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Running Shorts is published by the CTC to inform its members of local and regional events of interest, recognize and compliment member accomplishments, provide tips, and give other pertinent information. All of this should be done in a positive manner. Submissions are due to the Editor by the 10th of each month. Letters are limited to 250 words and must include the full name, address, telephone and signature of the author. If the submission is sent by email the author will be verified. All submissions including letters may be edited. The newsletter staff has the right to publish what they deem appropriate information. Any rejected submissions will be referred to the CTC Board for consideration.

A Word from Your Editor

Well, 2005 roared in for us runners by bringing us 15 straight days of 50° weather, including a 72° barnburner on New Year’s Day that helped attract a record crowd of close to 300 runners.  Colder weather has iced out those mild days but it hasn’t put a chill on the number of runners getting out to train on a regular basis.

I’ve been the club’s newsletter editor for over two decades and during that time I’ve seen a steady change in the attitude of area runners.  Used to be that only a few diehards, a small percentage of members at best, that would continue to train through the cold and wet winter months.  Now it seems like a majority of our members stick with their running throughout the winter and according to most, its one of their favorite times of year to log some miles.  Except for some bad footing now and then, the crisp temperatures, and gorgeous sun rises and sunsets all make it worthwhile.  So, if you’ve been hibernating over the past few weeks, come on out.

And speaking of coming out, we’d love to have all of you join us for the festivities at the CTC Banquet in late February.  See you then!

Happy Trails,


 CTC Banquet on Tap

The club’s big dress-up affair of the year is set for February 26th.  This year’s annual banquet will be held at Gravity Lounge on the Downtown Mall, a new venue for our 20th celebration of this special event.  The banquet is a great opportunity to socialize with fellow members, meet new runners and congratulate one another on the wonderful accomplishments of our organization.  Our hosts, the CTC board of directors, hope everyone can make it! (See the enclosed flyer for details).

“The Perfect Mile” on tap for the Virginia Festival of the Book

Famous author, Neal Bascomb, who has written several books including, “The Perfect Mile” will be our guest at this year’s Virginia Festival of the Book.  Bascomb, whose compelling story about the 3 man race to be the first person to break the 4 minute barrier in the mil, will speak about the book, the lives of the 3 men (the Brit, Roger Bannister, the Yank – Wes Santee and the Aussie – Jon Lundy) and the upcoming film by the makers of “Sea Biscuit” on Thursday, March 17th at Ragged Mountain.  The free event is hosted by Dr. Wilder and the Runner’s Clinic and is open to everyone.  Call 293-3367 for details.

At the Races

New Year’s Day 5K -01/01/05

Record breaking New Year’s Day temperatures warmly greeted one of the largest field’s ever assembled for this popular holiday romp.  Close to 300 runners cruised over the gently rolling terrain of Wesley Chapel Road as they soaked in the incredible 70 degree weather.

Veteran race director, Michael Goldman crafted a well-organized event as he was supported by a stellar cast of CTC stalwarts, who helped the sweaty runners along the course and across the finish line. Former CHS standout and current collegiate cross-country star, Lewis Martin scorched the field with a smokin’ 16:12.  Former Western speedster Alec Lorenzoni out-legged current Western superstar Will Massie by a scant second (16:43 to 16:44).  Veteran CTC racer Beth Cottone grabbed the women’s blue ribbon with an excellent 19:54 clock stopper and easily out-legged her closest competitor, Andrea Wright (20:15).  Quickly improving Kristen Keller rounded out the CTC trio in 20:28.

Several club members laid down the New Year gauntlet by scoring big wins in their respective age groups:  Chris Samley (40-44), Burkhard Spiekermann (45-49), Lee Coppock (35-39), Cal Fowler (65-69), Rollin Stanton (55-59), Leisa Gonnella (35-39), Patti Cleveson (50-54), Armand Zambardi (70-74), Lis Villadsen (60-64), Kate Kohn (55-59), & Wendell Golden (75-79).  Golden’s age group blue ribbon was of particular note as he out-kicked long-time friend and age group rival Harry Freestone by a mere 7 seconds.

Other CTC efforts of note were turned in by Scott Smith, Rick Kwiatkowski, Jeff Stafford, Jim Bell, Don Mathes, Bob Downer, Dave Krovetz, Jay McDonald, Paul Humphries, Chelsea Gay, Becky Keller, Pam Stratos, Jennifer Baurele, Daphne Kotenia, Harold Blincoe, Bonnie Stewart, & Monty Montero, along with dozens of other members who took in the gorgeous mountain views on what turned out to be the warmest New Year’s Day in decades.

Plenty were on hand for the infamous New Year’s Day t-shirt contest as folks sported their bottom-of-the-drawer oldie moldies.  Goldman also treated all of the entrants to a brand new safety light.  A special thanks to the Macintosh and McDonald families for so graciously allowing us to us their property for the event!

Members on the Run

  • Some area Mickey Mouse fans took to the Magical streets of the Disney Marathon in early January and had fun mixing it up with fellow sunshine runners.  CTC members Andrew Zapanta, Peggy Mowbray, Mike Cassity, Joan Bienvenue, Tracy & John Hill and Glen Anderson all had a good time as they completed this popular event.  v Former CTC president Bev Hayden, who now resides in Florida with her husband Mike, recently set a state record for the 10,000 meter run in the 60-64 age group at the Florida Senior Games
  • And while we’re on a southern kick, CTC board member Dot Dunbar recently completed the Rock ‘n’ Roll ½ Marathon in Arizona (along with 15,000 other folks) and faired quite nicely in her age group. 
  • CTC member George Gillies has written a wonderful synopsis of his 2004 racing season.  His reflections are most welcome as our small newsletter staff is always looking for fresh writers and stories.  Thanks George!
  • UVA runner Nadia Bandj, who doesn’t have a car is looking for a ride to the Williamsburg ½ Marathon.  If anyone of our fellow members who are going to the race has extra room, please give her a call at 297-6566 or e-mail her at  Thanks! 
  • As some of or members take to the trails for their relaxing runs, more soft surface opportunities continue to be open to the public.  In addition to the seemingly endless footpaths of the Rivanna Trails Foundation’s 20-mile loop, we can also continue to enjoy the hilly but scenic miles of paths that make up the trails at Foxhaven.  We owe a dept of gratitude to Jane Heyward, an avid walker herself, who has so kindly opened up her gorgeous property for our enjoyment. 
  • Longtime member and CTC lifetime service award recipient, Skip Kinnier continues to fight the brain tumor that has weakened him over the past few months.  Skip has been a loyal and hardworking friend to so many in the running community over the past 25 years and all of us who have had the honor of knowing him are pulling for Skip.  Please direct all cards and letters to Skip at 1641 Old Brook Road, Charlottesville, VA 22901. 
  • Team in Training” is looking for a walking coach to prepare folks for spring and summer marathons.  Call 1-800-766-0797 for more information. 
  • Don’t forget to vote for your new board members.  All votes are due by February 26th at the latest. 
  • The club’s Ten Miler Training Program is now in its second phase of preparing folks for the area’s oldest and largest foot race.  The group continues to meet every Saturday at 8:30 a.m. outside the UVA track and the participants are now in the 6 -12 mile range.  Come join us!  A special thanks to Vickie Marsh & Jennifer Baurele and all of the CTC captains, who have done a wonderful job of guiding the 400 folks who are in the training program. 
  • And, speaking of the Ten Miler, race director C.J. Woodburn reports that plans are progressing nicely for the 30th running of this popular race.  As we went to press, close to 500 folks had entered (the race closes at 2500 entrants) and we have enclosed an entry in this month’s newsletter for your convenience.  One of the big news flashes for this year’s event is the course change.  Because of the construction around the amphitheater, City Hall, and the east end of the Downtown Mall, we’ve had to slightly alter the “direction” of the course.  See the enclosed map for details. 

Volunteer Call

The newsletter staff is looking for someone to help mail the newsletter each month.  David Brown has done it for years, but is now busy as our town’s Mayor!  Please call Mark at 293-3367 if you’re interested.

The Ten Miler committee is looking for someone to act as safety coordinator for this year’s Ten Miler.  Responsibilities include reviewing the course prior to the race looking for safety obstacles and notifying the volunteer coordinator where additional volunteers might be required to maintain the highest level of safety during the race.  If interested, call Alice at 977-0641.

As always, we’re looking for folks to help support the great volunteer efforts of our area race directors.  Haven’t ever volunteered?  How about turning a new leaf in 2005 and lending a hand at one of our upcoming races?  It’s easy and simply put our area races wouldn’t enjoy the organizational success they do without our volunteers.  Thanks!

  • MJ8K – March 12 – 50 volunteers needed – call Michael at 295-9153
  • Ten Miler – April 2 – 200 volunteers needed – call 293-3367
  • Dogwood Track Classic – April 30 – 50 volunteers needed – call 293-3367

A Kaleidoscope of Races
By George Gillies

Charlottesville/Albemarle probably has as many races throughout the year as any population center of its size in the entire world (or at least we like to think so!).  While the CTC organizes or co-organizes several of them, a growing number of civic and University groups sponsor their own events, making for an extraordinary mix of courses to run, themes for the race, and après-run atmospheres.  During 2004, I made it a personal goal to participate in as many of the short- and medium-distance events as I could, and ended up having the pleasure of tightening up the old laces for 25 of them!  Several were newly sponsored events, but most were long-standing traditions; all of them were downright fun to be in.  Memories of three of them in particular linger on for me: two first-time events and one old favorite.

My choice for most interesting course:  The inaugural “Farina-Hart 5k for Life” was sponsored by and run at the Miller School on May 8, which was probably the most beautiful morning of the Spring.  The cross-country route selected for the course had everything: winding segments along quiet streams with cathedral-like tree canopies, majestic hill-top views of the Blue Ridge, and long stretches in open grassy pastures.  Race Director and Miller School faculty person Buzz Male and his well-organized corps of polite and helpful students provided a warm welcome for all of the participants and made sure that everyone enjoyed the day.  For those, like me, who had never participated in a trail run, it is hard to imagine a better introduction to that aspect of the sport.

My personal favorite:  Another inaugural event, the “Glenmore Piper Challenge,” was held shortly thereafter, on May 29.  This 5-mile run/3-mile walk drew 140 participants and gave them the chance to meander through one of the most charming residential areas in the Eastern part of the county.  Race Director Trish Phillips, her staff and a host of Glenmore residents saw to every detail of the race and provided outstanding hospitality for the runners, including a bagpiper at the 4-mile mark to cheer us on!  The course was tough but rewarding and several excellent times were turned in.  The huge arc of green and white balloons at the finish line gave everyone a goal you could see from a long ways off, and it was a great feeling to hit that chute.

Most serene morning:  The “Pepsi 10k” has been around for quite a while, and gives the runners a chance to stretch their legs out in beautiful Western Albemarle county.  This race benefits the Special Olympics and, with 220 participants this past year, is clearly one that is close to the heart of many people.  This year’s event poignantly fell on September 11th, which gave special significance to the playing of the National Anthem as well.  The route gives you the best chance you will ever need to get to know Owensville Road, literally from Ivy all the way up to Olivet Presbyterian Church, and it seems like every turn opens a view to still another quiet meadow or glade of pines.  A 10k course gives plenty of room for everyone to find their stride and develop their own running space, and somehow that seemed to evolve especially naturally that morning.  I saw lots of smiles afterwards.

A new year is upon us and so, joyfully, the whole cycle begins again.  I didn’t take up the sport until just a few years ago, having never run in high school, college or at any time up until, shall we say, “late middle age!”   However, as the old adage goes, better late than never, and I certainly look forward to the coming year’s agenda.  If my heels and other key mechanical components hold up, I might just try for 26.

 CTC Board Elections

The Charlottesville Track Club Board is pleased to announce the slate of candidates for the Track Club Board election.  We are very excited about the candidates and we would love to have each of them on the Board but there are currently 4 seats available.  Below we have asked each candidate to share information about their desires to serve on the Board and also share information that will allow Track Club members to learn more about each candidate.

There are two options for voting.  (1)You can send your ballot via mail to: The Charlottesville Track Club, P.O. Box 495, Charlottesville, VA  22902 no later than February 21st or (2) you can vote at the Banquet to be held on February 26th at 6pm at the Gravity Lounge.

Jennifer Anne Bauerle

I have been a member of the CTC for 5 and one half years, since returning to Charlottesville after a 16-year stretch in Los Angeles.  My first introduction to the club occurred in 1999 when I was working with a woman who was training for the Charlottesville 10 mile race.  I was awed by the distance and mentioned that I would be interested in running, but certainly not as far as 10 miles!  She suggested I participate in the Women's 4 miler training group. I did and I was hooked.  I had not run since high school and I was immediately embraced by this supportive group of women who helped me to become a runner.  Bolstered by that experience, I joined the Ten Miler Training Program and began volunteering as a coach for the Four Miler Training Program.  I have been working with both the Four and Ten Miler Training Program groups for the past several years and have helped out at many of the local races, including one that my office at UVA's Student Health organizes each year, the 4th Year 5k in November. I am interested in serving on your board because I love running, our running community and hope to give back as much as I have been given by the CTC.

Charlie Feigenoff

The CTC has been a big part of my life for 25 years.  I am a CTC lifetime service award-winner and have served three terms on the track club board. While on the board, I wrote the club's by-laws and the race director's handbook, modernized the club's membership software, purchased the club's first race computer and portable printer, and oversaw the selection of race-results software and the creation of the club's web site.  I also served as newsletter coeditor for 15 years, produced the track club calendar for five years, and I consistently volunteer to help on the Women's 4 Miler, the Chicken Run, and the Valentine's Day 5k.  I am interested in returning to the board to create greater awareness for the club's role in promoting a healthier Charlottesville community.

Lyle Henofer

I've run off and on for the last thirty years. When I sought advice from Mark Lorenzoni and began to participate in CTC events in 1999 my running became much more consistent.

After racing numerous 5K and 10K events, I finally ran the Charlottesville Ten Miler in 2002 and immediately signed up for the Marathon Training Program that spring and successfully completed the Marine Corp. Marathon.

 Mark asked for volunteers for the Ten Miler Training Program at the end of the marathon season and that is when my association with the CTC really took a turn. As I came out each Saturday to run with and encourage the people in the training program, I found that I was benefiting as much or more than the people I was helping. Saturdays when the weather was miserable and I could have manufactured dozens of excuses not to run on my own, I found myself at the UVA track energized by these 10 Miler Trainees and their dedication to the training.

I am now working on my second year in the Ten Miler Training Program. I have helped with the split timers at the Ten Miler for two years and assisted in the 2004 Turkey Trot while continuing to participate in many of the CTC sponsored races.

Jim Horstkotte

I resumed running three and a half years ago in order to get back in shape following several years of inactivity due to a severely herniated disk in my lower back.  I started training on my own, but, inspired by my wife’s great experience with the Women’s Four Miler training program, I joined the 2002-2003 Ten Miler Training Program.  I really enjoyed this program, the supportive atmosphere, and meeting and training with other runners.

I have been an active participant in CTC training programs ever since.  Over the summers I train in the Marathon Training Program, running the Richmond Marathon in 2003, and both the Chicago and Richmond Marathons in 2004.  In the winters, I serve as a training captain in the Ten Miler Training Program, where I try to pass on to others the experience, and the joy of running that I have gained from the training captains and my fellow runners.

Running is now an integral part of my life.  The physical benefits are obvious. During the course of my running, I have progressed from being unable to walk ten feet immediately after my back injury, to running a 3:51 marathon in Chicago last October.  Perhaps even more important, though, is the camaraderie, friendship, and support that I have received from the people I have run with.

I strongly feel that the CTC, with its training programs and sponsorship of races, provides a tremendous service to the Charlottesville community.  I welcome the opportunity to join the CTC board and help the club continue with this work.  I am particularly interested in supporting the training programs, and in helping runners find other runners and running groups with which to run.  I will work to help the Charlottesville running community, which has been such a benefit to me, continue to grow.

Tom Scala

I have been a member of the CTC since 1987 when I first began running.  I am the former three term President of the approximately twelve hundred member Charlottesville Track Club (1997-2000), and the 2002 CTC Lifetime Service Award Recipient.  Back when I was President, I did too many things to enumerate here, suffice it to say I am very proud of what was accomplished during my time on the board.  I presently help at sundry CTC events (mostly assisting 2004 CTC Lifetime Service Award Recipient Rollin Stanton park cars and thwart finish line bandits).  I also am the current race director of the Saint Valentine's Day 5k (10 years), and the Fairview 5k (5 years).  In the past I also filled in as race director of the Martha Jefferson 8k for 2 years, so as to prevent that race from becoming extinct. If elected I plan to work with the rest of the board to do the work of the board, and to promote the CTC in the greater C-ville community.

Andrew J. Zapanta

By day, I am an internal auditor for the UVA Health Services Foundation and have called Charlottesville home for the past seven years (and have been a faithful Hokie alumnus through it all! :).

As a teenager, running was a way for me to stay fit for playing the two sports I loved, soccer and track. I had never run more than five miles until almost five years ago, when I ran my first Charlottesville Ten Miler. A half marathon with one of my brothers came next, one of many races I would compete with him and another sibling over the next three years, and followed with my first marathon.  Three years later I'm still running races both big and small, and I continue to run for two reasons: one, to one day qualify for and run the Boston Marathon; and two, to maintain the wonderful friendships I've made through the CTC training groups.

I feel that my nomination to the Charlottesville Track Club board was a sign to me that it was time to give back to an organization that enabled me to complete my first of many marathons.  When I have volunteered at CTC-sponsored races, I was amazed at how many "behind the scene" tasks needed to be completed for a successful race, and that all of this was accomplished with volunteers.  The Charlottesville area is fortunate to have a great running community and an active running club. I would be honored to serve on its Board of Directors.  

2005 Charlottesville Track Club Ballot

Please vote for 4 names for the 2005-06 CTC board.

  Jennifer Bauerle
  Charlie Feigenoff
  Lyle Henofer
  James Horstkotte “Jim”
  Tom Scala
  Andrew Zapanta
  Other _____________________




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