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Running Shorts is published by the CTC to inform its members of local and regional events of interest, recognize and compliment member accomplishments, provide tips, and give other pertinent information. All of this should be done in a positive manner. Submissions are due to the Editor by the 10th of each month. Letters are limited to 250 words and must include the full name, address, telephone and signature of the author. If the submission is sent by email the author will be verified. All submissions including letters may be edited. The newsletter staff has the right to publish what they deem appropriate information. Any rejected submissions will be referred to the CTC Board for consideration.

A Word from Your Editor  

Well, the CTC has come out of the 2008 gates hard and strong as we’ve already had three successful events for the year.  Our New Year’s Day 5K was a smash as the CTC Board did a fantastic job of organizing yet another CTC holiday hit.  As the month came to a close the Board followed with another organizational beauty, the wonderful Awards Banquet.

 And in between these two bookend events the Club keeps its popular Ten Miler Training Program chugging along on all gears.  A record number of folks (close to 400) are participating in this year’s program and as a group they have all successfully passed the half way mark.  This is, in great part, thanks to the ongoing efforts of Vickie Marsh and our corps of wonderful CTC captains, who guide and encourage our new athletes along their journey to our oldest and most prestigious footrace.

Collectively and individually we have much to be thankful for with such a positive, supportive and wonderful running community.  Those of us who work on this newsletter very much enjoy reporting to you each month about you and your special accomplishments.  So, from Heidi, Alice, Michelle, Chip and yours truly, here’s wishing all of our following members another great running year.  See you at the races!

Happy Trails,


Come join us for the next CTC Trash Pickup on Saturday, April 12.

The Charlottesville Track club has been involved in Virginia 's Adopt-a-Highway program for many years. "Our" route include Old Ivy Road, 21 Curves, and Faulconer Drive up to St. Anne's-Belfield Upper School. As usual, we meet over across from the track at UVA in University Hall's parking lot shortly after 9AM. We'll have bagels, doughnuts, coffee, juice, and hopefully we can start on the garbage rounds at about 9:30. It's a good way to cool off after your morning run, chat with fellow runners, and contribute to this community. Interested? Come on by or contact Jay Wildermann, (434) 295-5029.

Team in Training

Team In Training, the world’s largest endurance training program, is looking for a marathon coach to train participants to run or walk a full or half marathon in the fall/winter of 2008.

Participants will be training for the following races: the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half in Virginia Beach, Marine Corps in Washington DC, and Nike Women’s Half and Full Marathons in San Francisco .

We’re looking for someone who can create a training schedule that will put TNT participants on pace to complete their marathon by their perspective dates. This person should also be able to lead a group run once a week (on the weekend). Above all, we need a coach who will be conscious of the mission of trying to find a cure for blood cancers. We offer many benefits to our coaches and would be happy to discuss all of this with anyone interested.

For more information, please contact Brent Kintzer at (804) 627-0400 or by email at

Members on the Run

  • We continue to be warmed by the renewed memberships from you, our members, and we are especially pleased and flattered by those folks who no longer live in the area and continue to keep their membership alive and kicking.  Folks like the Stumps (Colorado), Patty Pitera (PA), Chris Pikrallidas (D.C.), Robin Baxter (NC), Dot Dunbar (Florida), the Haydens (Florida), Joan Bienvenue and Mark Newell (Fredericksburg) and Kate Kohn (NC).
  • We were all deeply saddened at the tragic loss of one of our fellow Ten Miler Training Program members.  Greg McMullen, who died suddenly in a house fire in late January, had been an active participant in the Men’s Four Miler Training Program and the CTC’s Ten Miler Training Program.  He had confided in friends that he “absolutely loved” his new found sport.  Our sympathies go out to Greg’s wife and family... we will miss him.  His wife has requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be sent in his name to the UVA Urology Department, the folks who helped kick start his running career.
  • Congratulations to Donna and Sandy Bryant on their great efforts in completing the Disney World Marathon!
  • A big welcome to our newest members of the club’s Board of Directors:  Bess Tarkington, Kristen Keller and Bill Duxbury will join current members Andrew Zapanta, Jennifer Bauerle, Brian Keena, Lyle Henofer, Joan Esposito and Pam Johnson.  
  • Sharon Balint enjoyed the Generations Crossing 5k in Harrisonburg on New Year's Eve and placed 2nd in her age division!

Race Etiquette...

With the Twin Cities Marathon recent controversial decision to disqualify all of the finishers of their 2007event who were photographed at the finish line wearing headphones (walkman/iPod) we thought it might be a good time to chat with you, our fellow members, regarding the ‘do’s and don’ts” of road racing.  Last year over 25% of our membership volunteered for at least one race.  These volunteers have a few important roles on race day, including keeping the racers safe and on course and assuring accurate results.  When racers follow these “rules of the road,” they help our hardworking volunteers accomplish these goals and therefore assure the racer a successful race experience.  So here goes...

  1. Let’s start out with the big controversy first:  headphones.  The RRCA, who insures hundreds of non-profit running clubs (including the CTC) many years ago crafted a set of requirements to be included in the waiver form of any road race they insure.  Close to the top of the list was the use of “walkman stereo headsets” (as they were called at the time).  Why?  After an incident at a footrace in Kansas City where a racer, who was listening to music on his headphones, was hit by an automobile as it was backing out of its driveway.  The racer, who sustained a broken leg but no other serious injuries, tried to sue the race for $250,000.  Ultimately, after much stress for the volunteer race director, the case was dismissed because the racer (thanks to his headphones) couldn’t hear the car backing up or the shouts from a volunteer who was at an intersection up the street.  It is imperative that racers be able to not only hear any oncoming traffic but, more importantly, the commands and requests of volunteers and police officers along the course.  And, it’s just as important for racers to be able to clearly hear directions from volunteers in the finish chute area.  Having directed over 500 races in the past 26 years, I can honestly say that (and any of you who have ever watched me or worked with me can testify to this) I’m never completely relaxed until the last participant is safely across the finish line.  Were the directors of the Twin Cities Marathon justified in disqualifying all of those runners?  That’s a controversy open for debate but the bottom line is that the CTC and all other RRCA affiliated clubs do not allow the use of  headphones during one of their races.
  2. Baby Joggers.  This too, for other safety oriented reasons, is a “no no” under the RRCA rules.  Why?  There have been countless road racing incidents around the country, some of them having occurred at our local races, where baby joggers have clipped the heel of some unsuspecting runner.
  3. Dogs.  These four legged buddies of ours have also made it into the RRCA radar as a race day “no-no,” also for obvious liability and safety reasons.

Please feel free to give me, your newsletter editor, a call or contact any Board member if you have any questions regarding these important “road rules” and thanks for helping us out as a road racing club by respecting and following them!

Amnesty/CTC Valentines Partners 5K Update

One of the area’s oldest and most beloved races is on the move!  That’s right... the Valentines Partners 5K, which for the past 23 years has run over the streets of downtown Charlottesville, is moving to the scenic paths of Old Trail in the outskirts of Crozet in the far western part of the county.  The reason for the move is simple:  the downtown course, which has become busier and busier with auto traffic over the past several years, is very difficult to monitor.  It is a major challenge for race organizers to recruit 75-100 volunteers to monitor each and every busy intersection along the way and in some cases these volunteers have been facing increasingly more dangerous situations at several of these intersections.

The new Old Trail course promises to be a beautiful one with panoramic views of the mountains as you wind around the outskirts of the golf course and through the streets of one of the area’s premier new neighborhoods.  And, as always, co-directors Carol Finch and Bruce Carveth will be hosting a well organized event and this time around they only need to recruit about a quarter of the number of folks they’ve needed in the past and they’ll be safer to boot!

And speaking of volunteering, if you want to help at this “inaugural” event of sorts, please contact Carol Finch at  (or call 972-7662).  Want to race?  An entry blank for the event is conveniently included in this issue.  See you out at Old Trail on the 16th!

Community Request

We’ve received numerous comments and requests from folks who live along the north downtown section of the Ten Miler Course.  These neighbors, who live in the area from 2nd Street to Maple (mile 5.5 – 6.3), have kindly asked for anyone running along this section prior to 7:00AM to please keep their voices down, especially during the warmer months when folks have their windows open.

As odd as this may all sound, these folks tell us that groups frequently run through their neighborhood talking loudly and waking them up as early as 5:30AM.  Let’s all (and I’m one of the louder voices in the running community) try to keep our voices down as we pass through this beautiful, quiet neighborhood.  Many thanks! 

25 Year Members

Wow!  Here’s a list of folks who have been CTC card carrying members and consistent supporters of the running community for 25 years or more.  We thank them for their loyalty and support over the last quarter century!  Let us know if we left you off the list...

Rich Barnett

Gerry Bambrick

Carolyn Belt

Virgil Berry

Tom Buckley

Jim Cargile

John Eros

Joan Esposito

Larry Fielding

Carol Finch

Marit Gay

Bill Guerrant

Frances Hersey

Andrew Hersey

Chip Hopper

Dave Lasch

The Lorenzonis

The McCoids

The McLearens

The Mikalsons  

Dan Monahan

Richard Moon

Skip Mullaney

Dave Murphy

John Neill

Chris Pikrallidas

The Posners

John Post

The Rogols

The Somervilles

Mo Stevens

Joe Stirt

Kathy Thomas

Suzanna Turner

Jay Wildermann

The Wilkinsons

The Wists

Pete York

Rollin Stanton

New Year’s Day 5K – January 1, 2008

Some of the windiest race conditions in recent memory greeted the many holiday runners for this annual New Year’s Day celebration.  In fact, several veterans felt that the head winds that pounded them on the return route were some of the stiffest winds they had ever raced in.  Times reflected the tough going as 10th place this year was almost 45 seconds slower than last year’s top 10 position and the median time was a full minute slower than last year’s perfect weather condition race.

Still, everyone seemed to have a fun time as the CTC Board treated the crowd to a well organized event.  And certainly the introduction of CTC wicking/technical shirts (for the first time) helped.  Every entrant was treated to a free lightweight technical Brooks shirt ($30.00 retail value) and there was nothing but rave reviews.  And then there was the visually beautiful location.  This year the race actually started and finished at the Macintosh’s field within view of some of the most gorgeous mountain scenery in the county.  No complaints there either.

CTC ace Jason Buczyna was the first person to cross the finish line in 2008 as he clocked an impressive 17:04.  Three more fellow members quickly followed him into the chutes as Hernan Garbini (17:45), Nathan Rouse (17:52) and Chris Samley (18:07) all registered excellent finishes.  Garbini, who is 46, scored his highest overall place finish since going on a hot streak with his racing in the past year.

Nicola Ratcliffe showed signs of her old self as she took the women’s title in a stellar 19:38.  Fellow CTC members Kristen Keller (20:03) and Becky Keller (20:52) helped to round out the top three overall.

Several CTC members scored blue ribbons in their respective age groups including Samley, Lee Coppock (40-44), Jim Bell (60-64), Skip Mullaney (65-69), Kathy Samley (15-19), Mary Clare Smith (50-54),  Maria Bell (55-59), Nancy Fraser (70+), Harry Freestone (80+),  Joseph Gonnella (11-14).

Other CTC times of note on this blustery early winter day were clocked by the following members:  Susan Uland, Joan Van Dyken, Anna Russell,  Bruce Schirmer, Walter Farrell, Ken Schwartz, Tim Gathright, Larry Rouse, Jason Braunstein, James Hall, Dan Wiggins, Eileen Wittmer, Linda Scandore, William Barkley, Mary Alice Blackwell, Stephanie Tanner, Melanie Gillies, Gale Gibson, Neal Ammerman and Patty Workman.

The CTC Awards Banquet – January 26, 2008

The 22nd edition of the Club’s annual dress up affair was a huge success as close to 100 members and their friends and family packed Chef Ted’s Shack.  Great company, great food and a warm talk from Francesca Conte all complimented the highlight of the evening, which were the awards and pats on the back to our fellow members who volunteered and raced at amazing levels during the past year.

The Board gratefully acknowledged Pete York’s three years at the helm as he served the Club well as President (from 2005 – 2007).  York humbly accepted a plaque and a gift from his fellow Board members and thanked them for their service to the greater running community.

The Club’s many, many volunteers were recognized for all they do to help our wonderful not-for-profit organization keep running.  Last year close to 175 members helped at one race or more and the Club raised over $350,000 for worthy areas causes in the process.  A tip of the cap to Bev McCoid for once again compiling this list of year long CTC volunteers!

The speedsters in the Club were recognized with the Runner of the Year awards.  The following folks were publicly recognized as the best in their respective age groups:

24 & under:       Cass Girvin and Bethany Coppock

25-29:               Jason Buczyna and Kristen Keller

30-34:               Jason Braunstein and Tanya Wanchek

35-39:               Lee Coppock and Eliza O’Connell

40-44:               Chris Samley and Beth Cottone

45-49:               Burkhard Spiekermann and Andrea Wright

50-54:               Ed Russell and Peggy Mowbray

55-59:               Paul Humphreys and Stephanie Tanner

60-64:               Jim Bell (no female qualifiers)

65-69:               Skip Mullaney and Louise Dudley

70-79:               Armand Zambardi and Nancy Fraser

80+:                  Wendell Golden (no female qualifiers)

Michelle Bushrow had another excellent year of compiling the CTC point series, which awards members for their participation as much as their overall place at CTC designated races.  Kristen Keller and Jason Buczyna were the winners of the 39 & younger category and Sharon Balint and Hernan Garbini were the champs of the 40 & older group.

Chuck Lascano and his company Laco were recognized with a thundering applause as he was presented with the CTC Community Service Award for his many, many years of selfless service as our Club Equipment Manager.

Longtime CTC member Skip Kinnier, who sadly died this past spring, was one of the most dedicated volunteers in the history of the Club.  Kinnier was recognized along with other deceased members.

Andrea Wright was presented the Millie Symbula Memorial Award as our top Club finisher at the Women’s Four Miler and Noaa Spiekermann and Brad O’Neil were presented the Bruce Barnes Memorial Award as they were the top CTC finishers at the race in June.

The Club also recognized the recipients of the CTC/Skip Kinnier High School Scholarships from 2007.  Covenant’s Charlie Souter, who moonlights as a CTC member, was awarded the CTC Coach of the Year for guiding his boy’s team to the Private League State X-Country Championships and Albemarle ’s Nathan Rouse and Covenant’s Bethany Coppock took home the CTC High School Runner of the Year honors.

Bill Blodgett and Sharon Balint were tapped as the Club’s Most Improved runners of the year.

The evening’s highlight was the presentation of the CTC Lifetime Service Award, the Club’s most prestigious award, which is bestowed upon a member who has selflessly given to the greater running community at a volunteer level for ten or more years.  When this year’s recipient, Scott Smith, was announced he was met with a thundering standing ovation.  Smith’s body of volunteer work is packed full of dedication to kids oriented events (Run for London, Youth Triathlon, CTC Summer Track Meets, Discovery Dash) not to mention countless other events.  He and his wife Mary Clare have been tireless in their community efforts and everyone felt that they richly deserved this special award. 




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