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Running Shorts is published by the CTC to inform its members of local and regional events of interest, recognize and compliment member accomplishments, provide tips, and give other pertinent information. All of this should be done in a positive manner. Submissions are due to the Editor by the 10th of each month. Letters are limited to 250 words and must include the full name, address, telephone and signature of the author. If the submission is sent by email the author will be verified. All submissions including letters may be edited. The newsletter staff has the right to publish what they deem appropriate information. Any rejected submissions will be referred to the CTC Board for consideration.

A Note from Your Editor

Despite the cold and icy weather the club is cruising along and preparing for the spring racing season.  The Banquet was a huge success, as over 100 members came out to celebrate the club’s accomplishments and what a lot there was to celebrate!

We helped host close to 7,500 runners in a variety of race events in 2003 and we helped over 1,200 folks prepare for a variety of distances from 4 miles to the marathon.  Through our efforts we helped to raise over $100,000 for a variety of non-profit causes over the past year.

Se, we have a lot to cheer about and a lot more to look forward to this year!  On behalf of the club I pass along our most sincere thanks to you, our members for all the great support you have given to the sport.

Happy Trails,


New Board Members

The CTC Board filled it’s slate of new officers at the club’s banquet.  The following folks have kindly accepted the call to serve as Board Directors:  Annamarie Black, Frances Hersey and Pete York.

Also, CTC President, Susan Stewart will humbly serve another term on the Board.  We wish them well as they help their fellow Board members support the club’s on-going community running efforts.

We also wanted to publicly thank out-going member Charlie Souter for his hard work on the Board.  His presence on the Board will be missed.

Running with the Buffaloes Comes to Town

On March 25 national best selling author Chris Lear will be in town for the 10th Anniversary of the Virginia Festival of the Book. CTC member Bob Wilder and the UVA Runner’s Clinic will be hosting him for a public discussion at Ragged Mountain at 7:00 p.m., where he will talk about his two best sellers Sub Four and Running with the Buffaloes and answer questions about the sport. Lear, who was a 4:09 miler in high school and an All-American at Princeton, currently resides with his wife in Colorado. Lear will also be available for book signing. The talk is free and open to everyone.

Farewell to a longtime CTC Friend

James Beaver, who served as CTC President in the club’s early years, succumbed to cancer in late January.  Beaver, who along with wife Karen, was the first recipient of the CTC’s Lifetime Service Award, the club’s highest honor.  He was tireless in his efforts to get the club off the ground and running in the late seventies and was an excellent coach to UVA Duathletes for many years.  We pass along our sincerest sympathies to Karen, as we will miss this special CTC friend...

Members on the Run

CTC members Kathy Pritchard, Christine Collins and Rick Zimmerman competed in the Phoenix Marathon / ½ Marathon in January and we applaud their efforts. v CTC member Dan Wiggins recently took the post as Head Track Coach at STAB.  We wish him and his athletes well.  Dan joins a long list of CTC members who are currently serving their community by helping young folks improve their running:  Al McLearen, Lindy Bain, Matt Sheilds, Jerry Jared, Lance Weisend & Beth Purcell to name a few.  v Congratulations and best wishes to longtime CTC member Richard Moon who recently retired after serving 35 years as a U. S. Postal Carrier.  Moon, who is known as “the fastest mailman in town,” aims to score some age group P.R.s on the track and on the road.  Not a bad goal for retirement! v Former CTC president Connie Friend was recently selected as an “All-American Duathlete” in her age group by Inside Triathlon magazine.  We congratulate her on such a big honor!

At the Races

New Year’s Day 5K 01/01/04 – The 2004 racing season opened with what many veterans felt was virtually perfect P.R. weather.  In fact, several folks commented that there wasn’t a better day for racing during the entire previous year.

Thanks to the efforts of Michael Goldman, Susan Stuart, Alice Wiggins and their fine corps of CTC volunteers the race organization was flawless and the runners were treated to a great event.  Close to 300 holiday runners covered the relatively flat course through the scenic back roads of Free Union.

Western Albemarle mile record holder and CTC member Jeremiah Cadle easily out-distanced the large field as he clocked an impressive 16:08.  CTC veterans Burkhard Spiekermann (17:05) and Chris Samley (17:13) locked wheels and crossed the finish line in 3rd and 4th.  International start Anna Pichrtova blitzed a stellar women’s field as she finished 5th overall in 17:57 fashion.  A trio of CTC speedsters rounded out the top 4 as Nicola Ratcliffe (19:27), Jessica Fanning (19:30) and Kelsey Stafford (19:39) all dipped under the 20-minute barrier.

Several CTC members were blue ribbon winners in their respective age groups.  In addition to Spiekermann, Samley, Ratcliffe and Fanning, the following CTC folks were tops in their class:  John Densmore, Andrea Wright, Christine Collins, Jim Bell, Mike Rettig, Andy Stafford, Alec Bateman, Linda Scandore, Anne Peery, Susan Riddle & Bev McCoid.  One of the tightest age group races of the day went on between two CTC stalwarts Wendell Golden and Harry FreestoneGolden (78) out-legged the youngster Freestone (76) by a scant 19 seconds to with the 70+ division.

Some other CTC times of note on this absolutely gorgeous racing day were turned in by the following members:  Rob Stewart, Cathy Boyd, Alice Fletcher, Chris Peterson, Joann Pinkerton, Leah Craig, Andy Wolf, Lee Coppock, Charlie Beckum, Leisa Gonnella, Fred Sarver, Andrew Hersey, Chuck Lascano, Richard Moon, Anna Sas, Peggy Mowbray, Andrew Zapanta, Phil Halapin, Brian Cadle, Tom Hintz, Neal Goodloe and Maria Bell.  The McNeely family had the most number of participants as no less than 8 from their crew crossed the finish line.

By all accounts everyone seemed to have a wonderful time at this holiday event.  Kudos to the McDonald and the Macintosh families (all CTC members), who kindly donated their beautiful properties for parking and finish line logistics.  All proceeds were donated (in these two families name’s) to the Jefferson Area Food Bank.  The annual New Year’s Day T-shirt Contest was a hit as folks proudly displayed their old, ugly and loud t-shirts!

CTC Awards Banquet

The 18th edition of the club’s annual awards banquet was a smashing success as over 100 members put on their dress garb to celebrate the volunteer and athletic accomplishments of their fellow members.

Susan Stewart, Joan Esposito, Vicki Marsh and their fellow Board members organized a dandy of an evening at the Greek Orthodox Church.

Like last year the food was absolutely delicious and the company fun.  Many members commented that the banquet is one of their favorite events of the year and I’d have to agree.  The chance to congratulate so many of our hardworking members is a special feeling.

The club is blessed with an abundance of volunteerism and the evening awards kicked off by recognizing those who helped at our numerous events during the past year.  The Board treated these folks with a variety of gifts depending on the number of and which events you helped with.  These gifts will be available for pick-up at Ragged Mountain after February 20.  (Please see the list below).

Diana Foster accepted on behalf of the Rivanna Trails Foundation, the CTC’s Community Service Award.  The RTF has provided many of our community runners and walkers with an urban wilderness soft surface path system.  The club complimented Foster and her fellow RTF members for providing us with such a beautiful, stress free and safe place to exercise.

The highlight of the evening was honoring long-time member and dedicated volunteer, Rollin Stanton with the club’s highest award the CTC Lifetime Service award.  It seemed that everyone in attendance was delighted to see Stanton receive such a well-deserved award.  He truly is one of the club’s all-time hardest working volunteers.  As can be expected, Stanton received a thunderous standing ovation to conclude the evening’s festivities.

Other award winners included:

2003 Runner of the Year

  • Joe Nuffer (Male 18-24)
  • Meryl Rutowski (Female 18-24)
  • Matt Shields (Male 25-29)
  • Beverly Richardson (Female 25-29)
  • Galin Boyd (Male 30-34)
  • Leisa Gonnella (Female 30-34)
  • David Litherland (Male 35-39)
  • Elizabeth Cottone (Female 35-39)
  • Chris Samley (Male 40-44)
  • Andrea Wright (Female 40-44)
  • Burkhard Spiekermann (Male 45-49)
  • Peggy Mowbray (Female 45-49)
  • Bill Guerrant (Male 50-54)
  • Linda Scandore (Female 50-54)
  • Jim Bell (Male 55-59)
  • Mary Napoleon (Female 55-59)
  • Cal Fowler (Male 60-64)
  • Lis Villadsen (Female 60-64)
  • Rob Stewart (Male 65-69)
  • Nancy Fraser (Female 65-69)
  • Wendell Golden (Male 75-79)

2003 Point Series Awards

  • Brian Campbell (Male 39 & younger)
  • Elizabeth Cottone (Female 39 & younger)
  • Burkhard Spiekermann (Male 40 & older)
  • Mary Napoleon (Female 40 & older)

2003 CTC Community Service Award –
Rivanna Trails Foundation

2003 Bruce Barnes Memorial Awards –
David Miller and Nicola Ratcliffe

2003 Millie Symbula Award –
Nicola Ratcliffe

2003 Coach of the Year –
Al McLearen
(Madison High School)

2003 CTC High School Runner of the Year
Jessica Fanning (Western Albemarle), Brad O’Neill (Stuart’s Draft) and Travis Hunnicutt (Madison)

2003 Most Improved Runner –
Peggy Mowbray
and David Rapp

2003 Lifetime Service Award –
Rollin Stanton

Certificates for award winners are now available at Ragged Mountain.

Group Runs

There are a variety of groups that meet on a regular basis for “longer” runs.  Anyone is welcome to join in.  Please note that paces vary.

  • Ten Miler Training Group long runs currently range from 6 – 12 miles.  Paces 8 – 13 min./mile pace – 8:30 a.m. Saturdays outside the UVA track – 293-3367
  • Ten Mile “Big Boys”
    This group has been meeting since 1979 for a ten mile run over the city course – paces vary from 6:30 – 8:00/mile.  8:00 a.m. in the University Hall parking lot.  Call Tom Scala 978-1978 for info.
  • Weekend Trail Runs
    Distances, times & locations vary but all are off road – Call Rollin at 456-6119 or Sophie at 295-4214 for details.

In June the CTC will once again host their two summer training groups for the Charlottesville Women’s Four Miler and Fall Marathons / ½ Marathons.  These programs will feature Saturday group long runs.  Call 293-3367 (sometime in May) for details.

Two Decades and Counting!

We are delighted at the growth of the CTC over the past few years.  New members have added a lot to the dynamics of this special running club.  We also continue to be bolstered by those folks who have been faithful members for the past 20 years or more.  Their experience is at the foundation of this 28-year-old organization.  We thank them for their loyal support over the past two decades!

  • Carolyn Belt
  • Virgil Berry
  • Jim Barns
  • Jim Boyd
  • Jerry Bambrick
  • Rich Barnett
  • Jeff Byers
  • Jim Cargile
  • John Conover
  • Peggy Cornett
  • John Eros
  • Carol Finch
  • Connie Friend
  • Time & Ellie Gathright
  • Bill Guerrant
  • Chip Hopper
  • Skip Mullaney
  • Bob Johnson
  • Skip & Jane Kinnier
  • Dave Lasch
  • The McCoids
  • Richard Moon
  • Dan Monohan
  • John Neill
  • Chris Pikrallidas
  • Jeff Ney-Grimm
  • The Rogols
  • Joe Stirt
  • Kathy Thomas
  • Rollin Stanton
  • Lis Villadsen
  • The Whitenacks
  • The Wilkinsons
  • The McLearens
  • The Wists
  • The Murphys
  • The Lorenzonis
  • The Sommervilles
  • Corky Sablinsky
  • Chris Roberts
  • Lindy Bain
  • Tina Brashers




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