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Running Shorts is published by the CTC to inform its members of local and regional events of interest, recognize and compliment member accomplishments, provide tips, and give other pertinent information. All of this should be done in a positive manner. Submissions are due to the Editor by the 10th of each month. Letters are limited to 250 words and must include the full name, address, telephone and signature of the author. If the submission is sent by email the author will be verified. All submissions including letters may be edited. The newsletter staff has the right to publish what they deem appropriate information. Any rejected submissions will be referred to the CTC Board for consideration.

A Word From Your Editor  

Summer is off to the races... literally!  With two training programs and over a dozen events (from kids events to triathlons) on tap there’s lots for everyone to participate in.  This is my favorite time of year – no, not because of the hot and humid running conditions – but because we have such a variety of different activities going on.  They’re a lot of fun and I encourage you to give some of the events a try. 

It’s also dues renewal time and all of us who are active with the CTC ask for your continued support of running in Charlottesville by sending your dues check today.  We thank you for keeping the club cruising along at such a nice pace. 

I hope to see you at the races this summer.

Happy trails,


In the Long Run… - A Message from the President

This is the first in a series of columns on issues of club-wide significance.  Please give me feedback/ideas for future columns by e-mailing me directly at

Surely I am biased, but a major reason that Charlottesville was named the best place to live in the U.S. is its running scene.  We have the places, the races, and the faces to enhance the quality of life in this area.  One reason that running is so good in Charlottesville is the Charlottesville Track Club.  The Club provides a focal point and a direction for the incredible amount of running energy that exists in this area.  It’s the little things that people don’t generally notice—races are not scheduled in conflict with each other, races are organized well with timely starts and efficient finishes, training programs are provided for both novice and experienced runners.  And, because of the volunteer nature of club activities, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been donated to charity in the process.  It makes me proud to be a member.

  Speaking of being a member, the Board has recently sent you (or soon will) a membership renewal letter.  We found that too many people, with every intention of renewing their memberships, were not renewing because they hadn’t noticed the reminder to check the mailing label on the newsletter. Also, the system did not work well for those of you receiving your newsletter via e-mail. Anyway, we’re trying the direct approach. Please renew promptly when you get the reminder letter, and encourage your fellow runners to join or renew also.  Membership in the Charlottesville Track Club is quite affordable and helps us carry on our noble mission.  As always, let us know how we can improve.

Peter York,

CTC President

Martha Jefferson 8K

MJ8K Race Director Michael Goldman decided to step down from his post after this year’s once again successful running of the MJ8K. Michael’s thank you letter to the Board (see below) is a testament to how popular (and well organized) the race has been.  We thank Michael for his tireless volunteer efforts over the past several years.  We’d hate to see this great race drop from our spring lineup, so if you are interested in directing this race, please contact Peter York (

March 31, 2005

Peter York
President, Charlottesville Track Club
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Dear Pete:

On March 12, 2005 Martha Jefferson Hospital celebrated its 9th annual MJ 8k run and 4k walk. In the five years that I have been involved with this race, the weather was by far the most unpredictable, with the weather channel calling for snow while the skies were clear and moonlit and calling for sunshine when the sky became cold and cloudy. The MJ8K had 530 enthusiastic runners and walkers huffing their way through the rolling hills of downtown Charlottesville. 

This year the 8K run took on a new progressive look. The men’s division had a stealthy change in the guard. Mark Lorenzoni explained that the 8k had two former 10 mile champions, a former 8k champion and two friendly foes in Chris Samley and Burkhard Spiekermann competing. This was the most competitive field yet. Alec Lorenzoni won the 8k with a time of 26:30. On the woman’s side the friendly and grueling competition still rages on between Andrea Wright (32:40) and Elizabeth Cottone (33:13), these two have turned this race on its head by alternating between first and second or second and third these many years. It’s fascinating. I look forward to seeing them compete in every local race.

I believe the integral part of the MJ8k success was the CTC’s finish line. It’s where the runner has their last and most important impression on the continuity and organization of the race. Big Thank YOUS to Mark and Cynthia Lorenzoni, Dave Lasch, Al, Joann and Ian Rogol, Bev McCoid, Scott Smith, Jennifer Cole Johnson, Catherine Shaps, George Stetkevych, Susan Stewart, Richard Lear, Tony Hastoglis, Pamela Johnson, Dorothy Hurtt, Dr. Bobby Stokes (our Medical Director) Catina Anthony, Ellen Hyde, Rachel Hyde, Glen Anderson, Patricia Smith, Frances Hersey, Harvey Finkel, and Peter York.  

Although most of the runners and casual bystanders may see me as the organizer of the 8k, if it weren’t for the hard work of Tracey Hill and my office manager Amanda Woods the success of the 8k run would have been miniscule. They organized the data and door prizes, ran many errands, and kept me focused. 

This is the third year, I have worked with CTC’s premier scoring team of Jay Wildermann and Alice Wiggins, who were supported by Dan Wiggins. They had worked tirelessly with me prior to, during and after the race to produce accurate and quick results.

I would also like to thank The Charlottesville Police, Charlottesville Traffic Department, Charlottesville / Albemarle Rescue Squad, Kiwanis Club,  Martha Jefferson Hospital employees.

Thank you Charlottesville Track Club,

Michael A. Goldman, DPM
Race Director
MJ8k Run/ 4k walk

cc: CTC Newsletter

Women’s Four Miler Update

As we went to press, veteran Race Director Cynthia Lorenzoni told us that they were about half way to their field limit of 2,100. At this rate, Lorenzoni feels like the race will reach its capacity and close its entries sometime around the first week of July, so if you plan on running in this popular race we would encourage you to get your entry in ASAP.

Lorenzoni is also looking for close to 250 volunteers to help on race day.  As always, volunteers get a nifty Nike dri-fit shirt for their efforts.  Call 293-3367 to sign up yourself, a friend or a family member to help out.

The race is set for Saturday, September 3rd.

At the Races

Dogwood Track Classic (April 29, 2005)

For the 6th straight year the four area public high schools pooled their talents and resources to organize and host this popular High School Track Invitational.  This year, longtime CTC member Rollin Stanton volunteered his valuable experience as Meet Director and by all accounts Stanton pulled off a dandy of a meet.  This year over 1,800 athletes from 103 different high schools competed at UVA’s Lannigan Field track, making Dogwood the largest track meet in the state.

Stanton and his army of volunteers weathered early morning showers and a variety of other challenges on their way to a well organized meet.  Several CTC members were on hand throughout the day to help keep things running smoothly, including Carol Finch, Lindy Bain, Linda Wells, John Ratcliffe, Amy Hurt, Jenny Blair, Alice and Dan Wiggins, Dave Murphy, Alec, Cynthia, and Audrey Lorenzoni, and Carol Hurt

Thanks to their efforts and the efforts of several dozen other volunteers from Albemarle, Monticello, Charlottesville, and Western Albemarle, the meet was able to raise several thousand dollars for the school’s track and field programs.

Some of our fellow members scored impressive performances on the track including Western’s Tasmin Fanning, Chris Post, and Adrian Lorenzoni.

Discovery Dash for Kids (May 7, 2005)

The state’s largest All-Kids Fun Run celebrated its 15th anniversary in fashion as close to 500 youngsters and their families cruised on the Monticello Track.  This popular event, which started as a small fun run for kids on the downtown mall, moved to the spacious facility at Monticello High School several years ago and has become a Central Virginia tradition.

Young speedsters, ranging in age from 3-12, compete in distances from 100 meters to a mile (depending on their age) and thanks to the race day volunteer efforts of the CTC the event is widely considered to be one of the best organized area races of the year.  This year hardworking CTC folks like Vickie Marsh, Dave Murphy, Michael Goldman, Lyle Henofer, Andrea Wright, Kathy Thomas, Christie Morris, Gwen Harrington, Carol Finch, Jim Bell, Al, Ian and Joanne Rogol, Donna Bryant, Cindy Eichelkraut, Cheryl Stunts, John Ratcliffe, and Roger Reynolds were on hand to help me in assuring that the hundreds of young athletes made it safely across the finish line in a well organized manner.  One spectator complimented our CTC crew by telling me that they had never witnessed “such a well organized event anywhere!”

Several CTC youngsters had impressive races on the Monticello oval including Andrew Rapp, Ellie Cain, Patrick Cox, Drew Wolanski, Anthony Gonella, Peter Balcke, Joseph Gonnella, Sheila Ford, Gavin Ratcliffe, Megan Wright, Mary Kwiatkowski, Claire Wolanski, Rachel Rapp, David Kwiatkowski, Sachi Rogosta and Emily Lake, to name a few of our speedy young members. 

International Compassion 5K (May 7, 2005)

Some of our members joined in the cause for overseas relief to those in need by running this debut 5K, which ran through the neighborhoods in and around the University.  Dale Dudley was the club’s top finisher as he clocked a 22:46.  He was followed by fellow members Philip Stafford (23:24), George Gillies (24:16), Bev Wilspelway, Deb Short, Nancy Fraser, and Henry Freestone, who all scored respectable times over this rolling 3.1 mile course. 

Batesville 10K (May 21, 2005)

The 27th running of Charlottesville’s second oldest footrace went off without a hitch as 63 brave runners conquered the area’s most challenging course.  Widely considered to be a “legendary” event because of its relentless climb over the first three miles, the Batesville 10K has served as a rite of passage for area runners for close to three decades.

CTC Masters road burner Burkhard Speikermann pulled away from Jason Buczyna (2nd overall) and the rest of the field for yet another victory with an impressive 36:14 clocking.  CTC member Beth Cottone was the women’s winner as she clocked an equally impressive 42:15, close to 90 seconds ahead of second place finisher Bridget Donaldsen.

Many of the racers on the field have been loyal participants in this special event for over two decades including folks like Rollin Stanton, Jim Bell, Kerry Gardner, Charlie Feigenoff, Mo Stevens, Harry Freestone, Tom Scala, and Bill Guerrant.

Age group blue ribbons were grabbed by the following CTC folks:  Rick Kwiatkowski (40:44), Bill Guerrant (41:10), Keith Drake (43:52), Kristen Keller (44:53), Leah Benson (48:38), Lis Villadsen (59:48), Jim Bell (52:53), Roger Barron (61:63) and Chris Peterson (61:36)

VIA 5K (June 11, 2005)

Close to 150 folks participated on what is quickly becoming one of the area’s most popular spring races.  Organized by and as a benefit for the fine folks at The Virginia Institute for Autism, this race takes the participants for a loop in McIntire Park before traversing some of the hillier yet more scenic Charlottesville neighborhoods,

The CTC took top honors in the top spots as former Western Albemarle and William & Mary standout Charlie Hurt cruised to a 17:04 tape breaker and Nicola Ratcliffe, who is continuing her comeback from having her third child, finished 4th overall in 19:47.  Other CTC times of note over this challenging course on a very humid day were turned in by the following CTC members:  Anthony Nappi (18:44), Jim Burns (18:47), Dave Krovetz (10:05), Bob Wilder (20:11), Beth Cottone (2nd overall female – 20:15), Jeff Campbell (25:33), Natalie Krovetz (26:07), Don Yost (27:52), George Gillies (24:20), Amanda Campbell (27:08), Alice Wiggins (30:29), Rich Barnett (31:27), and Nancy Fraser (30:26).  Longtime CTC member Tom Nash was the honorary starter and also ran a stellar 21:50 to finish 12th overall.

Thanks to the great participation level, the race was able to raise close to $5,000 for this wonderful school for Autistic kids off of Rugby Avenue... and a special thanks to a pile of CTC folks who gave up their Saturday morning to lend their expertise to the organizational efforts of the day.  My assistants included Carol Finch, Rollin Stanton, Lyle Henofer, Dan Wiggins, Cindy Eichelkraut, James Burch, Jim Bell, and Cynthia Lorenzoni.

The Bruce Barnes Memorial Mile (June 11, 2005)

On what would have been legendary CTC member Bruce Barnes 49th birthday, the CTC celebrated the memory of his life with the 13th running of the club’s annual road mile.  Close to 40 folks came out to go for a fast time on this downhill road mile in the village of Greenwood in Western Albemarle and many of them raced to a PR performance as they sprinted across the finish line within view of Lady Astor’s Mirador mansion.

All but 8 of the 35 finishers were card carrying CTC members including Alec Lorenzoni (4:18) and Andrea Wright (5:19), who took home top honors in the men’s and women’s divisions.  Times were smoking as no less than 15 guys broke the elite 5:00 barrier and another 6 speedsters dipped under 6:00 minutes.  Age group CTC champs were Cherie Witt (40-44, 7:19), Carley Witt (11 & under, 7:18), Noaa Spiekermann (12-15, 6:34), Gavin Ratcliffe (11 & under, 7:29), Charlie Hurt (20-24, 4:31), Mike Herrick (25-29, 4:43), Karl Kennedy (30-34, 4:40), Rick Kwiatkowski (35-39, 4:52), Adrian Lorenzoni (12-15, 4:38), Dan Wiggins (40-44, 4:36), Burkhard Spiekermann (45-49, 4:37), Jay Wildermann (50-54, 6:56), Rollin Stanton (55-59, 5:26),  Wendell Golden (70-79, 8:36), and 83 year old John Bays, who blazed to a 10:05.

Other blazing CTC times of note were clocked by Andy Stafford (4:47), Anne Weybright (7:35), India Dixon (7:25), Chris Samley (4:41), Pete Runge (4:42) and Dan Dunsmore (6:25).

Big thanks to CTC members Carol Finch, Chuck Witt, Thatcher Hurt, Cynthia Lorenzoni, Andy Wright, Amy Herrick, Dave Lasch, and Kristen Smith Bain who assisted Lindy Bain and myself in organizing this fun event.

Women’s Four Miler Training Program

The CTC’s Women’s Four Miler Training Program kicked off its summer session in mid-June and Program Director Joan Esposito and her Army of Pink Ladies have already signed up close to 1,000 program participants.  The group meets every Saturday at 7:45am at the UVA track and all women are welcome to join in.  Call 293-3367 or 760-1028 for more information on this fun program.

Volunteer Call

The following events are in real need of race day volunteers.  Please call the Race Director to help out.  This is greatly appreciated by everyone affiliated with these events, especially the runners!

  • 4th of July 5K – 25 volunteers needed – call Jay at 295-5029
  • Fairview 5K (July 9th) 20 volunteers needed – call 973-4751
  • C-Ville Youth Triathlon (August 28th) – call Scott or Mary Claire at 249-1992
  • The Women’s Four Miler (Sept 2nd) – 250 volunteers needed call 293-3367
  • Charlottesville Ten Miler Race Committee Members Needed.  We’d love to see some new faces along with the old! If you are interested, call Dan or Alice Wiggins at 977-0641

CTC Marathon/Half Marathon Training Program:

Close to 150 folks are participating in this summer’s edition of the Training Program for folks wanting to race a fall marathon or ½ marathon.  The group meets every Saturday at 6:15am for a long run (at one of 6 different rotating locations) and individuals receive a personalized training program to help them meet their individual goals.  We’re still signing folks up, so feel free to join us.  Call 293-3367 for details. 

And by the way, the Saturday group runs are open to everyone (distances range from 8-20 miles and paces vary from 7:30 – 11:00 minutes/mile).  Call us for the weekly location. 

A special thanks to Frances Hersey, who once again is doing an excellent job of assisting me with this CTC Program. 

Members on the Run

Several members have scored impressive out of town performances this spring: 

Former CTC President Connie Friend finished 3rd in her age group at the Cleveland Marathon; Phil Halapin finished the San Diego Marathon; Neal Ammerman clocked an impressive run at the Flying Pig Marathon ; and Sophie Speidel successfully completed her first 100 mile race, the grueling but gorgeous Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Miler in early May.

CTC member Anna Sas won her first race ever as she pulled away from the field at the M.A.D.D. 5K in May.  The run, hosted by the Monticello High School students, gave Sas the opportunity to earn her first road blue ribbon.

CTC member Bob Downer needs no GPS or any other racing device as he recently proved at a predict-your-time mile race over a winding X-country course.  Downer was a mere 10 seconds off his predicted time, good enough to tie Grant Connette for the “win”. 

Congrats to CTC member Philip Stafford, who sprinted to a gold medal in the 800 at the Senior Games to take the Virginia State title in his age group.

All of us who have known and cared deeply about longtime CTC volunteer Skip Kinnier continue to pull for him as he battles the brain tumor that has plagued him since late fall.  Kinnier continues to welcome cards and letters, which can be sent to him at 1641 Old Brook Road, Charlottesville, 22901.

Dues Renewal Time

CTC registrar Chip Hopper and CTC Membership Chair Andrew Zapanta report that renewals have been brisk but we still have several hundred folks, including this CTC newsletter Editor, whom they’re waiting on for their checks.  As of June 30th, everyone’s annual dues are up for renewal and we count on this financial support as our main source of income.  Simply put:  Without our member’s generous dues, the CTC wouldn’t be able to hold all of the wonderful races, events, and training programs it does throughout the year.

Members receive monthly newsletters, discounts at races and above everything else, the feeling of good will that one gets from supporting such a fine cause.  Last year our 700 members helped support dozens of races that entertained thousands of runners that in turn raised over $150,000 for a variety of worthy area non-profit charities.  Our members also helped support the training efforts of over 1,500 new runners in our four training programs. 

Chip and Andrew thank you for your support and look forward to your renewals.  Won’t you do so today?  I’m going to!

Here’s just a brief list of folks who were members at the “Sponsor” or above level this past year:

2004-2005 CTC “Sponsors”/ “Friends”

* = At this level over the past 10 years or longer

The Arcuri’s

The Atkinson’s

The Ragosta’s

The Balcke’s

*The Bambricks

*The Bell’s

*Carolyn Belt

*Rich Barnett

*Jim Boyd

Jim Brickenholt

Brian Campbell

*The Cargiles

*Carol Chandrose

Donna Charelbois

Ray Clarke

Christine Collins

Jennifer Creasy

Noelle Davis

Steve Deaton

*Tom Demaio/Janet Heinzmann

Bette Dzamba/David Sellers

Dot Dunbar

Louise Dudley

Jimmy Downing

*Bob Downer & Family

The Derr’s

Dennis DeSilvey

*Charlie Feigenoff & Marie Hawthorne

Larry Fielding

Cal Fowler

*The French’s

The Gathright’s

Wendell Golden

Michael Goldman

Teresa Guise & John Chingwin

*The Hayden’s

Phil Halapin

Lyle Henofer

The Huffman’s

The Jared’s

Dean Johnson

The Keena’s

*The Kinnier’s

*Dave Lasch


Ky Lindsay

*The Lloyd’s

*The Lorenzoni’s

Barb Mann

The Martin’s

The McCall’s

*The McCoid’s

*The McLearen’s

*The Mikalson’s

The Miller’s

Ray Mishler & Pat Smith

*The Mullaney’s

*The Murphy’s

*Chris Pikrallidas

The Rapp’s

The Renigar’s

The Reynold’s

*The Rogol’s

The Samley’s

The Schirmer’s

The Schwartz’s

The Speidel’s

*The Spiekermann’s

The Sprinkle’s

The St. Laurents

Philip & Martha Stafford

Elizabeth Stafford

The Stone’s

*The Stump’s

Adela Su

Suokko & Antholis

*The Thomas’s

The Turner’s

*The Villadsen’s

Bev Warren

*The Wayland’s

Judith White

The Whitworth’s

The Wiggins’

*Jay Wildemann & Anne Weybright

*The Wilkenson’s

*The Wist’s

Karin Wittenberg

The Wolanski’s

The Wright’s

*The Young’s

Armand Zambardi

Andrew Zapanta




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