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Running Shorts is published by the CTC to inform its members of local and regional events of interest, recognize and compliment member accomplishments, provide tips, and give other pertinent information. All of this should be done in a positive manner. Submissions are due to the Editor by the 10th of each month. Letters are limited to 250 words and must include the full name, address, telephone and signature of the author. If the submission is sent by email the author will be verified. All submissions including letters may be edited. The newsletter staff has the right to publish what they deem appropriate information. Any rejected submissions will be referred to the CTC Board for consideration.

A Word from Your Editor

What a wonderful running year it’s been thus far and the CTC has been as usual right in the thick of things.  We’ve already successfully hosted four races (entertaining close to 4,000 runners in the process) and wrapped up our 22nd Ten Miler Training Program by safely preparing close to 400 folks for our oldest race.

We have lots on tap in the coming weeks and it won’t be long before the CTC kicks off its two big summer training programs (the Women’s Four Miler and the Marathon/Half Marathon).  Our volunteer numbers continue to swell thanks to an overwhelming number of folks (both new and veteran) who have been helping at our races and training programs.  And our Board continues to be the driving force behind this swell of running enthusiasm.  Veterans like Lyle Henofer, Andrew Zapanta, Brian Keena, Joan Esposito, Jennifer Bauerle and Pam Johnson are guiding our new members Bill Duxbury, Bess Tarkington and Kristen Keller. 

Finally, as we went to press, the 33rd running of the Charlottesville Ten Miler had just taken place and we want to extend a big round of applause and thanks to Dan and Alice Wiggins and all their volunteers on a job well done.  You all make us proud to be members of this wonderful club!

Happy Trails,


A word from the CTC President, Andrew Zapanta: 

Picture this: You are at a running event. Perfect weather conditions for race day… you're ready to go. Boom! The gun fires and you begin. Crowds are lined up along the road. People stand at intersections blocking traffic for you and your fellow runners. At mile 1, someone is yelling times as they read from a stopwatch. Another mile, someone else is reading times from their stopwatch. You approach a table…"Water here!" is the cry. You take a quick sip of water and dump the rest of your head. You approach the finish line…cheers from people standing nearby. You finish! It's a PR!  Someone ushers you down a roped section into a corral. One person collects your race bib tab, another hands you a water bottle and yet another gives you a race medal. Finally, you walk to a table where the people behind it are handing out, bagels, bananas, and Gatorade (and if you're lucky…a donut!). You go home with a full belly, tired feet and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. What you just experienced would not have been possible without volunteers. What is a volunteer? Volunteer (vol'en-tîr') n. 1. A person who performs or offers to perform a service of his or her own free will. Our race directors, course marshals, registration table workers, timekeepers, timers at mile markers, food table worker, water stop workers…all are volunteers. More than likely, they are a member of the CTC! Why do they do it? The reasons are countless. Why do I do it? For me, it is a way of giving back to an organization that trained me for my first marathon and ignited my calling to serve others within the local running community. Behind the scenes, our race directors, the entire CTC board, the newsletter staff, race and volunteer statisticians…we are all giving of our time and energy to ensure the success of our club's events. We believe in the CTC's purpose: To promote safe recreational and competitive running activities for the Charlottesville community, by providing guidance, facilities, and volunteers for road racing and track events that raise funds for or provide recognition of, charitable organizations. The next time you're at a race and run by a volunteer, please say thank you. Your "perfect day" was due in part, to their giving of their time (sometimes an early weekend morning) to ensure that you have a great time!

2008 CTC Ten Miler Training Program

Thanks to the efforts of my two hardworking assistants, Vickie Marsh and Cathie Branchaud and our SO creative, passionate and fun CTC “captains” we were able to guide over 375 folks through the winter to a safe and satisfying completion of this year’s edition of the Ten Miler Training Program and, for many, a successful Ten Miler race!

This is the club’s original training program and I’ve had the pleasure of serving as the program’s coach for the past 22 years and this was one of the most enjoyable groups of captains and athletes I’ve ever worked with.

I want to personally congratulate each and every participant, especially those who started their running journey with the Women’s and Men’s Four Miler programs and to those who had never run a step before we began.  I also want to thank Vickie, Cathie and all the captains like Joe Milby, Kobby Hoffman, Deb Gilbert, Heather Horn, Bill and Laurie Duxbury, Jim Horskotte, Joan Esposito, India Dixon, Steve Braden, Rick Kwiatkowski, Wendell Golden, Mary Fowler, Jennifer Hearns, Patty Workman and Lyle Henofer who were among those who helped to make this such an enjoyable winter of training.  Way to go!

CTC Marathon/Half Marathon Training Program to Kickoff in late May

Now that folks have completed their Ten Miler experience it’s time for a little rest (lower mileage long runs) and then onto the next step.  For many runners, this means a long distance fall event.  The Club’s annual summer training program is the perfect way to prepare for your specific event, whether it is the Richmond Marathon or the Rock and Roll Half Marathon.  Last summer over 150 folks trained together for 17 different long distance events.  Stay tuned for more details!

CTC Womens' Four Miler Training program begins on June 14

The 2008 Women's Four Miler Training Program (W4MTP) begins Saturday June 14 at the UVA Track at 7:45 AM and runs for 12 weeks culminating in the Charlottesville Four Miler race to be held Saturday August 30, 2008.  The cost is $15 for the summer and includes a book and training notebook.  The program is for runners and walkers age 10 and up.  "Pink Lady" mentors and other volunteers are still needed and if you want to be a part of a highly rewarding program that saw over 1100 participants last summer, please join us.  If you want more information and to find out about the next meeting, contact Joan Esposito at or by telephone at 760-1028.

CTC Etiquette Tips of the Month

A word or two about the track... This month I’d like to add a few thoughts to our ongoing discussion regarding our efforts as a club and to find the correct paths to harmony with our fellow runners in the community.

One of the most commonly utilized running venues is Lannigan Field, better known to us as “The UVA track”.  Dedicated in 1954 to the memory of one of UVA’s legendary coaches and faculty members, this centrally located oval represents the last UVA athletic facility still open to the general public.  Therefore, it serves our best interest to follow these rules that apply to all tracks. 

First off, the track is made up of a series of oval lanes and the closer these lanes (1, 2, and 3) come to the “infield” the more important it is for us runners to pay attention.  Why?  Because, like the left lanes on the highway, these “inside” lanes are for those running the fastest.  So, if someone comes up behind you at a pace faster than yours, you should always “give way”, which means move to your right (from lane 1 to lane 2 or 3).  The faster runners should shout out “track” as they come up on the slower runners in lane 1, which is a polite way of saying “please get out of the way” or “please move to your right”. 

There are two other important reasons why running in the “fast” lane can be a “no, no”.  1) It is harder on your hips and knees because the turns are tighter.  The higher the lane # (7, 8, 9) the safer it is for your body. 2) the more folks run lap after lap in lane 1 the quicker it wears out the track, which creates a slicker surface for the UVA varsity track athletes (who train their on a regular basis) and also causes water to pool up on rainy days, also detrimental for the UVA athletes.

I hate to pick on dogs for the second issue in a row (as I’m writing this I’m looking over at our Jack Russell “Scout”, peacefully sleeping with her 5 two week old puppies) and all who know me well understand how much I actually love dogs.  BUT, simply put, the track is NO place for dogs!  It’s a privilege that the University allows us to use this wonderful facility and we want to always be respectful of that neighborly gift.  The track is closed from dark to dawn and is also closed to the public during varsity practice (generally from 3:00pm to 6:00pm).

Members on the Run

CTC member and former Western and William & Mary standout Charlie Hurt was the 10th overall finisher (out of 5,200) and the third American into the chutes at the Shamrock 8K.  His time of 25:04 was his fastest since graduating from William & Mary a few years ago.  As we went to press he had also just won the Ten Miler in 51:02, the fastest time run over our course since 1993!

Other CTC times of note at the trio of Shamrock races in Virginia Beach were turned in by the following members. Half Marathon:  Jeanine Wilson, Deb Gilbert, Jan Farruggio, Carl Brackett, Erin Thorpe, Kylie Thorpe, Jim Firster, Cheryl Thorpe, Anne Ching, Eileen Wittmer, Elaine Miller, Teresa Wimmer, George & Karen RichHolly Rich finished 1st in her age group in the Half Marathon!  8K:  Lisa, Mary and Laura Kwiatkowski, Cass Girvin, and Doug Bloor.  Marathon :  Rick Kwiatkowski (2:58) and Clark Jackson (3:36).

Longtime member and former Stuarts Draft standout Brad O’Neill had an excellent indoor track season at Coe College.  The speedster knocked out a 14:57 5,000  meter P.R. and added a 1:59 800 meter to his impressive resume.

A big happy 60th birthday to longtime CTC volunteer and all around good guy John Lloyd, who celebrated his big milestone in early March.  Lloyd is one of the club’s most popular and beloved members and we wish him all the best.

From the “gaffe” department... as can be expected, when making lists, it seems inevitable (especially for this aging newsletter editor) that I’m going to forget a name or two and sure enough I did so last month.  Please add Connie Friend’s name to the impressive list of 25 year CTC members.  Friend’s commitment to the CTC and the greater running community are significant and impressive as she served on the Board, including a stint as President, for years having helped shaped many of the policies and incentives that continue to allow the club to thrive today.  Thanks for all your gifts to the CTC, Connie!

Congrats to Leah Connor on her huge 3:54 P.R. at the National Marathon in D.C. This represented a P.R. of 1 hour and 10 minutes!


Each month, we would like to highlight a few of our hardworking volunteers who have been working “behind the scenes” to help keep our local running world spinning on well-oiled wheels.

This month we want to recognize three of our finest:  Chuck Lascano, Chip Hopper and Carol Finch.  Between them you’re looking at over 60 years of volunteer service to the greater running community.

Lascano oversees the CTC equipment and he spends dozens of hours throughout the year helping to distribute, coordinate, and organize the club’s vast and impressive race equipment arsenal for dozens of area not-for-profit race directors.

Hopper gives countless amounts of his personal time serving as the club’s membership registrar.  On any given week he’s keeping the club’s membership database up to date and he’s been serving in this volunteer position since we approached him about using his computer skills for the good of the club way back in 1983. 

Finch is one of the most devoted volunteers in club history as she directs several races and serves as the results coordinator for many more throughout the year.  She has been known to stay hours after a race is finished, pouring over race results, running reports, making sure results are accurate.

We salute these CTC “BTS” volunteers of the month with a round of applause.  We couldn’t do it without your help, you three!

Volunteer Call

Without the help of our wonderful CTC volunteers we simply wouldn’t be able to have the events we do.  Consequently, the participants wouldn’t benefit from the excellent organization of these events.  We need help for the following upcoming events.  Please call, no experience necessary.  Thanks!

  • 4/26 Dogwood Track Classic.  Call Mark at 293-3367 (20 volunteers needed)
  • 5/25 Discovery Dash for Kids.  25 volunteers needed – Call Mark at 293-3367

Amnesty/CTC Valentines Partners 5K – February 16, 2008

After a long run “on Broadway” one of the club’s oldest and most popular holiday races took its act to the country and it was met with a round of applause.  The new “Old Trail” course and Western Albemarle location treated the runners to gorgeous panoramic views of the Blue Ridge and afforded the CTC a greatly reduced volunteer contingency for course management.

Longtime CTC volunteer and one of the club’s most active of its Lifetime Service Award recipients, Carol Finch, organized an excellent footrace.  In her usual thoughtful manner she laid out an excellent course and had race registration and results mapped out like a well-oiled machine. 

Charlie Hurt was the first CTC member into the chutes with a stellar 2nd overall 15:56 clocking and it was very fitting that longtime Crozet resident Nicola Ratcliffe, who helped design the new course, was the first female champion as she clocked a 19:24 (interestingly enough that is the exact time that fellow member Andrea Wright ran on the old downtown course to set the same 40-49 age group course record). 

Most of the finishers commented that they enjoyed the course, which was almost completely void of auto traffic.  They found the last mile, which was mostly uphill to be quite challenging.  Despite the climb, several of our members had excellent outings including the following club racers who took home blue ribbons in their respective age groups:  Hernan Garbini (45-49), Rick Kwiatkowski (40-44), Clark Jackson (50-54), Al McLearen (55-59), Chuck Lascano (60-64), Linda Scandore (55-59), Joan VanDyken (50-54) and Louise Dudley (65-69).  The neat thing about the inaugural running of this course is that each of these folks is now the proud age group course record holders... at least until next year’s race!

In keeping with the tradition of the Valentines couples aspect of the event the following CTC folks were involved with winning partner categories:  Sam/Al McLearen (1st Parent/Child), Claire Snell/Donna Charlebois (1st Female/Female), Becky/Kristen Keller (1st Siblings). Hernan Garbini/Chris Samley (Male/Male), Leigh/Ann Townsend (Parent/Child), Rick/Lisa Kwiatkowski (Husband/Wife), and Charlie/Olivia Hurt (Siblings) all finished 2nd in their respective categories.

Several other CTC members had excellent races including Jason Braunstein, Mark Robbins, Barry Young, Anthony Nappi, Mike Cassity, David Rapp, George Gillies, Donna Charlebois, Sharon Balint, Robin Ramm, Henry Reeves, Patricia Robinson, Laurelyn Dratt and Karen Boserman

This year’s inaugural running at Old Trail was a smashing success and the club was able to help raise a substantial donation for our wonderful friends at Amnesty International, one of the CTC’s favorite not for profit causes.

MJ8K – March 8, 2008

Now firmly entrenched as one of the area’s largest footraces, the MJ8K has also earned the reputation as a well organized race that helps runners tune up for the Ten Miler.  Run over one of the hilliest courses on the race circuit, the race helps to give the runners a good dose of downtown terrain.  Some veterans claim it to be our toughest area race. 

This year’s participants were treated to virtually ideal racing conditions.  Despite an early morning shower, the racers encountered a slight drizzle, slightly cool but perfect temperatures and no wind.  The volunteers were cold and damp but the racers cruised! 

Lauri Wilson, Julia Bellis and Melissa McDowell with the help of veteran CTC volunteers like Carol Finch, Lyle Henofer, Dave Murphy, Joanne and Ian Rogol, Audrey Lorenzoni, John Lloyd, Joan Esposito, Bev McCoid, Kathy Thomas and Rick and Lisa Kwiatkowski treated the runners to one of the best organized events of the year.

Jason Buczyna was the first CTC member to conquer this hilly course as he came across the finish line in 28:23 for 5th overall.  He was quickly followed by five more fellow members who all clocked stellar times.  Doug Bloor (6th in 28:46), Barry Young (7th in 28:48), Burkhard Spiekermann (8th in 28:52), Hernan Garbini (9th in 28:54), and Chris Samley (10th in 29:19) helped the CTC round out the top ten.  Masters ace Andrea Wright led a speedy CTC trio into the chutes as she finished 2nd overall in 30:52.  Nicola Ratcliffe (3rd in 31:07) and Eliza O’Connell (4th in 31:20) had excellent races.

Several CTC members scored first place in their respective age groups including:  Spiekermann (50-54), Buczyna (25-29), Bloor (40-44), Garbini (45-49), O’Connell (35-39), Young (35-39), Christiann DeFries (45-49), Heidi Johnson (40-44), Peggy Mowbray (50-54), Louise Dudley (65-69), Patty Pitera (60-64), Robert Kiefer (60-64), Chris Peterson (55-59) and Harry Freestone (80+).

Despite the cool rainy skies, over 400 folks showed up to run the 8K and another 100 competed in the 4K walk.  Several CTC members had impressive outings over this most challenging course including Becky Keller, Tommy Kinstle, Anthony Nappi, William Cox, Lee Coppock, Andrew Zapanta, Hallie Hegemier, Dawn Herrick, Sean Manly, TJ Wilson, Bev Wispelwey, Krista Coppock, Tim Gathright, Paul Bushrow, Kirsten Sugerman, Paul Humphries, Winn Ballard, Frances Hersey, Bob Johnson, Michelle Bushrow, George Gillies, Patti Clevenson, Sheila Blackford, Jim Firster, Danica Plantz, Sharon Balint, Rob VanDyken, Bill Caldwell, Kobby Hoffman, Robin Ramm, David Wilson, Mary Fowler, Patty Workman, David Clevenson, Desiree Cox, Joan VanDyken and Ben Farmer.

As usual, all of the proceeds from this special event were passed along to wonderful community health programs at Martha Jefferson.

Help Wanted!

The CTC Board is seeking assistance in two areas:  Volunteer Coordinator: The Volunteer Coordinator would send e-mails to those on CTC’s volunteer list for CTC races and other events, as requested by our race directors and the board.  We will train you!  Runner of the Year Statistician:  Do you like crunching data?  The statistician reviews the results of our races and tabulates the results of our track club members, in order to present the Runner of the Year awards (by age group and gender) for the Annual Awards Banquet.  The races start with the New Year’s Day and end with the Men’s Four Miler.  We will train you!

If you are interested in either position, please contact Andrew Zapanta, CTC President at



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