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Running Shorts is published by the CTC to inform its members of local and regional events of interest, recognize and compliment member accomplishments, provide tips, and give other pertinent information. All of this should be done in a positive manner. Submissions are due to the Editor by the 10th of each month. Letters are limited to 250 words and must include the full name, address, telephone and signature of the author. If the submission is sent by email the author will be verified. All submissions including letters may be edited. The newsletter staff has the right to publish what they deem appropriate information. Any rejected submissions will be referred to the CTC Board for consideration.

A Word from Your Editor

Summer is upon us and as usual the race calendar is packed full of races, training programs and other pertinent events.  By the time August closes we will have been treated to no fewer than 15 different events this summer and that doesn’t even include the weekly group runs at the Women’s Four Miler and CTC Marathon Training Programs.  Wow!

The Women’s Four Miler opened its entries the first morning of the training program and as we went to press the race had already (less than 2 weeks) almost reached its 2,800 entrant limit.  Thinking of running the race?  Don’t wait – enter today!

I hope to see many of you throughout the summer, whether it’s running with the Pink Ladies, climbing the hills of Ridge Road for a Saturday long run, hopping on the bicycle at one of the triathlons, cheering on your child at one of the kid’s track meets or running intervals on the track at the crack of dawn on a Wednesday!

Happy Trails,


Dues Renewal Time

This is the club’s biggest month of the year when it comes to reaching out to our fellow members for financial help.  We cannot exist as a non-profit club, doing all the many, many community events we do, without your annual financial support.  Please do so today.  Thanks! 

Summer Track Workouts

Looking to get a P.R. in the Women’s Four Miler?  Want to improve your 5K or 10K times?  If so, then our Wednesday morning track workouts may be just for you.  These coached speed sessions are held every Wednesday at the UVA track and the workouts begin at 6:00AM sharp (be warmed up and ready to go at 6:00AM)!

A Slave to Technology?

Have you ever heard an electronic “chirp” at or near every mile marker during a race or training run?   Or have you ever heard anyone say at or near the same mile marker, “Well, my GPS says it’s ____.miles”? Here is a recent experience of mine:  I was finishing a morning run with my running crew.  All of us had stopped after our 4 mile run…all but one of us.  She said, after reading her GPS, “I have 0.2 miles to go!” 

The GPS has become a training tool for many runners. Some GPS devices even have a feature that allows you to run with a virtual training partner!  While I am one who loves electronic gadgets, this is one gadget I have yet to buy.  Personally, I considered mapping websites (such as Gmaps Pedometer) to be the greatest tool.  They allow you to measure your distance after a run or to create a route in a new city.  Current GPS units can upload your recent run’s information to your computer…and even post your route online!  Probably the best attribute of recent GPS units is that you can track your pace instantly.

For me, the biggest reason to buy a GPS is to monitor my pace.  For now, (until the units get smaller and I find the deal of a lifetime), I rely on my “inner GPS.”  Over the years, I have learned what my relaxed running pace is, and my race pace feels like. Like many in this town, I can instantly tell you the mileage of many of my running routes.  Armed with only my watch, I time myself on these courses.  Then, I go home and measure the course online or drive the course in my car.  I have found that my pace has become consistent.  Of course, one could run 4 times around a track to determine pace, but don’t we all run to see different places?

- Andrew Zapanta, CTC President

Track Etiquette

Here’s a quick survival guide to minding your manners when running on the track this summer. 

  • No dogs.
  • Stay in the outside 3-4 lanes when not running your fast ‘repeats’.
  • When coming up on someone running slower than you in lane 1 say “track” which is a polite way of saying ‘please move to your right’.
  • Run in the opposite direction and in the outside lanes on your cooldown laps.

Thanks for helping us to be a good neighbor to all those who kindly allow us to use their track.

2008 CTC Skip Kinnier High School Scholarship Recipients

The CTC recently announced the winners of the club’s annual scholarship, named in memory of longtime member Skip Kinnier, who helped to start the scholarship over 10 years ago.  Congratulations to the following outstanding young scholar athletes!

James Bor                  Albemarle HS
Nicholas Ward            Western Albemarle HS
Kevin Pearson            Orange County HS
Daniel Cutright          Louisa County HS
Tara Twitty                 Louisa County HS
Kristen Gay                Charlottesville HS
Megan Graves            Nelson County HS
Margaret Bresnahan  Orange County HS

Women’s Four Miler Race Update

As we went to press the area’s largest footrace, the Women’s Four Miler, had almost reached its limit of 2,800.  You can still sign up by going to or stopping by the shop.  Why the 2,800 limit?  The club has always made it their goal to provide area racers with the highest quality most organized events.  Having said that, we are very limited for parking at our current venue (Foxfield).  We’re also somewhat constrained by the narrowness of Garth Road as this limits the flow of the huge army of participants.  We have been steadily but cautiously growing the race over the past 10 years (980 entrants in 1999 vs. 2,700 last year) and will continue to do so. 

Veteran director Cynthia Lorenzoni (now in her 9th year at the helm) and her volunteer race committee have also set a huge goal of $300,000 for the race recipient ( UVA Breast Cancer Care Center).  Last year the race raised $230,000 and helped to provide services, research and medical care to our neighbors in need.  So please give generously as you have in the past and enter today (if you haven’t already)!  Thanks!

CTC Members on the Run

  • Becky Keller scored another decisive effort as she finished 11th overall female and 3rd in her age group (25-29) in the grueling Escape from Alcatraz TriathlonKeller was the 8th fasted swimmer (1.5 miles), the fastest cyclist (18 miles) and the 6th fastest runner (8 miles).
  • CTC Board member Joan Esposito and her army of pink ladies kicked off the club’s annual Women’s Four Miler Trainig Program.  Over 1,200 women are already enrolled in the popular program which meets every Saturday at 7:45AM at the UVA track throughout the month of August.
  • And speaking of CTC Programs, over 150 long distance runners are participating in the club’s summer marathon and half marathon training program.  The participants meet every Saturday at 6:15AM (at a variety of locations) for a group run.  Call 293-3367 for more information on this popular program.
  • Congrats to Tanya and John Sturtz on the arrival of their first baby!
  • Postcards from afar were recently received by the following CTC world travelers:  The McCoids (New Zealand), Julia Bellis (Italy), Bob Johnson, (Mexico, Turkey, Thailand)
  • Among our newest CTC graduates:  Joe Souter, Erin Thorpe, Kathy & Becca Samley, Kristen Gay, Alec Lorenzoni, Ben Post, Lauren Wilson.
  • Congrats to CTC member David Rapp and his bride who were married in June!
  • Congrats to CTC speedster Brian Huffman who ran a scorching 1:58 P.R. in the 800 for Monticello High this spring!   Congrats also to fellow Monticello runner Holly Rich who was recognized at the Annual Women in Sports (WINS) Banquet as one of the area’s outstanding high school runners.
  • Longtime CTC member Joe Kannapel recently ran his first race in over 20 years with his daughter, Kadi, completing the Soldier Field 10K together in Chicago this spring!
  • All the best to longtime CTC member Ken Schwartz who will be moving to New Orleans to take the Head position at the Tulane School of Architecture!
  • CTC birthday milestones:  Happy 70th to Jim Cargile and Carol Chandross; Happy 60th to John Lloyd, Spencer Gay, Dan Monohan, Neal Ammerman and Jim Boyd; Happy 50th to Bob Johnson, Lindy Bain, Scott Smith and Cynthia Lorenzoni; and Happy 40th to Alice Fletcher!
  • A record crowd of almost 500 participated in this 18th edition of the Discovery Dash, the club’s largest family race of the year and the largest kid’s event in the state.  Many of the participants and spectators felt it was beautifully organized and much of the credit for pulling off 15 different races in the course of the morning lies with our excellent CTC corps of volunteers.  CTC members Eliza O’Connell, John Lloyd, Michael Goldman, Bill Blodgett, Lisa and Rick Kwiatkowski, Cathi Branchaud, Dave Murphy, Cindy Eichelkraut, Vickie Marsh, Andrea and Andy Wright, Carol Finch, Kathy Thomas, Heidi Johnson, Jennifer Bauerle, Lyle Henofer, and Bev McCoid  as well as "Big Pink" Joan Esposito and her pink ladies, were among the hard working folks who assisted me with this unique and very fun event.
  • Mega “ Marathon ” members Glen Anderson, Peggy Mowbray and Mike Cassity ran the Hatfield and McCoy Marathon and Half Marathon in early June.  They traversed along bridges back and forth from West Virginia to Kentucky through the heat and humidity and scored age group medals.

Sneak Preview in the Starting Blocks... Area Races of Note in July

4th of July 5K

(July 4) The Summer’s largest area footrace returns to Forest Lakes again for another steamy run over a course that many folks run their personal annual 5K best.  Jay Wildemann always hosts a dandy of an event and there’s no better way to kick off the holiday than with a well organized 5K race.  As always, all of the proceeds will be passed along to the fine folks at Camp Holiday Trails. 

Fairview 5K

(July 12) This veteran run has steadily grown in popularity over the past few years as many folks have discovered it to be a well organized event with one of the best post race prize selections in the area.  The race starts and finished at the beautiful Fairview Club and is hosted by Teresa Coppola, Tom Scala and other folks at the club.  All proceeds are passed along to the American Cancer Society in memory of longtime Fairview member Betty Sieg.

Run, Kids, Run Clinic and Track Meet

(July 12) Also on the 12th will be a fun track meet for kids ages 4-12.  The meet, which is free, will be held at the CHS track and will feature events from 100 to 800 meters.  All are welcome to attend this family oriented event.

Wintergreen “Tour de Foot 5K”

(July 19)  The fine folks at Wintergreen are hosting the first ever “Tour de Foot” to compliment their annual Summer Music Festival.  This year’s theme is France and they thought a climb over the mountain roads (a la Tour de France) would be a fun challenge.  Maybe the toughest 5K in Central Virginia.  The race fee includes a free post race breakfast and a free ticket to the mid-day concert!

Bruce Barnes Memorial Mile

The largest field (50) in over a decade sprinted downhill at break neck speeds for this year’s edition of one of the club’s most beloved races.  Run in memory of longtime member Bruce Barnes, who tragically died at the age of 35 in 1991, the unique race features a measured one mile course... all downhill.

The race starts in the center of the village of Greenwood and finishes a mile later down the hill at the back gates to Lady Astor’s mansion “Mirador.”  Not only was it the 3rd largest field in the 17 year history of the event but it was also the fastest as records were broken like crazy on this humid but calm summer morning. 

Western standout and senior Tyler Stutzman successfully defended his title by shattering the race record as he blazed to an amazing 4:07!  He was followed by CTC members Brad O’Neil and Alec Lorenzoni who finished in a virtual tie, with both hitting the wire in 4:17.  Ten Miler and Four Miler champ Nicola Ratcliffe surged to an impressive 5:17 breaking Andrea Wright’s course record and establishing a new 40-49 mark in the process. 

Other CTC age group winners among the 50 finishers were William and Eric Grupp (9 & under), Sarah Grupp and David Kwiatkowski (10-13), Fiona Jones (5:54, 14-16), Becky Keller (5:20, 20-29), Tommy Kinstle (5:28, 30-39), Hernan Garbini (4:42, 40-49), Sharon Balint (7:01, 50-59), Lisa Kwiatkowski (6:32, 40-49), Rollin Stanton (5:42, 50-59), Nancy Fraser (8:02, 70+), Wendell Golden (9:14, 70+)





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