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Members on the Run

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  • Several members fared well at the Shamrock races including Beth Cottone (3:15 marathon), Bill Potts (3:17 marathon), Ky Lindsay (1:42 half marathon), Deb Gilbert (2:15 half marathon), Theresa Coppola (4:09 marathon), Thomas Crowe (3:59 marathon), Jim Neale (3:59 marathon), Wendy Wright (5:24 marathon), Gerhard Van de Venter (3:07 marathon), Pam Acker (2:14 half marathon), Vada Fallica (1:56 half marathon), Lewis Martin (1:17 half marathon), Clark Jackson (1:30 half marathon), Bruce Frey (1:56 half marathon), Tara Friedman (1:50 half marathon)
  • Longtime CTC member and former club president Connie Friend scored an impressive 2nd place age group finish at the Williamsburg Half Marathon.
  • One of the club’s hottest age group speedsters is Richie Williams, who has been tearing it up in the 70-74 division.  Williams, who spends half his year in Charlottesville and the other half in Falmouth, Massachusetts, had dual membership with the CTC and the Falmouth Track Club.  Williams recently won his age group at the New Year’s Day 5K, where his impressive 24:12 was 6 minutes ahead of the runner up.
  • Defending Ten Miler champion Charlie Hurt warmed up with a P.R. performance of 25:01 at the Shamrock 8K.  His blistering time was good for 16th overall.  Fellow CTC member Cass Girvin also ran a P.R. of 28:33.
  • A pile of folks scored excellent times at the Myrtle Beach Marathon including big P.R.’s for Lauri Wilson (3:23), William Cox (2:48), Ken Nail (3:34), and George Rich (3:29).  Hosni Haghighian, Glen Anderson, Peggy Mowbray and Jerri Emm also fared well.
  • Kristin and Becky Keller ran impressive times at the Disney Princess Half Marathon earlier this month.  Kristen scored a P.R. of 1:32 and Becky was right behind her with a 1:34.
  • Member Rick Kwiatkowski had an incredible performance at the Rocky Raccoon 50 Miler in Huntsville, Texas in February.  Rick ran a 7:30, good for 7th overall.
  • Robin Truxel scored an excellent effort at the Death Valley Trail Marathon in February.
  • Lise Willingham placed 3rd place in her age group at the Ukrops 10K (43:10).
  • Laura Luevano: "I dropped more than 10 minutes from my time last year in the Charlottesville Half-Marathon on April 18, 2009 (1:55.26 this year, 2:05.41 last year)."
  • Andrew Zapanta: "On 4/18/09, I ran the Charlotte RaceFest 10K, in Charlotte, NC. Close to perfect weather and a nice course through a ritzy area of Charlotte. PR for the course (45:07). Placing: 4th in my age group out of 71, and 44th overall out of 871 runners! 3/28/09, I ran the Grace For Grace 5K in North Huntingdon, PA. A signifcant event because I got to run with my 9 year old niece in her first 5K race!"
Want your recent accomplishment or special event recognized in the next issue of Running Shorts? Complete this short questionnaire!



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