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Running Shorts is published by the CTC to inform its members of local and regional events of interest, recognize and compliment member accomplishments, provide tips, and give other pertinent information. All of this should be done in a positive manner. Submissions are due to the Editor by the 10th of each month. Letters are limited to 250 words and must include the full name, address, telephone and signature of the author. If the submission is sent by email the author will be verified. All submissions including letters may be edited. The newsletter staff has the right to publish what they deem appropriate information. Any rejected submissions will be referred to the CTC Board for consideration.

A Word From Your Editor  

The mildest full month of January in over a decade brought out runners in droves, many who usually wait until early spring before dusting off their training shoes.  This mass rising of pre-spring runners has led to a surge in entries for the Ten Miler and huge crowds of folks showing up for the Club’s Saturday morning training programs.  All of us, who have been able to log more ice and snow free January miles in recent memory, feel fortunate to have a third of our winter running be so unseasonably mild.

The Club’s 20th Awards Banquet was a rousing success thanks to the efforts of our wonderful Board of Directors, who continue to do a great job of leading this well-oiled running organization.

Looking to get more involved?  Give us a shout at 293-3367 as we’re looking for folks to help with several upcoming spring CTC events.  Last year a third of our membership helped at two races or more, which represented the largest percentage of volunteer participation in club history.  Let’s keep it rolling this year!

Happy Trails,


Race of the Month

The area’s 5th largest footrace always serves as an excellent tune-up for the Ten Miler as it comes 3 weeks prior to “the big one” and covers a lot of the same real estate as the granddaddy.  Set for March 11th, the MJ8K starts and finishes within the shadows of its host, Martha Jefferson Hospital.  CTC members Ray Mishler and Lauri Wilson have been guiding first year volunteer Race Director Mike Elchinger as they prepare to entertain over 700 runners and walkers.       

The race traverses over some of the most scenic and challenging streets of beautiful downtown Charlottesville and every year many successful Ten Miler racers credit the MJ8K for helping them properly prepare for “the big one.”  In fact, you can pretty much predict what your Ten Miler time will be based on how you do at the MJ8K (call me for details on how you can figure your Ten Miler finish using your MJ8K time).  Plus, it’s all for a great cause as proceeds benefit a variety of worthy health-oriented programs at Martha Jefferson.  To enter, see the enclosed race form.

In the Long Run…A Message from the President

Keep it Simple.

When I started running, “hydration systems,” water bottles, goo’s, and S-Caps hadn’t even been invented. Heck, Power Bars were the latest thing.  Wick-away clothing, fleeces, and $15 pairs of socks were years into the future. Shorts with built-in briefs were new on the scene and considered radical. Running apparel as an industry was in its infancy. We didn’t have headlights or trail shoes or walking shoes or cross training shoes. Runners’ World actually picked just one model for “Shoe of the Year.” Imagine that now! 

I know you’re thinking that next I’m going to say that we ran uphill in the snow for five miles in both directions, and we liked it. Hey, I’m not THAT old. But running used to be a lot simpler, and, to my way of thinking, that made running more satisfying. All you had to do was concentrate on the run itself. Put on some shoes and shorts and go. I didn’t worry about my clothing or my training schedule. I didn’t need mile markers on my training runs. I didn’t have to drive for miles to run in a big group. Water to drink was fine, when I could find any at all.

Modern society has a way of “complexifying” things. Tasks that once were simple and straightforward become complicated and overwhelming. If you find yourself feeling this way about running from time to time, stop! Take a deep breath and relax. Remind yourself, as I do, what makes running truly appealing—utter simplicity and beauty. Special equipment and partners are optional. You can run anywhere. Nothing beats running for straightforward release from daily pressures. Stay basic, don’t stress, and keep it simple.

Pete York, President, Charlottesville Track Club

At the Races

New Years Day 5K

For the second year in a row, unseasonably mild weather welcomed the holiday runners into the New Year for this popular event.  Thanks to the hard work of Michael Goldman and the entire CTC Board of Directors, all of the participants were treated to one of the areas best organized races.From the excellent parking facilities (thanks to the McIntosh family field), to registration, course directions, results, and awards - this is a first class event.  Close to 300 runners crossed the finish line and Brad O’Niel (16:10) was the first of four CTC members in the top 10 into the chutes as he was followed by Alec Lorenzoni (4th), Mike Elchinger (6th) and Pete Runge (7th).  Beth Cottone, who was the second overall female, was the first CTC female across the line as she ran a stellar 19:10 edging fellow member Andrea Wright (19:23).  Kristen Keller (20:27) helped round out the top 3 CTC women finishers. 

The CTC was well represented on the awards podium as many CTC members took home first place prizes in their respective age groups.  O’Niel (15-19), Wright (40-44) and Keller (25-29), joined the following CTC members in the blue ribbon department:  Rowen Perry (11-14), Cal Fowler (65-69), Armand Zambardi (70-74), Kathy Samley (15-19), and Carter McNeely (60-64).  And Rollin Stanton, who was running in his last local footrace before moving to Arizona, finished off his stellar two-decade area racing career with an excellent age group winning performance (20:26). 

Other CTC times of note were turned in by the following swift running members:  John Densmore, Dave Krovetz, Leisa Gonnella, Steve Trumbell, David Cooke, Chris Post, Andrew Hersey, Rex Linville, Richard Moon, John Post, Chuck Lascano, Anna Sas, Linda Scandore, Patti Clevenson, Joe Stirt, Tim Gable, Natalie Krovetz, Wanda Hamlin, George Gillies, Paul Humphreys, Harold Workman, Melanie Gillies, Lisa Draine, Linda Crank, Stephanie Tenner and Rob Stewart.

As usual, the annual New Years Day 5K t-shirt contest was a rousing success as we had several eager contestants show off their ugliest, loudest, and oldest t-shirts.  It’s one of the many rituals that helps make this holiday tradition one of the most popular area races.

Ten Miler Update

The Club’s oldest and most prestigious event is on a tear as first year race directors Alice and Dan Wiggins report that entries are half filled.  The race hit the 1,250 mark in record time and the Wiggins’ and their race committee have been hard at work in hopes of making this the best Ten Miler in history.

The fine folks at Madison House, the recipients of this year’s race proceeds, are recruiting hundreds of volunteers to help with race day logistics but the CTC hopes to have just as many from their ranks helping on race day.  Please call us at 293-3367 if you, or a spouse or friend can help us with the Club’s biggie. 

To enter, fill out the enclosed form or go to and we’d suggest doing so ASAP as entries are filling quickly! 

If you’ve already registered, be sure to check your registration details at

Ten Miler Training Program

And speaking of the Ten Miler, the CTC’s training program is now in Phase II.  The group, which has grown to close to 400 participants, meets every Saturday morning at 8:15AM outside the UVA track.  Divided into four different programs, the group is now doing long runs ranging form 7-15 miles.  All are welcome to join in and I owe a big thanks to Vickie Marsh and the 35 CTC Captains who continue to lead the groups.

Volunteers Needed

Our 2005 race season was a huge success and much of the credit lies with the hard work of the hundreds of volunteers that lined the streets and finish lines of last years events.  Simply put, we couldn’t do it without your help.  Here’s a list of upcoming CTC events that could use your help.  Please give the volunteer race directors a call today.  Thanks!

  • MJ8K – March 11th. 60 volunteers needed.  Call Mike or Mark at 293-3367
  • Charlottesville Ten Miler – April 1st.  200 volunteers needed.  Call Alice or Dan at 977-0641
  • Dogwood Track Classic – April 29th.  50 volunteers needed.  Call Mark at 293-3367.

Members on the Run

  • Longtime CTC member Pam Balcke recently completed her first ultra, “The Frosty 50K” in Winston-Salem and clocked an impressive 6:00 effort in her debut.
  • Four of our fellow members completed an impressive long distance “double” at the Magic Kingdom in early January.  Peggy Mowbray, Andrew Zapanta, Joan Bienvenue, and Mike Cassity ran the Disney World Half Marathon on Saturday and the following day went the full distance by completing the Disney World Marathon.  They were each awarded a genuine “Goofy” medal... how appropriate!
  • Congratulations to local author Heather Ramsey who recently published a compilation of running stories called “C-ville Run.”  The book, which is available at local shops and on, is a wonderful collection of essays, poetry and stories by area runners.  Fun stuff!
  • Longtime CTC Masters ace Wendell Golden recently had an excellent suggestion for a t-shirt slogan.  Golden thought it would be fun to have “Don’t pass me... I’m not in your age group” plastered on the back of a shirt.  Great idea, Wendell!
  • Congratulations to Joan Bienvenue, who was elected to serve her first term as a CTC Board Member.  She joins Pete York, Pam Johnson, Frances Hersey, and Joan Esposito, who were re-elected to another term.  Thanks for your dedication to the greater running community!

20th Annual CTC Awards Banquet
January 21, 2006

The Club’s big dress up event was a huge success as close to 100 members and their guests helped the Club celebrate the 20th edition of the CTC Awards Banquet.  Thanks to the great organizational efforts of Pete York, Joan Esposito, Frances Hersey, Vickie Marsh, Pam Johnson, Jennifer Bauerle and the other members of the CTC Board, the event went off without a hitch.  Folks in attendance, who were all dressed in their best garb, were treated to a delicious meal (Chef Ted’s best) and great dancing music. 

Several dozen members were presented a variety of awards throughout the evening for their selfless volunteer efforts and their excellent racing accomplishments.  Here’s a list of some of the evening’s highlights:

CTC Point Series Winners:
Male 39 & Younger Mike Herrick
Female 39 & Younger Kristen Keller
Male 40+ Burkhard Spiekermann
Female 40+ Andrea Wright

CTC Community Service Award:
Craig Littlepage and the University of Virginia Athletic Department

Bruce Barnes Memorial Award:
Alec Lorenzoni
Andrea Wright

Millie Symbula Award: 
Andrea Wright

CTC Coach of the Year:
Jenny Blair (Monticello High School)

CTC High School Runners of the Year:
Samantha Stafford (WAHS)
Chris Post (WAHS)

CTC Most Improved Runners of the Year:
Jim Horskotte
Joan Bienvenue

CTC Runners of the Year (in the Categories):
Under 24 Alec Lorenzoni & Emily Bascom
25-29 Mike Herrick & Kara Flavin
30-34 Karl Kennedy & Noelle Davis
35-39 Lee Coppock & Beth Cottone
40-44 Chris Samley & Andrea Wright
45-49 Burkhard Spiekermann & Peggy Mowbray
50-54 Richard Young & Patti Clevenson
55-59 Rollin Stanton & Bev Warren
60-64 Chuck Lascano & Sandy Derr
65-69 Cal Fowler & Lis Villadsen
70-74 Armand Zambardi
75-79 Harry Freestone
80+ Wendell Golden

In an evening full of wonderful moments, the highlight came when Joan Esposito was bestowed the Club’s highest honor, the CTC Lifetime Service Award.  This prestigious award is given annually to a CTC volunteer who has dedicated 10 years or more of service to the greater Charlottesville running community.  All in attendance agreed that Esposito richly deserved this special award.

Please join me in congratulating all of these generous and hardworking members of our running community. 

Special note:  if you volunteered at 2 races or more during 2005 you may pick up your volunteer gift at Ragged Mountain.




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