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Running Shorts is published by the CTC to inform its members of local and regional events of interest, recognize and compliment member accomplishments, provide tips, and give other pertinent information. All of this should be done in a positive manner. Submissions are due to the Editor by the 10th of each month. Letters are limited to 250 words and must include the full name, address, telephone and signature of the author. If the submission is sent by email the author will be verified. All submissions including letters may be edited. The newsletter staff has the right to publish what they deem appropriate information. Any rejected submissions will be referred to the CTC Board for consideration.

A Word from Your Editor

Crazy as it may seem, June has always been the month that our CTC members renew their dues. So, seeing as it is now June, we're all heading to the post office to renew our membership with this special organization.

Thanks to our member's dues the CTC is able to offer a variety of services and events to the running community including three training programs (1,500 participated in 2005), 25 races (close to 8,000 participated in 2005), 3 track races and several clinics. So, please join me in once again supporting this wonderful organization that means so much to so many. 

Our hardworking Board of Directors thanks you for your continued support... we couldn't do it without you!

Happy Trails,


2006 CTC Skip Kinnier High School Scholarship Winners

The CTC Board recently announced the recipients of our Annual High School Scholarships. These special awards are bestowed upon deserving runners from our area high schools and the criteria range from grades to community service but recipients need not be CTC members. The award is named in honor of longtime (30 years) CTC volunteer Skip Kinnier, who helped get the scholarship fund started. Congratulations to this year's recipients.

Glenda Cosby - Louisa County

Stephen Chester - St. Anne's-Belfield

Stephanie Gray - Albemarle    

Chris Covington - Charlottesville

Jacqueline Griffin - Nelson   

Matt Satterwhite - Western Albemarle

Kimberly Thompson - Monticello   

Damien Ward - Louisa 

Thaddeus Webb - Nelson

Members on the Run

▪ Several of our Masters racers scored medals at the 2006 Virginia Senior Games in Virginia Beach in mid-May including Armand Zambardi (Gold 5,000 & 10,000), Richard Moon (Gold 400 & 800, Bronze 200), Roger Barron (Gold in the 400, 800, and 1,500; Silver in 5,000), and Linda Wells (Gold in 1,500 & Pole Vault). Congratulations to our elder statesmen.

▪ Former CHS standout Lewis Martin rocketed to a very impressive 51:56 at the Broad Street Ten Miler in Philadelphia in early May.

▪ Longtime member Harry Freestone is the Club's latest "poster child" - the Masters speedster is the main subject (with several photos of him running) in a recent brochure for prostate cancer success stories by UVA's Urology Department. Looking good, Harry!

▪ CTC members Terri Higgins and Jay Wildermann organized another dandy of a fun run with the Bright Stars 5K. Close to 150 folks crossed the finish line after running the Lambs Road course and several CTC members fared well including the following age group winners: Rachel Bergstresser (under 15), Brittany Murphy (15-19), Stephen Chester (15-19), Winn Ballard (30-39), Kerry Hendrix (40-49), Chris Samley (40-49), Skip Mulloney (60-69), and Nancy Fraser (60-69). CTC ace Beth Cottone was the overall female winner as she clocked an impressive 19:28!

▪ On May 13th, several CTC members headed to Richmond for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Race for the Cure 5K. Nicola Ratcliffe (19:55, 1st 35-39), Heidi Johnson (20:25, 2nd 40-44), Bob Johnson (21:46), and Joan Bienvenue (22:58, 4th 25-29).

Mark's Training Tip of the Month

Wow, did it ever get hot, and I mean hot and humid, fast! After a seemingly endless spring full of cool, beautiful training days, we're now suddenly facing those brutal days of summer. Now is the time to get on top of keeping yourself properly hydrated. At any given time, most Americans are going through their daily routines dehydrated. For exercisers like us, this can lead to headaches, upset stomachs, lightheadedness, and fatigue. The best way to combat this is to stay steadily hydrated throughout the day. Drink water or a sports performance drink in limited but steady amounts several times throughout your day, rather than gulping down a huge amount when you're "thirsty." And, it goes without saying, drink prior, during, and after your summer runs. You'll enjoy life that much more!

CTC to Kickoff Summer Training Program

And speaking of training tips, June is the month that the CTC kicks off two of its popular training programs. On June 17th, the Club will start up both the Marathon/Half Marathon (Ridge Road) and the Women's Four Miler (UVA Track) Programs. Call us at 293-6115 or 293-3367 for more information on how you can be a part of these great group gatherings.

Group Runs

The area has a variety of weekly group runs that are open to runners of all abilities. Feel free to join any of these groups: * = CTC hosted/organized

*Marathon/Half Marathon Training Program Group Long Runs

Meets every Saturday morning (starting June 17th) at 6:15AM at locations listed below. All paces welcome. Call 293-3367 or 293-6115.

• June 17th Ridge Road (4-8 miles)

• June 24th Dick Woods Road (5-14 miles)

• July 1st   Whitehall (6-8 miles)

• July 8th  Free Union (7-16 miles)

• July 15th Ridge Road (8 miles)

• July 22nd Dick Woods Road (10-18 miles)

*Women's Four Miler Training Program: For novices or those looking to get started again. 

Meets every Saturday morning (starting June 17th) at 7:45AM at the UVA track. All paces welcome. Call 293-3367 or 293-6115 or 951-5137 voice mail.

*Track/Speed Group Workouts

Meets every Wednesday morning (starting June 21st) at 6:15AM at the UVA track. All paces welcome. Call 293-3367 or 293-6115.

Saturday Morning Crew: The Area's Original Group Run(since 1977)

Meets in the U-Hall parking lot every Saturday at 7:30AM (in the summer) for a ten mile run (paces range from 7:00-8:00 min/mile)

Sunday Morning "Road to Trails" Group Run (7:00AM) and

Tuesday Evening Track Workouts (6:00PM)

Pizza to follow. Meet at Charlottesville Running Company (Downtown Mall) 293-7115

Trails Group

This off road group usually meets on Sundays and heads out onto the Rivanna Trails paths. All are welcome. Email Sophie at

A Word of Thanks and Appreciation for the UVA Track

Trivia question: What is the only UVA Athletic facility still open for the public to use (and free of charge to boot)? If you answered Lannigan Field (the UVA track) you'd be correct. UVA continues to graciously keep the gates open for so many of us to enjoy their beautiful and well cushioned track. We use it for track meets, training programs, speed workouts, social jogging and more. Thousands of folks use it throughout the year and the UVA Athletic Department kindly allows us to keep on running. The bleachers were taken down because they had gotten old and unsafe and will hopefully be replaced in the future. Until then let's all continue to be grateful for the use of this wonderful facility and as someone recently remarked, "When was the last time you played a soccer game with friends at Klockner Stadium?" Yet, we runners get to use Lannigan Field any day of the week. What a treat!" Ditto!

Dues Renewal Time

It's that time of year again when everyone's dues are up. You've heard me say many times before: Our member's dues are the lifeblood of the Club and without these ever important dues the CTC wouldn't be able to offer all of the wonderful services it provides to the Greater Charlottesville running community.

Thanks to the efforts of CTC Membership Chair Andrew Zapanta you should all be receiving a dues renewal form in the mail in the coming days. We ask that you fill it out and return it at your earliest convenience. And, on behalf of the CTC Board, I thank each of you for your continued support. 

Note to new members: If you just recently joined (in the last 4 months), you need not renew at this time!

2005 CTC Runner of the Year - Certificates Update

We now have certificates available for pickup for those of you who won the CTC Runner of the Year in your respective age groups. You may pick them up anytime at the shop (ask for Mark, Cynthia, Alec or Mike). Congratulations to all of these folks!

Mike Herrick

Karl Kennedy

Lee Coppock

Chris Samley

Burkhard Spiekermann

Richard Young

Chuck Lascano

Cal Fowler

Armand Zambardi

Harry Freestone

Wendall Golden

Emily Bascom

Kara Flavin

Noelle Davis

Beth Cottone

Andrea Wright

Peggy Mowbray

Patti Clevenson

Bev Warren

Sandy Derr

At the Races

The 29th Annual Batesville 10K

The area's second oldest race has gained legendary and, in some circles, cult status during its illustrious tenure. It may not be the largest race on the local circuit but it is the hilliest and, to many, it's also one of the most enjoyable. Organized by local Hamp Carruth and always the kickoff activity for the famous Batesville Day festivities, this special event treats the runners to true Virginia village hospitality and some of the most beautiful scenery in the country.

A three mile climb, with switchbacks and steep terrain, leads the runners to a long descent back to the village. "The King of the Hills," Burkhard Spiekermann took home yet another blue ribbon as he out kicked former Covenant speedster Josh Haney (37:02 to 37:32). A trio of CTC women took the top 3 female spots as Dawn Herrick (43:12) led Kristen Keller (43:56) and Heidi Johnson (44:05) across the finish line. CTC members Rick Kwiatkowski (40_49), Bill Guerrant (50-59), Brian Bartholemew (30-39), Kerry Hendrix (40-49), Joan Bienvenue (20-29), Chuck Lascano (60-69) and Harry Freestone (70+) all took home blue ribbons in their respective age groups. Other CTC races of note were turned in by TJ Wilson, Tom Wolanski, Anthony Nappi, Glen Anderson, Tim Gathright, John Pollock, Scott Smith, Jay Wildermann, Mary Clare Smith, Nancy Fraser, Lauri Wilson, and Jeanine Wolanski

Glenmore Piper Challenge Five Miler

Thanks to the great efforts of CTC member Michelle Huston and Glenmore Fitness Director Trish Phillips close to 115 folks were treated to the Piper Challenge Five Miler, a scenic romp over the hills of the beautiful Glenmore countryside. Several CTC racers had excellent efforts over the rolling course. Chris Samley notched another road win as he stopped the clock in an impressive 28:58, the only person to break 30 minutes. What might be equally impressive was Daniela Kenty's overall 2nd place finish (31:30), the highest finish by a female in a local race in 12 years. Heidi Johnson also had an excellent finish as she was the third runner across the line, easily winning her age group in 34:51. Sixty-seven year old Cal Fowler had the highest finish by a 60+ in several years as he grabbed 4th overall. Other CTC age group winners: Sharon Balint (40-49), Andrew Hersey (40-49), Joan Bienvenue (20-29), Craig Sarazin (50-59), Armand Zambarrdi (70+), Nancy Fraser (60-69), Bev Wispelwey (50-59), Andrew Zapanta (30-39), Missi Brown (30-39), Several CTC aces notched excellent races including Steve Trumbull, Bob Johnson, Mark Newell, George Gillies, Roger Barron, Neil Ammermann, Harry Freestone, John Eros, Susan Dedinger, and Bill Brown.





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