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Running Shorts is published by the CTC to inform its members of local and regional events of interest, recognize and compliment member accomplishments, provide tips, and give other pertinent information. All of this should be done in a positive manner. Submissions are due to the Editor by the 10th of each month. Letters are limited to 250 words and must include the full name, address, telephone and signature of the author. If the submission is sent by email the author will be verified. All submissions including letters may be edited. The newsletter staff has the right to publish what they deem appropriate information. Any rejected submissions will be referred to the CTC Board for consideration.

A Note from Your Editor

Spring has finally arrived and those of you who trained through the long and cold winter months are feeling the rewards of the warm, sunny days.

Along with spring comes a packed race calendar with no less than a dozen local events being offered between now and the middle of June.

Kudos to our hardworking Board of Directors who continue to keep things running smoothly and a big tip of the cap to president, Susan Stewart for all her hard work on what turned out to be a wonderful race calendar.

Many of our members continue to give back to our community at a variety of worthy levels.  Folks like Sharon Oritz, who is helping to coordinate the huge Relay for Life Cancer Walk; Bob Wilder, who is once again serving as our medic for the Charlottesville Ten Miler; Jay Wildermann, who continues to head up our adopt-a-highway crew; David Brown and Carol Finch who recently agreed to take on yet another volunteer role, this time a s co-directors of the O.A.R. races in June; The Rogol family, who so often help us with smooth finish line logistics at our big races; Chris Samley, who so ably continues to run the CTC website.  I could go on for pages talking about all the fine folks who are so generous with their time.

And speaking of gifts to our community, C.J. Woodburn and her race committee are in the final days of preparation for the club’s largest event, the Charlottesville Ten Miler.  I wish them and all the race day volunteers and participants a safe and successful event!

See you on the 3rd!

Happy Trails!


Williamsburg ½ Marathon

Several CTC members made the trek to Williamsburg last month to do battle with the annual ½ marathon.  Andrew Zapanta, Peggy Mowbray, Glen Anderson, Michael Cassity, T.J. & Lauri Wilson, and Anna Sas Clarke were among those who competed.  Anyone else?  Please let us know!

Run a recent out-of-town race? Score a P.R. and want folks to know? Recent baby arrival? Any other news to share with members?  If so, then please let us know at

At the Races

Valentines 5K – 02/14/04

A record breaking crowd turned out for this popular mid-winter race as close to 350 folks made their way through the scenic streets of Historic Downtown.  Former three-time CTC president, Tom Scala, who has directed this race for years, organized another dandy along with the fine folks from Amnesty International.

Former Western Albemarle star Jeremy Cadle, who still holds the school mile record (4:13), out kicked Colin Delaney to take home a 16:50 win.  Longtime CTC veteran Nicola Ratcliffe led a stellar field of women across the line with a 20:03 win.  She was quickly followed by fellow club members Andrea Wright (20:21) and Carin Ward (20:23).  CTC members took home blue ribbons in their respective partner groups including Nicola and Andrea (Female/female), Richard and Justin Young (Parent/Child) and Jeremy and Carin (Male/Female).

Several members had impressive outings over this hilly course including Richard Moon, Cal Fowler, Chris Samley, Dave Krovetz, Andy Stafford, John Densmore, Bethany Coppock, Jerri Emm, Kiyoko Asao-Rogosta, Trish Foley, Ann Peery, Chuck Lascano, Jim Horstkotte, Karen Stafford, Beth Schmid, Patti Clevenson, Elizabeth Olmstead, Candy Montero, Harold Blincoe, Kobby Hoffman, Patty Workman, Scott Smith and Michael Herrick.

Tom Scala and the CTC volunteers are to be commended for organizing a well-run event.  Many folks commented that they felt it was run beautifully.  CTC volunteers lined the course from start to finish and they were supported by a bevy of city police officers.

As always, all of the proceeds were passed along to Amnesty International a most worthy cause.

Martha Jefferson 8K 3/13/04

Crisp and cool temperatures under sunny blue skies greeted the largest field ever assembled for this popular early spring event.  Over 500 runners and close to 150 walkers traversed some of the most challenging hills of beautiful downtown Charlottesville.  Many of the 8K racers used this event as a final tune up to see where they are with their racing as they head into the “Big One,” the Charlottesville Ten Miler.

CTC board member, Michael Goldman directed yet another well organized event with the help of dozens of CTC members and community volunteers.  Sgt. Ronnie Roberts and his fine corps of city police officers did a splendid job of safely guiding the participants over the scenic urban course.

Former CHS standout Lewis Martin, who now competes at the collegiate level, pulled away from the stellar field to clock an impressive 27:50 win.  CTC members Chris Samley (28:00) and Dave Miller (28:34) rounded out the top three.  It was a clean sweep for the CTC in the women’s race as only 11 seconds separated the first three across the finish line.  Former WAHS star Anne Rettig (32:31) who is in her first year of medical school at UVA, out kicked Beth Cottone (32:37) and Andrea Wright (32:42).  Other CTC blue ribbon winner in their respective age groups were as follows:

Cal Fowler (65-69), Scott Smith (45-49), Gregory Ruthig (25-29), Galin Boyd (30-34), Bill Guerrant (50-54), Linda Scandore (50-54), Mary Napoleon (55-59), Harry Freestone (75-79), Nancy Davis-Imhof (60-64).

Close to 200 of the 8K participants came from the ranks of the CTC and many of these folks had excellent outings over this challenging course.  Here’s just a brief list of some of our members who fared well:  David Cooke, Lee Coppock, Richard Young, Noelle Davis, Charlie Beckum, Glen Anderson, Trish Foley, Armand Zambardi, Beth Dierdorf, Bethany Coppock, Nancy Mehlich, Alice Fletcher, Chris Peterson, Jayne Ashworth, Gwen Hairston, Cynthia Eichelkraut and Rob Stewart.

Thanks to the excellent efforts of the many hardworking volunteers and the impressive level of participation from the entrants the event was able to raise several thousand dollars for worthy programs at Martha Jefferson Hospital.  A tip of the cap to Michael Goldman for a job well done.

Ten Miler Training Program

Over 300 folks participated in this winter’s training program to prepare folks for the Ten Miler and we had record participation from club members who served as “captains” for the different groups.  Participants raved about these captains throughout the winter and thanks to their help the club had yet another successful program guiding many folks from zero to ten in 25 weeks.  Vickie Marsh did a splendid job of helping to coordinate these captains and I would like to personally thank her for all her wonderful efforts this winter.  I would also like to thank the following folks for their selfless commitment to helping others improve with their running.  Thanks!

  • Annamarie Black
  • Kara McLaughlin
  • Bev McCoid
  • Cathy Pasternak
  • Sarah Black
  • Jennifer Bauerle
  • Michael Goldman
  • Cindy Eichelkraut
  • Wanda Hamlin
  • Anna Castle
  • Rebecca Blackwell
  • Wendell Golden
  • Betsy Collins
  • Vickie Marsh
  • Mike Elchinger
  • David Litherland
  • Lee Lynch
  • Anna Sas-Clarke
  • Michele Co
  • Barrett Stump
  • Joan Esposito
  • Kate Kohn
  • Nancy Beliles
  • Christine Peterson
  • Cheryl Stuntz
  • Kelly Landers
  • Lisa Corbin
  • Terra Burrell
  • Harold Blincoe
  • Patti Clevenson
  • Beth Dierdorf
  • Paul Merrel
  • James Horstkotte
  • Murielle Kervizie
  • Kenneth Schwartz
  • Derek Leach
  • Dan Olsen

 CTC Summer Training Programs

Once again the CTC will be hosting its popular summer training programs. First, on June 1 at 6:00 p.m. the club will have an orientation meeting for those interested in running a fall marathon or half marathon of their choice.  Those looking to run their first long distance event or those who wish to improve on a previous effort are encouraged to join in.  Questionnaires will be available in mid-May.  Call 293-3367 for more information.

On June 19, the CTC will kickoff its summer training program for the Women’s Four Miler.  This popular program (800 participants last year) will meet every Saturday at 8:00 a.m. at the UVA track and prepares women exercisers to finish the Women’s Four Miler in early September.  Applications will be available in May.  Call 293-3367 for more information.  Interested in volunteering?  Call Joan at 760-1028.

Volunteer Call

As always, the success of our many club related events hinges on the work and commitment of our trusty volunteers.  Simply put:  we couldn’t pull off our events at the quality level without their help!  The following fund raising events need your help.  If you can spare an hour or two please give the race director a call.  Many thanks!

  • April 3 – The Charlottesville Ten Miler call Pam Johnson at 977-6304
  • April 24 – The Dogwood Track Classic – Call Mark at 293-3367
  • May 1 – VIA 5K Call Mark at 293-3367
  • May 8 – Discovery Dash for Kids – Call Mark at 293-3367

Ten Miler Update

The club’s largest and oldest footrace is only days away and third year race director C.J. Woodburn and her race committee are busy making final plans for this popular event.  The race closed its doors on March 20th but race day volunteers are still needed (call Pam Johnson at 977-6304).  Virginia National Bank is once again our main sponsor and Blue Ridge Outdoors and C’ville Weekly have kindly published their annual guide to this special event.  WINA (1070 AM) will cover the race live from 7:30 – 9:15 a.m. on the morning of the event, so if you’re volunteering or spectating bring along your radio.

Ten Tips for the Best Race Results

With any new endeavor we often learn from our experience how to make improvements for the next time.  Such was the case with this year’s Martha Jefferson 8K Run/4K Walk.  For the first time in 4 years, the 8K runners and the 4K walkers shared a finish line.  While the technology and finish line logistics supported this year’s change, there were still a few glitches with the results. 

First, several runners were incorrectly identified as walkers when they actually ran the race or vice versa.  This was either an error when registration data was entered into the race software, or the entrant did not fill out this information on their registration form (see Tip #2 below).  The following runner was incorrectly identified as a walker and thus did not appear in the MJ8K results:

Jim Brinkerhoff  41:43

The following walkers were inadvertently identified as runners:

            Cynthia Nelson

            Cassandra Johnson

Second, one of the spindles was entered in the wrong order.  Thus the last bib number on that spindle was entered as the first bib number on the spindle and vice versa.  Finishers between 44:00 and 45:30 were initially reported in the wrong order.  However, this error was corrected and the results were updated on the CTC website and at Ragged Mountain.  The correct results appeared in the Daily Progress and are currently posted on the CTC website.

Given these events, I thought a crash course on the race results process would be helpful.  Along the way, I’ll provide some tips that will allow you to help make our volunteers’ jobs easier.

Race results reporting starts with your registration form.  Your registration information such as name, age, gender and in this case race (8K or 4K) is entered into a computer program called RunScore.

Tip #1: Print neatly.  What we enter into the computer is only as accurate as your handwriting is legible.

Tip #2: Fill out all of the requested information

The day before a race, bib numbers are assigned in RunScoreRunScore will also automatically assign a race division to each runner based on the age and gender entered for the runner and the age groups that we provide to the software.  Once this has been completed, a label is printed for each runner.  The labels usually contain your name, gender, age group and bib number.

Next, our volunteers affix the labels to the tear-off tab of each corresponding bib number.  These are usually alphabetized for a more efficient packet pick-up.

During packet pick-up and on race day, any additional registrants are entered into the computer.  The information on their bib tear-off is hand written.

Tip #3:  When you pick up your race packet, proof read your bib tear-off.  Make sure that your name, age group and gender are correct.  If they are not, let someone at the registration table know so that a correction can be made on the computer before the race begins.

Tip #4:  Don’t tear off the tear-off portion of your bib number.  We’ll need that at the end of the race!

Tip #5:  If you arrive for the race and realize that you have misplaced or forgotten your bib number, let someone at the registration table know.  Since you are already in the computer, we can easily assign you a new bib number before the race begins.

Just before the race begins, the clock is setup at the finish line and a machine called a Chronomix is connected to the laptop that contains RunScore and all of the race entry information.  The Chronomix contains an internal clock and a clicker that looks like a Jeopardy response button.  When the gun goes off, the clock and the Chronomix are started in unison keeping time for the race.

As each runner crosses the finish line, Dave Lasch our Chronomix Master clicks his “Jeopardy” button and a time is recorded on a roll of adding machine tape.  The same time is transmitted to the RunScore program on the laptop.  Dave’s eyes are trained on the finish line and the feet that cross it.  During the busiest portions of the finish, his thumb can be going a mile a minute.

Also at the finish line is a watcher with a clipboard, a preprinted grid and a pen.  This volunteer writes times and accompanying bib numbers every 30 seconds or so.  This manual record of a sampling of finishers will be used to assist in resolving discrepancies should they occur.

Tip #6: Be nice to Dave Lasch before the race, but don’t try to talk to him during the race.

Once you cross the finish line, volunteers are available to keep you moving through the chute and to help keep you in the order that you finish.

At the end of the chute, a volunteer will remove your bib number tear-off and place it on a spindle.  The order in which the tear-offs are placed on the spindle indicates the order of race finish.  This is why it is important for you to maintain finish order as you move as quickly as possible through the chute. 

Tip #7:  Don’t put any pins through the tear-off portion of your bib.

 #8: Do not leave the chute until you reach the end. If you crossed the finish line, your time has already been recorded in RunScore.  If you leave the chute without reaching the end (and having your tear-off placed on a spindle) you will impact the official finish times reported for every runner after you.

Often, there are runners who do not have bib numbers.  These folks are either not registered for the race or they’ve forgotten or misplaced their bib number (see Tip #5).  We call these runners “bandits.”  When a bandit reaches the end of the chute, a blank tab is placed on the spindle in lieu of a bib number tear-off.

Tip #9A:  If you do not have a bib number, DO NOT CROSS the finish line.  If you don’t cross the finish line, Dave won’t see your feet and record a time for you.

Tip #9B:  If you do not have a bib number and you DO cross the finish line, stay in the chute until the very end, so that a tab can be added to the spindle to account for the time recorded for your finish.

Once the first spindle is full, it is taken to the results team at the finish line laptop and a new spindle is started.  Each spindle is numbered to keep them in order.  During a large race, more than 20 spindles can be used.  (We used 12 for the MJ8K/4K). 

While the volunteers in the chutes continue to collect bib number tear-offs, the volunteers at the finish line begin entering bib numbers into RunScore.  The finish time data in RunScore looks something like this:










The finish line volunteers enter a bib number for each place number and time based on the order that the bib tear-offs are placed on the spindle. This usually takes 3 people.  One volunteer reads the bib numbers, another types them into the computer, and a third looks over the shoulders of the person at the keyboard to ensure that the correct number was typed. If a bandit is encountered, a bib number of ‘0’ is entered.  This ensures that there is a bib number associated with every time received from the Chronomix.  Now you can see why it is important to stay in order and complete the entire chute.

The finish line volunteers enter the bib numbers from each of the remaining spindles in the order that they were collected.

Even before all of the racers cross the finish line, Runscore reports can calculate awards based on age group.  Finish line volunteers can monitor the award reports and print a copy at any point during the race.  Typically, they will print the award reports when it shows that the top 3 finishers have finished in each of the age groups.

After the race is over, each spindle is double checked to make sure that bib numbers were entered correctly.  The clipboard record is also consulted to make sure that bib numbers from the spindles are aligned with the same place and time that were documented on the clipboard at the finish line.  Final results are printed and distributed to the Race Director, Chris Samley who is the CTC web master and to Ragged Mountain Running Store.

So, what’s my last tip? Tip #10 Share these tips with another runner and have a GREAT race!

Lose a Pair of Glasses?

A pair of glasses was found at the Martha Jefferson Education Center just after the MJ8K.  If you are missing a pair of glasses, call Alice at 977-0641.




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