Rich, Sharon Balint, and Patti Clevenson. 

Over 150 more fellow members participated in this special anniversary edition of one of the area’s largest fund raisers.  Among them were Katie Wilcox, Beth Evans, Christen Duxbury, Kim Cetti, Laurie Duxbury, Gail Smith, Mary Hintz, Kara Coppock, Cindy Eichelkraut, Annie Roesch, Rocket Roberts, Lauren Hite, Jean Link, Ginny Boothe, Janet Herman, Diane Snustad, Sarah  Defries, Emily Harenstein, Linda Hanson, Anne Weybright, Sachi Ragosta, Amelia Sitler, Karen Ferrer, Eileen Merritt, Anne Cronk, Pamela Tetro, Katherine Garstang, Leslie Arcuri, Eileen Wittmer, Rebecca Williams, Karen Rockwell, Audrey Lorenzoni, Adelaide King, Louise Gilliam, and Leah Connor, who all had excellent races!  Everyone in the club who helped to make this special event a success is to be congratulated for their volunteer and racing efforts.  Several women summed it up at the post-race celebration by saying it is their favorite community event!

The Ragged Mountain Cup, September 4, 2007

The 22nd running of Central Virginia ’s kickoff X-Country event went off in grand style out at beautiful Panorama Farms last week.  Over 420 (a record) harriers from 16 of our area schools participated over the two mile course and several CTC members fared well in their first race of the season.  Gavin Ratcliffe, Holly Rich, Sam Berry, Lauren Hite, Adrian Sitler, Bethany Coppock, Eric Smith, Ben Post, Erin Thorpe, Kylie Thorpe, Hilary Wayland, Clair Johnson, Joe Souter, Andrew Jennings, Mark Castle, Ted Lichtenberger, Andrew Fickley, Ashley Lounsbury, and Emily Balcke all had excellent 2007 debuts.

I was supported by a virtual army of CTC volunteers who helped the event run smoothly.  Al and Joanne Rogol, Bob Wilder, Frances Hersey, Jim Bell, Tom Scala, John Lloyd, Dan Monohan, Carol Finch, Chip Hopper, Phoebe Frosch, Heidi Johnson, Cynthia, Audrey and Annie Lorenzoni, and Erin and Alice Wiggins. 

The next time locals will have a great shot at cheering for a lot of these athletes in on arena will be the Albemarle Invitational on October 13th.  I’ll need volunteers for this big event... please call me at 293-3367.  Thanks!





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