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Running Shorts is published by the CTC to inform its members of local and regional events of interest, recognize and compliment member accomplishments, provide tips, and give other pertinent information. All of this should be done in a positive manner. Submissions are due to the Editor by the 10th of each month. Letters are limited to 250 words and must include the full name, address, telephone and signature of the author. If the submission is sent by email the author will be verified. All submissions including letters may be edited. The newsletter staff has the right to publish what they deem appropriate information. Any rejected submissions will be referred to the CTC Board for consideration.

A Word From Your Editor

WOW!  Was it ever hot for this year’s Ten Miler!  In fact, it was the 3rd hottest day in the race’s illustrious 31 year history and what made it doubly frustrating for the participants was the fact that it was the warmest morning of 2006 (up to that point).  And yet, despite the challenging conditions, our mighty CTC stalwarts persevered and, thanks to an army of CTC volunteers, the racers were treated to a first class event.  The CTC shined thanks to the likes of folks like Alice and Dan Wiggins, Frances Hersey, Bob Wilder, Vickie Marsh, Carol Finch, Ian and Joanne Rogol, Susan Stewart, Cynthia Lorenzoni, Lyle Henofer and so, so many countless other folks. 

So, once again the CTC put on a great show and our Board of Directors is proud to see our largest event in such good hands.

Lots on tap in the coming weeks, including the kickoff of our two summer training programs.  Come on out... we’d love to have you join us!

Happy Trails,


 In the Long Run

The last time I wrote this column, my advice was to “Keep it Simple.” And I meant it. Really. But just to show you how many different ways you can approach running, this month let’s explore the topic “Fun with Product Differentiation” or “How I Personally Keep the Economy Afloat with my Running Purchases.”

Let’s start with shoes. You should have a favorite pair and, perhaps, a back-up pair in case they quit making your favorite pair before you wear them out. Plus, you need a pair of racing flats. Then, you should have at least two pairs of trail shoes—one for slick conditions and one for really rocky conditions. They also make trail racing shoes, so get a pair of them, too. You should probably have some cool pre- and post-run sandals (surely you have some, don’t you?) to massage your feet and to show off your socks.

Speaking of socks (an affordable luxury), I like the multi-colored $15 pairs that are so specialized they are actually marked “left” and “right.” Your socks should be very low-cut for the most part, but some come all the way up to your ankle, and you need some of those, also.  You will also want some wool socks, which come in low, medium, and high tops, not to mention thin, medium, and thick weights, and a wide variety of colors. Next month we continue with running clothing for the non-foot parts of your body.

Members on the Run

  • Best wishes to 30 year CTC member Mo Stevens, who recently suffered a stroke.
  • Longtime CTC Training Program participant Rob Stewart recently completed the London Marathon... yes, London, England !
  • Congratulations to Beth Dierdorf Quatrara and her husband on the birth of their baby boy Lucas!
  • Veteran CTC marathoner Peggy Mowbray added yet another excellent 26.2 mile effort to her resume, as she traveled the Atlantic to run the Paris Marathon in early April.
  • Several CTC members supported the first running of the National Marathon in Washington DC in March and all scored excellent efforts including Michelle Huston and Heidi Johnson. Millie Grinstead (1st female overall), Pat Huston and Bob Johnson did well in the bookend Half Marathon event.
  • And speaking of Bob Johnson... he is enjoying a running renaissance of sorts as he’s been scoring great times in spring races, including a 35:45 at the Patriots Day Five Miler!
  • And while we’re on the subject of Patriots Day, how about all of our members who scored great runs at the Boston Marathon this spring?  Rick Kwiatkowski led the charge with a stellar 2:58 P.R., his first sub-3 hour effort, and he was followed by Lauri Wilson, Jerry Jared, Bev Wispelwey, Heidi Johnson, Jeanine Wolanski, Casey Opitz, Michelle Huston, Joan Bienvenue, Craig Sarazin, and Dawn & Mike Herrick
  • Coming off the injured or illness list and looking great again:  Andrew Zapanta, Andrea Wright, Pam Balcke, Mark Newell, Anna Castle, Diana Foster, and Trish Foley.
  • Veteran CTC marathoner Ray Clarke recently added the Runner’s World Half Marathon (Allentown, PA) to his long list of accomplishments.
  • Our ultra contingency scored well at two recent long distance races.  Sophie Speidel, Michelle Huston, J.R. Ankney, Bill Potts and Pete York all had impressive runs at the Promise Land 50K in Bedford despite some challenging weather conditions. 
  • Francesca Conte finished first woman and Sophie Speidel finished 6th overall and first Master at the Bull Run Run 50 Miler in Clifton .

 CTC Training Programs on Tap

On June 17th, Joan Esposito and her army of “Pink Ladies” will kickoff the CTC’s Summer Training Program for the Women’s Four Miler.  This popular program will once again guide and prepare novices throughout the summer on their journey to the Women’s Four Miler race in early September.  (The program will meet every Saturday at the UVA Track).  The entries for the actual race won’t be available until mid-June and this very popular race usually fills up in a flash (last year it reached its limit in 3 weeks).  Volunteer Race Director Cynthia Lorenzoni, who will be coordinating this special event for the 13th year, has raised the entry limit to 2,400 for the 2006 running of the CTC’s largest fund raiser.  Call 293-3367 or 951-5137 for more info.  PINK LADIES are still needed.  Call Joan at 951-5137 if you are interested!

The CTC’s Summer Marathon and Half Marathon Training Program will have its first orientation meeting on Tuesday, May 30th at 6:00pm.  Last summer close to 150 folks participated in this coached program which prepares novices and veterans to run a fall long distance race of their choice at their own personal goal pace. 

At the Races

The Charlottesville Ten Miler (April 1, 2006)

The 31st running of Charlottesville ’s oldest and largest footrace did battle with one of the hottest days in this popular event’s illustrious history.  The warmest morning of 2006 greeted the runners, as temperatures were in the low sixties at the start and as the runners worked their way through the University grounds up Rugby to Grady, they quickly shot up to the 80 degree mark, making it the 3rd hottest race in history.  This early spring heat blast took a toll on the racers as many wilted over the second half of the course.  Many veterans remarked as they crossed the finish line that it was a grueling march back up Main Street and that last years rain deluge was actually easier to race in than this surprise attack heat.  Feeling were accurate, as the median time saw its largest one year change in race history going from 89 minutes in 2005 to 93 minutes this year, making it the slowest race in history. 

Despite the heat, first year Race Directors Alice and Dan Wiggins, coordinated a well orchestrated event from start to finish.  The course, which remained auto free throughout the race, was lined with the largest army of volunteers in recent memory, thanks in great part to the efforts of Madison House, this year’s recipient of the race proceeds.  The “performance” shirts were a huge hit as were the large number of age group prizes. 

And speaking of age group awards, many of our fellow members, in spite of the heat, scored impressive outings and took home the beautiful glass mugs.  Beth Cottone (67:40) and Eliza O’Connell (68:52) finished 3rd and 5th overall and fellow members Marc Cucuzzella (55:23), Charlie Hurt (56:41) and David Miller (57:19) finished 2nd, 3rd, and 4th overall on the men’s side.  Other CTC age group award winners included Stephen Chester, Emily Bascom, Amy Ryan (1st), Kara Flavin, Kim Owen, Kristen Keller, Noelle Davis, Nicola Ratcliffe, Leisa Gonnella, Lauri Wilson, Kerry Hendrix, Chris Samley (1st), Rick Kwiatkowski, Val Lopez, Marit Gay, Burkhard Spiekermann (1st), Don Mathes, Molly Gerke, Linda Scandore (1st), Tom Demaio, Nancy Spekman, Connie Friend (1st), Susan Riddle, Mark Klalo (1st), Louise Dudley (1st), Nancy Fraser, Cal Fowler (1st), Skip Mullaney, Armand Zambardi (1st), Jack Schmid, and Wendell Golden (1st). 

When taking a closer look at times, most agree that the heat handicapped folks finishes by anywhere from 2-8 minutes.  In fact, the more experienced and in “racing shape” you were the more the day seemed to affect the second half of your race, as the faster you went out the more you were punished by the furnace over the second half of the race.  Still, one of the most inspiring races of the day was turned in by CTC member Ken Gerke, who completed his first Ten Miler in close to a decade.  The 60 year old had been slowly rehabbing injuries from a near fatal injury (a tree had fallen on him) for the past several years and he successfully completed his first Ten Miler, running the whole way in under a 10 minute pace!

This event wouldn’t have been a success without the help of many volunteers including, Kobby Hoffman, Beth Cottone, Rebecca Stinett, Laurie Duxbury, Carol Finch, Downing Smith, Brandy Larson, Frances Hersey, Larry Phillips, Peggy Mowbray, Dan Monahan, Stephanie Passman, Marty Roddy, Dave Murphy, Kevin Cox, Pat smith, Ray Mishler, Michael Goldman, Richard Lion, Rebekka Sprouse, Vickie Marsh, Barb Nolley, Ian Rogol, Al Rogol, Joanne Rogol, Melinda, Sprinkel, Rebecca Stinnett, Charlie Sursa, Edye Banko, and many more.

Congratulation to the Wiggins, the CTC and all who helped make this one of the premier races in our Old Dominion!  

The Charlottesville Marathon/Half Marathon (April 15, 2006)

The 4th running of the area’s longest race also ran in to a scorcher of a spring day, as temperatures flirted with the mid-80s throughout the latter part of the race.  Over 1,500 participated in the two events, with many coming from outside the area to tour the beautiful but challenging course.  Race promoters Russ Gill and Francesca Conte hosted runners from 48 states and other countries for this popular destination event. 

The VIA 5K (April 22, 2006)

One of the area’s most scenic urban courses is the setting for this popular fun run hosted by the Virginia Institute of Autism.  The school, which is located off Rugby Ave on Westwood, serves as the start and finish and the 100+ field snaked its way through McIntire Park and over the rolling hills of the Greenleaf neighborhood.  Several CTC members scored impressive outings in the rain starting with Brian Muszinski, who won his first road race of his career, clocking a stellar 20:46.  CTC aces Patti Clevenson and Nancy Fraser won their respective age groups.  (Clevenson was only 75 seconds off the overall women’s winner) and Kate Kohn, Kevin Cox (7th overall), Lisa Kwiatkowski, Andrew Hersey (4th overall), Bob Stroh, and Chris Peterson all had excellent 5K outings. 

Thanks to the support of the sponsors and runners, including many who raised substantial personal sponsor support, the event was able to pass along close to $15,000 to this wonderful school.  A most worthy cause. 

A special thanks to Carol Finch, our CTC stalwart volunteer, who was helping at an area event for the 7th straight Saturday.  Wow!

CTC Summer Track Meets

Without a doubt one of our favorite times of year is the summer, when the club hosts its original community running event.  The CTC’s initiation to the Charlottesville running scene came about in the summer of 1976 when they introduced their first Summer All-Comers Track Meets.  These low key but well-organized track meets have always been open to all members of the Charlottesville running community and were designed to give runners of all ages and abilities an opportunity to compete at a variety of distances (from 100-5,000 meters) on the “big oval”. 

This summer the CTC will host its 31st edition of these popular track meets and area runners will once again have the chance to test their fast twitch muscle fibers on the track.  CTC veterans Scott Smith and Bette Dzamba will join me in presenting these fun evening races.  Kids and families are especially encouraged to attend as there are always several races specifically meant for them.

The meets always start at 6:30PM at UVA’s track (Lannigan Field) and volunteers are always needed. Call us at 293-3367.  Come join us this summer for a fun time on the track!

Mark’s Training Tip of the Month

Our area is famous for its hills and no one knows them better than us runners.  We love to complain about the steep uphills and how much they challenge and handicap our daily runs and weekend races and yet, in most cases, it’s actually the downhills that can lead to injury.  Yep, that’s right, the downhills are where folks are most likely to hurt their knees, back, or shins but the best way to avoid this risk is to take it easy when running downhill.  Try shortening your stride and slowing up the pace.  Another way to avoid the pounding is to drift off to the side of the road and, if the surface is even, run on the grass so as to avoid the shock of the blacktop or concrete sidewalks.  So, save the fast downhill running for your races not your training runs... you’ll save your joints in the process!






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