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Running Shorts is published by the CTC to inform its members of local and regional events of interest, recognize and compliment member accomplishments, provide tips, and give other pertinent information. All of this should be done in a positive manner. Submissions are due to the Editor by the 10th of each month. Letters are limited to 250 words and must include the full name, address, telephone and signature of the author. If the submission is sent by email the author will be verified. All submissions including letters may be edited. The newsletter staff has the right to publish what they deem appropriate information. Any rejected submissions will be referred to the CTC Board for consideration.

A Word From Your Editor

As I write this letter to my fellow members, I find myself reminiscing over the past 25 summers I’ve served as the Editor of the CTC newsletter.  Lots of big changes have occurred during that wide span of time like the birth and growth of the women’s training program and Race and the increase in the number of area summer races (it has tripled since 1982).  Despite the changes, the same old summer family feeling is still in the air.  All you have to do is stop up at the track some Saturday morning and see the hundreds of females running or walking in harmony, led by the army of pink ladies, or cruise one of our beautiful country roads with the club’s long distance training program gang, or hit the track on a Thursday evening to see all of the kids and their families having fun at one of our summer all-comers track meets. 

Thanks in great part to the support and efforts of the CTC, area runners of all ages and abilities have been treated to a summer of fun stuff for the past three decades.  How lucky we are!

Happy Trails,


Dues Renewal Coming in at Brisk Pace

A big “thanks” to all of you who have already renewed your club dues.  CTC registrar Chip Hopper and club Treasurer Jennifer Bauerle are pleased at the rate renewals are coming in.  Without our member’s annual financial support we wouldn’t be able to host all of our many events throughout the year, including our 3 training programs and 15 road races.  And for you folks that haven’t renewed please do so ASAP.  Thank you!

Important Buck Mountain ½ Marathon Update

Because of a scheduling conflict, the race directors of the popular Buck Mountain Half Marathon have made some important changes (see enclosed entry for details):

  1. The date and day has been moved to Sunday, October 22nd (same time)
  2. There is no longer a 10K
The event is free of charge and will be more of a fun, old-fashioned run with mile markers, water, results and refreshments but no t-shirts.  We hope you will join us for what promises to be a good old-fashioned time . . . a real “free” for all!

 Members on the Run

  1. A big tip of the cap to longtime member Sophie Speidel who completed the Granddaddy of Ultras, the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run.  This was Sophie’s debut with this legendary event and she battled snow, mud and 108 degree temperatures en route to an impressive 29 hour finish.  Only half the starters completed the event along with Sophie!
  2. CTC Newsletter staffer Michelle Bushrow rocketed to an age group blue ribbon at her first triathlon in June.

Women’s Four Miler Update

With a month to go until race day, all systems are go as the state’s largest all-women’s event continues to march towards September 2nd.  Over 2,400 signed up in the first 3 weeks entries were available and the race reached its capacity by mid-July. 

The all-volunteer race committee, led by veteran race director Cynthia Lorenzoni (this is her 7th year at the helm) continues  to face the challenge of balancing a well-organized event that wants to grow at break neck speed.  One of the most frustrating facets of working as a volunteer on this event is having to turn folks away.  Each of us feels for those who are “closed out” but there are important, well thought out reasons why we continue to grow the race at the 300 person/year rate.  Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions and comments regarding the formula: 

“Why not let everyone enter who wants to participate?  The race should be as big as possible!”  Preserving the quality of the race is paramount.  If we didn’t limit the entries from year to year we would be over run (no pun intended) on race day.  A sudden jump in attendance (500+) could cause serious back up problems with parking, which in turn could lead to a long delay for the start.  We have to start the race at 8:00AM so we can re-open Garth Road (a main county artery) by 9:30AM.  This is also a courtesy not only to our volunteers but to the many motorists and residents from the area, who kindly support the event. 

“This year’s race closed so much quicker than previous years!”  No, for the past 3 years (2004, 2005, and 2006) entries stayed open for exactly 21-24 days.  Each year we continue to create as many opportunities for folks to enter.  We set up a registration table at the 4-miler training program, you can mail in your entry, enter in person, or enter on-line (introduced this summer). 

“Why don’t you make the entries available earlier?”  That’s a simple answer.  One of our biggest goals is to have as many women participating in the CTC’s annual summer training program enter the race.  Since the race closes in a 3 week period and the program doesn’t start until mid-June, as a courtesy we wait until mid-June to release the entries. 

“So many folks are turned away . . . you’re not allowing the race to grow to its potential!”  Since 1999 the race has almost tripled in size and each year we open the event to 300 more entrants than the previous race.  That’s (300) the size of some of our larger annual club races, like the New Year’s Day 5K, Valentine’s and 4th of July events.  As always, our goal is to keep the race highly organized, so as to treat each of the entrants to a first class event.  Our biggest concerns are parking and getting all of the entrants into their appropriate pace groups and out onto Garth Road by 8:00AM (time is of the essence since the police are kind enough to keep the road closed until 9:30AM . . . way back in 1983, the road was only closed for 45 minutes!).  By controlling the size of the event we can deal with any growth issues at a small, less noticeable level. 

“Why not move the course into town?”  This is one we as a race committee have seriously considered ourselves over the past few years.  First off, it would most certainly be hillier than our current course.  Second, where to find parking for over 3,000 cars and third (most important), getting approval to completely close whatever streets we use on what quite often is a home football game day. 

Growing pains are challenging but the club continues to respond to those challenges in its usual well-thought out organized manner.  We appreciate the support of our members as we strive to continue to annually present the best women’s event in the state. 

And speaking of, race day volunteers are still needed.  Please call 293-3367 to lend a hand.  Thanks! 

Volunteers Needed

And while we’re on the subject of helping out at one of our area non-profit races, here’s a brief list of upcoming events that most certainly could use a hand on race day.  Thanks!

August 19       The Chicken Run 5 Miler

6-8 folks needed.  Call John Lloyd at 024-0759

September 2   The Women’s Four Miler

50 more volunteers needed.  Call 293-3367

September 5   The Ragged Mountain Cup

25 volunteers needed.  Call 293-3367 or 977-7208

September 9   The Pepsi 10K

20 volunteers needed.  Call Carol at 972-7662

Fall 2006         Charlottesville Ten Miler

Race Committee volunteers needed for the 2007 race.  Call Alice or Dan at 977-0641

At the Races

Bruce Barnes Mile  (June 10, 2006)

Cooler weather greeted the runners for the area’s only downhill road mile and for the first time in the illustrious 15 year history of this popular fun run, the race was held in the morning.  What makes this race so unique is the low key, truly fun run feeling.  No pre-race day signups, no t-shirts, an open donation fee policy, lots of food and drinks and prizes to 75% of the finishers . . . not to mention the distance:  A one mile race with splits read out to you every quarter mile.  Neat stuff!

CTC member Alec Lorenzoni successfully defended his 2005 title by rocketing over the scenic Greenwood course en route to a 4:13 clock stopper.  The former Western standout, who currently races with the Cavaliers, out legged VMI speedster Edwin Lugo (4:21).  Hosni Haghighian out legged the women’s field with an impressive 5:48 and Peggy Mowbray finished second in 6:00, easily winning the 50+ age group.  Other CTC age group blue ribbon winners:  Pete Runge, Rick Kwiatkowski , Jeff Stafford, Andrew Zapanta, Skip Mullaney, Richard Moon, Jim Bell, Joan Bienvenue , George Gillies, Susan Dendiger, David Kwiatkowski, Noelle Davis, Armand Zambardi, Sharon Balint, Mary Kwiatkowski, and Lisa Kwiatkowski . 

In keeping with tradition, longtime Western Albemarle coach Lindy Bain helped me co-direct this race that is held annually on or around the birth date of Bruce Barnes, a longtime popular CTC member who tragically died at age 35.  We were assisted by a pile of CTC volunteers including Dan and Erin Wiggins, Chuck Witt, Chris Post, Bill Guerrant, Carol Finch, Cynthia, Annie , Audrey and Adrian Lorenzoni, Mike Elchinger and Kristin Bain. 

CTC Track Meet #1 (June 15, 2006)

The Club’s oldest event, the CTC All-Comers Track Meet Series, kicked off its 31st Summer with the first meet held as always at UVA’s Lannigan Field Track.  CTC ace volunteers Scott Smith and Bette Dzamba once again organized a wonderful event for so many to enjoy and, as tradition has it, these meets bring together families and individuals to compete in a friendly arena at a variety of track distances.

Several CTC kids competed and had excellent outings including:  Alyssa Gonnella, Thomas Gathright, David Kwiatkowski, Stephen Wilder, Anthony Gonnella, Erin Wiggins, Mary and Laura Kwiatkowski.  The CTC adults also turned in some great performances.  Blue ribbons were grabbed by Pete Runge (mile), Gail Tarleton (mile), Keith Crawford (100/400), and Kathy Samley (400).  Other CTC races of note:  Richard Moon, Chris Samley, Nicola Ratcliffe, Glen Anderson, Alec Lorenzoni, David Howison, and Leisa Gonnella. 

Fairview 5K (July 15, 2006)

Over 100 folks took to the hills surrounding the famous Fairview Swim Club for this years running of this popular summer race.  Burkhard Spiekermann continued to excel on the roads as he was the first CTC member into the chutes (18:11) and he was quickly followed by fellow CTC masters ace Chris Samley (18:23).  Longtime CTC speedster Nicola Ratcliffe continued her run back to the top (after having her 3rd child last year) as she was the first woman across the line (20:40).  CTC veteran Pam Balcke was the 2nd female into the chutes with a stellar 22:08 and CTC member Lise Willingham (22:38) rounded out the top 3.

Several members won their respective age groups including Connie Friend (60-69), Rowen Perry (13 + under), Richard Young (50-59), and Roger Barron (70+).  Many of our fellow members had solid outings over what most feel is one of the toughest 5K courses in the area (some feel its 30-90 seconds, depending on your pace, slower than the Kiwanis 4th of July 5K course):  Sharon Balint, Joseph Gonnella, George Gillies, Rich Barrett, Nance Fraser, and Anthony Gonnella.

As always, all of the proceeds from this fun and well-organized event were to benefit area cancer causes.

CTC Track Meet #2 (July 13, 2006)

Thanks in great part to the volunteer efforts of co-Directors Scott Smith and Bette Dzamba, the club hosted yet another successful all-comers track meet.  Over 50 folks participated in a variety of events ranging from the kids 100 meter dash to the 2 mile run.  CTC tracksters were all over the oval as they picked up ribbons of all colors for their stellar performances.  Here’s just a brief list of some of our fellow members standout efforts:  Ryan Wilder, Thomas Gathright, Stephen Wilder, Emily Smith, Erin Wiggins, Will Olson-Litherland, Lauren Kwiatkowski, Lewis Martin, Richard Moon, Chris Samley, and Pete Runge.

Kiwanis 4th of July 5K (July 4, 2006)

Once again, Jay Wildermann led an army of CTC volunteers to a well run holiday event.  This annual ritual through a labyrinth of Forest Lakes paths and roadways is one of the most popular road races of the year.  Dick Fowler, Bob Fehse and a crew of Kiwanis folks join hands with the CTC in organizing a dandy of a run.  Over 300 folks helped kick off this year’s hot, humid event as they traversed the hills of Forest Lakes . 

About 25% of the field were card carrying Club members and the CTC fared well in all divisions including the following blue ribbon winners:  Burkhard Spiekermann (45-49), Kevin Owen (30-34), Pete Runge (35-39), Mike Herrick (25-29), Dave Krovetz (50-54), Heidi Johnson (40-44), Dawn Herrick (25-29), Evan Karwiek (11-14), Cal Fowler (65-69), Katherine Owen ( 30-34), Connie Friend (60-64), and Nancy Fraser (65-69).

Chris Samley led the CTC charge into the chutes as he was the first Club finisher (3rd overall – 17:24) and he was quickly followed by fellow member and Western standout Chris Post (4th; 17:27).  CTC ace Nicola Ratcliffe continued here comeback with a top Club Finish (3rd overall female; 19:47). 

Other CTC times of note on this challenging day over a tough course were turned in by the following fleet of foot members:  Herndan Garbini, Brian Muszynski, Michelle Huston , Andrew Hersey , Kiyoko Asao-Ragosta, George Stetkenych, Albert Connette, Michelle Bushrow, Trish Foley, Tom Hintz, Roger Barron, Mary Hintz, Kathy Moore, Susan Chisholm, and Grace Moyer.  

One of the most incredible efforts of the day was recorded by 67 year old Cal Fowler, who finished 46th overall and stopped the clock in an impressive 21:58, which translates to a 7:05/mile pace.  Wow!

Hats off to Wildermann and his huge crew of CTC volunteers who helped safely guide the participants.  As usual, the Kiwanis and the CTC were able to pass along a substantial donation to Camp Holiday Trails.  





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