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Running Shorts is published by the CTC to inform its members of local and regional events of interest, recognize and compliment member accomplishments, provide tips, and give other pertinent information. All of this should be done in a positive manner. Submissions are due to the Editor by the 10th of each month. Letters are limited to 250 words and must include the full name, address, telephone and signature of the author. If the submission is sent by email the author will be verified. All submissions including letters may be edited. The newsletter staff has the right to publish what they deem appropriate information. Any rejected submissions will be referred to the CTC Board for consideration.

A Word from Your Editor  

With the summer almost behind us the club has a lot to be proud of.  Three successful summer track meets, three well-organized fun runs (Bruce Barnes, 4th of July and Fairview), and two well-attended training programs (over 1,000 are participating in the four miler and marathon programs) are just a few of the activities that have kept our members busy.

And there’s more on tap, including the legendary cult classic “Chicken Run” and the popular “Women’s Four Miler” and “Pepsi 10K” races.  So often folks ask me “how can they meet new training partners?” or “how can they get more involved?”  Helping at a race, joining one of our training programs (as a participant or assistant coordinator) or simply coming out to race are the quickest ways to get to know our running community.  Call us at 293-6115 or refer to our “volunteer call” section for opportunities on how you can get more involved.  See you out there!

Happy Trails,


In the Long Run…A Message from the President

Running and racing are the glamorous part of the CTC, the reason we exist. Volunteers are our rarely noticed, unsung heroes. Volunteer efforts help training programs and races become a reality. Volunteers allow runners to compete without concern for course markings, split times, aid, safety, or accurate and timely results. Without volunteers, the CTC would soon disintegrate into chaos.

Most CTC members see themselves only as runners.  My suggestion is this:  try taking time off from your running schedule occasionally to volunteer at a race.  It’s not glamorous, but it’s important and very satisfying to know you have helped an event take place.  You will be giving back to the sport and your fellow runners, while helping raise money for a local charity.  It truly is more blessed to give than to receive. Try it. You’ll like it!

Pete York,

CTC President

Farewell to a Running Friend

All of us CTC members were deeply saddened by the tragic loss of fellow runner Kelly Watt, who died from a heat stroke related accident in early August.  Kelly was one of the area’s premier runners and was well liked by all who had the pleasure of knowing him.  He will be dearly missed...

Women’s Four Miler Update

As we went to press, Cynthia Lorenzoni and her veteran race committee were in the final days of preparation for the state’s largest all-women’s event.  The race, which has been closed for over a month, will host a record 2,100 women, which is also a CTC record for the largest event this 30 year old club has ever organized.  The club continues to grow this popular event at a rapid (300/year) but controlled rate, so as to keep the race manageable and well organized.  Parking and course logistics continue to limit the growth rate as the club strives to make this the best women’s race.  Packet pickup has been moved to St. Thomas Aquinas Church on Alderman Road and will be held on Friday, September 2nd from 5:00-8:00PM. 

As always, Lorenzoni and the club will donate all of the proceeds to UVA’s wonderful Breast Care Center.  Plan on participating?  If so, then we ask that you please carpool!  We wish all of the newcomers, especially Joan Esposito’s army of training program women, a great first race!

Volunteer Call

Quite often members will ask me how they can help and get more involved and my response is simple:  Volunteer at a race!  Last year close to 25% of our membership pitched in and helped at a race.  Without their volunteer services, our CTC events wouldn’t be nearly as organized or as successful.  To help out, please call the number(s) listed below.  No experience is necessary.  Thanks for helping!

  • The Women’s Four Miler (Sept 3rd) – 250 volunteers needed, call 293-3367
  • The Ragged Mountain Cup (Sept 6th, 5:00PM) – 25 volunteers needed, call 293-3367
  • The Pepsi 10K (Sept 10th) – 25 volunteers needed, call Carol at 972-7662
  • AHS Invitational X-Country Meet (Oct 8th) – 10 volunteers needed, call Mark at 293-3367
  • The Buck Mountain 10K & Half-Marathon (Oct 15th) – 50 volunteers needed, call Heidi at 242-8761; Frances at 960-1532, or Mark at 293-3367
  • Ten Miler Training Program – 35 Captains needed to help with 2 or 3 Saturday runs between November and March, call Vickie Marsh at 924-1632 or Mark at 293-3367

CTC Marathon/Half Marathon Training Program Long Run Schedule

A record number of runners (150) are currently participating in the club’s annual marathon/half marathon training program and the group continues to meet every Saturday at 6:15AM at a variety of beautiful locations.  All are welcome to join us for these runs which feature marked courses with water stops along the way.  Paces vary from 7:30 – 12:00 per mile and the distances are listed below:

  • 8/27 – Free Union (7-8 miles)
  • 9/3 – Dick Woods Road (14-20 miles)
  • 9/10 – Group will be running the Pepsi 10K
  • Phase II begins on September 17th.  Call 293-3367 for details.

Members on the Run

  • CTC veteran speedster Richard Moon out-legged most of the competition at the Commonwealth Games en-route to a silver medal performance.
  • Longtime CTC member and master’s ace Susan Riddle has a lot to be proud of as her daughter Anne continued her ultra marathon accomplishments with a silver medal at the World 100K Championships in Hokkaido, Japan.  Riddle’s impressive performance helped the American Women’s team to win the gold medal.  
  • CTC members Phil Halapin, Jennifer Bauerle, Linda Owens, and Stacie Gulczynski were among the folks who successfully completed and had excellent efforts at the San Diego Marathon earlier this spring.
  • CTC veteran racer Wendell Golden, who has been dominating the 70-79 age group for years recently celebrated his 80th birthday.  He now joins longtime member John Bays in the 80-89 age division.           
  • CTC members Bev McCoid and Linda Jahn had excellent races at “the beach to Beacon 10K” in Cape Elizabeth, Maine in early August.
  • CTC member and STAB X-country coach, Dan Wiggins put his cross-country skills to the test in Richmond at the James River Scramble 10K Trail Run where he placed first in his age group. Two weeks later, Alice and Erin got their chance to play in the mud at the Muddy Buddy Run/Bike race, also in Richmond.

At the Races

Fourth of July 5K

Close to 300 folks kicked off their holiday with a 4th of July jaunt through the labyrinth of roads at Forest Lakes.  Under the able and professional directorship of Jay Wildermann and his army of CTC volunteers, the Independence Day racers were treated to an excellent event. 

CTC webmaster Chris Samley was the first club member across the line as he tangled with a crew of collegiate runners half his age, finishing 6th overall in 17:04.  (The top 5 finishers broke 17 minutes making it the fastest 5K field in recent memory).  Andrea Wright easily outdistanced the rest of the women’s field (19:31) and led four fellow CTC women into the chutes.  Amy Ryan (20:39), Kristen Keller (20:48), Dawn Herrick (20:49), and Lise Willingham (20:50) made it a clean sweep for the CTC.

As usual, several members took home blue ribbons in their respective age groups.  In addition to Samley (40-44), Ryan (25-29), and Herrick (20-24), the following CTC members won their respective age groups:  Skip Mullaney (20:53, 65-59), Rollin Stanton (20:18, 55-59), Roger Reynolds (18:13, 35-39), Kevin Owen (17:21, 30-34), Sandy Derr (25:43, 60-64), Lis Villadsen (28:08, 65-69), and Roger Barron (28:22, 70+).

Close to 25% of the field were CTC members and the club was well represented as many of our members had excellent outings on this hot and humid morning.  Jeanmarie Bantz, Cal Fowler, Dave Krovetz, Karl Kennedy, Susie Russell, Michelle Bushrow, Dale Dudley, Kevin Cox, Kate Owen, Linda Owens, Vickie Marsh, Harold Blincoe, Candy Montero, Daniel Foley, Kathy Moore and Leah Foley were among those who did an excellent job over this hilly Forest Lakes course. 

Several dozen CTC members helped Wildermann and the Kiwanis by volunteering their services out on the course or at the finish line and thanks to their efforts everyone who raced was treated to an excellent event.

Fairview 5K (July 9, 2005)

Take one of the toughest 5K courses and run folks over it on some of the hottest and most humid weather of the year and it all adds up to one challenging race... maybe one of the most challenging on the local circuit. 

The CTC masters duo of Chris Samley (17:40) and Burkhard Spiekermann (17:58) stayed within reach of CTC collegiate speedster Andrew Parkins (17:34) until the finish line.  All three members had excellent races as they finished 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, overall.  CTC ace Nicola Ratcliffe showed that she is making strides in her comeback from her third pregnancy as she out-kicked former JMU standout Carin Ward (20:09) on way to a 20:04 clock stopping win.  Lise Willingham (21:13) was the 3rd club member into the chutes as she easily won her age group (40-44).  Other CTC speedsters who scored blue ribbons in their respective age groups:  Evan Karweik (23:08, 0-13), George Gillies (24:17, 50-54), Abigail Mathes (28:55, 0-13), and Lis Villadsen (29:23, 60-69).  Of particular note in the age group battles was Armand Zambardi’s impressive 28:02 clocking to take first in one of the most competitive fields in recent memory.  Zambardi outlegged veteran golden master speedsters Roger Barron and Harry Freestone.

Other CTC times of note over this challenging course were scored by Jay Wildermann, Joseph Gonnella, Anthony Nappi, Dan Dunsmore, Laura Luevono and Rich Barnett. 

CTC Summer Track Meets

The CTC held three superbly organized family summer track meets thanks to the able guidance and direction of veteran CTC volunteers Scott Smith and Bette Dzamba.  Smith and Dzamba and their crew of CTC volunteers hosted over a hundred runners during the three meets and provided them with a variety of events for competition – from 100 to 5,000 meters.

One of the highlights of the summer was the number of kids who participated in the short events and relays, including the following CTC families:  The Smith’s, the Speidel’s, the Cox’s, the Foley’s, the Garver’s, the Kwiatkowski’s, and the Wiggins’. Adults shined throughout the summer including 5,000 P.R. performances in the final meet by Scott Smith (18:58), Andrea Wright (19:24), and Jamie Collins (20:00).

CTC Tip of the Month

Take it easy on the downhills!  There’s no quicker way to injury than to race down the hills on your training runs.  Instead, ease into the downhills at a “coast” and “relaxed” pace.  Save the speed on the downhills for race day.

Submitted by CTC member Neal Ammerman

With slogans like this, and images of corpulent pigs sporting wings and wearing running shoes, how can the Flying Pig Marathon not be a fun event?  The “Pig” held in Cincinnati the first weekend each May, has become a destination marathon well worth the trip. 

One quirk of the “Pig” is that the course has been changed each of the six years of the event’s existence.  This year’s course has been the easiest and most enjoyable.  The route runs from downtown across the Ohio River for a short section in Newport and Covington, KY, then back into Ohio.  Spectator support is unsurpassed and runners continue through some of the most beautiful and unique neighborhoods in the city.  The last leg of the course, leading back toward the spectacular finish area at Yeatman’s Cove near downtown, provides a mostly gradual downhill to ease the pain of the final miles.  There are many great, well organized marathons, but the “Pig” is unique in its porcine sense of humor.  Seeing a dancing pig when you’re “hitting the wall” can’t help but make you laugh through the pain of the final miles.

Cincinnati is less than a day’s trip by car, and only 1 ½ hours by air from Charlottesville.  Certainly, the “Pig” is a marathon to put on your calendar for next spring. 

“Buck Mountain” to add 10K to its venue

CTC veteran directors Frances Hersey and Heidi Johnson have added a 10K race to their popular Buck Mountain Half Marathon event this Fall.  Widely considered to be one of the area’s most scenic courses, the venue will now feature a 10K race, which will be run along the old “Spring Fever 10K” course, one of the fastest in our area.  With only one hill of consequence (a long one at the four mile mark), this race is sure to please the participants.  Well organized with great food, shirts and prizes and all of the proceeds to a worthy cause... what a deal!  (See the entry in this issue for more details.)

News from the Board

The board met July 5.  Membership renewal letters have been sent out; dues should be paid by July 31.  Chris Samley met with the board to discuss improvements to the CTC website.  The current website is hosted by Monticello Avenue and has limited space.  A commercial website would have more space for articles, race reports, photographs, databases, blogs and message boards.  The board proposed a survey to find out what CTC members would like in this website.  




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