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Letter from the Editor

If you haven’t visited the Charlottesville Track Club website recently, do so. We try to include pictures sent in by members, polling results, links to upcoming races, blog spots, volunteering opportunities, race results and more.
In the past year we’ve started a monthly online poll. We’ve gotten some interesting results. Results of note, from members who answered the online polls, include the following.

30% of CTC members are planning on running 10 or more races in 2011. Tied at 30% by those members who plan on running 5 – 7 races. All I can say is “WOW” and “good luck”.

A little late for the holidays, but maybe there is a birthday coming up. Top runner gift ideas noted were Garmin Forerunner with 20% of the vote, followed closely by new sneakers with 16% of the vote. So while you may have missed Christmas and Valentine’s day, these are a few gifts you may want to surprise your sweetie with.

What is a runner’s biggest fear? According to our the poll it is getting injured (63%), with a second and third place tie between ‘failing to achieve my goals’ and “getting hit by a car or attacked by a dog’. Well I hope none of these happen to any of our readers.

The big racing season is coming up, as we slowly make our way out of these cold winter months. Check out the calendar of upcoming events on our website, and good luck in those 10+ races in 2011, may they be dog, car, and injury free.

~Kristen Keller
Newsletter Editor

At the Races

At the Races’, are results submitted by race directors for the various races in the area.  Being listed does not necessarily mean this is a CTC sponsored event, or that the CTC has anything to do with this event. Listing this event, means the race director submitted their own results and recaps to us to include in our newsletter. See the race classification system below. Note all CTC sponsored races are for charitable purposes only.

Three Bridges Marathon and Half Marathon:
Congratulations to Lee Coppock, who was not only the first CTC finisher, but the first overall finisher in the 2nd annual 3 bridges marathon. I believe he set a course record as well. On the women’s side, Sophie Speidel was also the top CTC finisher and first woman overall. Sophie also set a course record. Congrats to you both.

On the half marathon side, CTC speedster, Hernan Garbini finished 8 minutes ahead of all the competition with a 1:22:19, while on the women’s side Kristen Keller crossed the finish line with a 1:34:36.

New Year’s Day 5K: This event is put on by the board members of the Charlottesville Track Club, with the help of volunteers and sponsors. Without which we could not continue to put on this race. We have tried to keep this entry fee as low as possible as a member benefit.

We want to thank sponsors: Ragged Mountain Running Shop, Bodo’s, Cville Market, Pepsi, and the McIntosh’s for continued use of their field for parking.

A list of the results can be found online.

The first CTC speedster across the line was Doug Bloor, with a time of 17:44 (read 5:44/mile pace). Congrats Doug. To round out the top 5 CTC finishers on the men’s side we had Chris Samely (18:57), Pete O’Shea (19:18), Clark Jackson (19:25), and Pete Runge (20:24).

The top CTC woman across the line was Becky Keller, with a time of 20:06. She was followed by Meg Prichard (20:36), Emily Knipper (21:22), Bev Richardson (21:39), and Peggy Mowbray (21:59), to round out the top 5 CTC females.

The Valentine’s Couples Race:
Over $1900 was raised to benefit Amnesty International. Of the top 5 overall finishers for the event, 3 were CTC members. Hernan Garbini was first, with a time of 18:20, coming in 3rd was Andrew Nelson with 19:00, and 5th overall was Chris Samely with 19:28. On the women’s side Lise Willingham takes the blue ribbon for CTC finishers, crossing the line in 21:55. Second female CTC finisher was former CTC president Leah Connor, setting a new PR by finishing in 22:47. Kiyoko Asao-Ragosta was the 3rd CTC female over the line.

The Valentine’s Day race is not an individual race, but a couples race. The leading Men’s Team consisted of CTC speedsters Hernan Garbini & Andrew Nelson. Top female-female team was Leah Connor and Suzanna Turanyi. Top CTC parent-child team consisted of Samuel McLearen & Allan McLearen. Top CTC male-female team was Lise Willingham and Chris Samley. Top CTC husband and wife team Scott Smith & Mary Clare Smith. Top sibling team consisted of Mac & Caroline Outlaw. Congratulations to all of these CTC speedsters.

Members on the Run

Rick Kwiatkowski (pictured below with Scott Jurek): ran the Rocky Raccoon 100, who came in 13th overall. Approximately an 8 minute pace, while still having time to go down on one knee and hand his wife the ring he got her for their anniversary, which he had carried with him for the previous 98 miles.

Congratulations also goes to CTC member Francesca Conte in finishing The Iron Mountain on 9/4/2010 in a time of 9:06:23, second woman and 5th overall.

CTC member Ken Nail ran the Philadelphia ½ marathon on 11/21/2010 with a time of 1:34:59, good for 10th, out of 228, in his age group. Way to go Ken!

Big BLUE RIBBONS to Charlie Hurt who ran 2:26 at Twin Cities Marathon (5:30/mile pace) and Bonnie Wilfore, 4:01 (a 9 minute p.r. at The Wineglass Marathon)!

Congrats to Harry Landers and Mark Hampton, who completed their first Ultra Marathon by running 5:58 at the Holiday Lakes 50K. Sophie Speidel, who completed this same race, and won the Masters Division with a PR of 5:14.

The Charlottesville 10 Miler Update

The Charlottesville 10 Miler has a new race director! Local small business owner and former Kent State track star, Mike Inge, stepped up to the plate. Thanks Mike for helping secure a downhill finish for the 2011 running of the race.

trackMen’s 4 Miler Update

Then Men’s 4 Miler training program will begin on April 2nd. Training will take place at the Charlottesville High School Track, as the University Track will be under Construction.

Thanks to UVA’s Athletic Dept, the finish of the race will be running through the tunnel into Scott Stadium!


Women's Four Miler Training Program

W4MTPThe famous Women's Four Miler Training Program in its 19th Year will begin on Saturday, June 18th. The cost is the same affordable $20. Pink is the same favorite color for the ladies. Same six satellite locations. Volunteers always welcomed with a smile. Contact director Joan Esposito at Visit the website for up-to-date information Also follow us on Facebook & Twitter!

CTC Point Series: Are You Being Tracked?

CTC members receive points for participating in the CTC sponsored Category 1 and 2 races. CTC members who wish to participate in the point series program must email their name to Andrew Zapanta, Point Series Master. The first CTC member in a race receives 18 points (there are two age group categories): second place 17 points; third place 16 points on a descending scale to 8 with the 9th place CTC member receiving 8 points. Simply cross the finish line (no matter if you finish after 10th place) and pick up 8 points.
We only track runners who have requested to be tracked. If you wish to be tracked contact Andrew Zapanta, CTC Point Series Master!

Bits of News

Thanks to the hard work of our volunteer race directors and the support of our entrants, our area not-for-profit races raised over $500,000 for a variety of local causes in 2010. WAY TO GO EVERYONE!

Charlottesville's Largest Footraces of 2010:

1. Charlottesville Women's Four Miler*: 3,500 entrants
2. Charlottesville Ten Miler*: 2,500
3. The Charlottesville Full and Half Marathon: 1,750
4. The Boar's Head Turkey Trot 5K*: 1,375
5. The Albemarle Invitational*: 1,050
6. The Dogwood Track Classic*: 980
7. Zeta Run for Life 5K*: 750
8. Martha Jefferson 8K Run / 4K Walk*: 650
9. Run for Autism 5K*: 540
10. Discovery Dash For Kids*: 520

* = Not-For-Profit event

To see Channel 19 coverage of the Women’s 4 Miler Check presentation, go to:

Calendar of Upcoming Events

Entry forms for many of these can be found online.

Volunteer Call

March 12, 2011
Volunteers needed for the Martha Jefferson 8K Run / 4K Walk next Saturday, March 12 from 7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. If you are available, please email Audrey or call 434-293-3367.


Many of the Not-for-Profit races in the area are still in need of volunteers to help at packet pick up, and race day and for other parts of the event. So please call/email the race director and volunteer your services and time. If you are not sure when an event is, please check out the track club calendar, which has links to upcoming races in the area. If it is one of the races supported by the Track Club, you may get volunteer points for participating (Hint: leads to prizes, determined by amount of points, awarded at the CTC banquet.)

As well as races for charity, the track club volunteers and supports the community in other ways.  We participate in a trash pick up, lead by our very own Jay Wildermann. Please see his message below, and come help out. It counts towards the CTC volunteer points mentioned above, and you get exercise and a little sun tan too.

If you can help, please let me know via mail to or give me a call at (434) 962-3680 Cell or (434) 295-5029 Home.

Running Shorts is published by the CTC to inform its members of local and regional events of interest, recognize and compliment member accomplishments, provide tips, and give other pertinent information. All of this should be done in a positive manner. Submissions are due to the Editor by the 10th of each month. Letters are limited to 250 words and must include the full name, address, telephone and signature of the author. If the submission is sent by email the author will be verified. All submissions including letters may be edited. The newsletter staff has the right to publish what they deem appropriate information. Any rejected submissions will be referred to the CTC Board for consideration.



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