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Women's Four Miler

September 4, 2010

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Near perfect weather greeted a record field for the 28th edition of Charlottesville’s most popular running event, as the Women’s Four Miler played host to close to 3,500 females of all ages and abilities at beautiful Foxfield.  And oh, what a race it was as hundreds of spectators, who jammed the side of the road along the last quarter mile of the course were treated to the closest finish in race history.

Nicole Kelleher, who had led since the 2 ½ mile mark, seemed to have the win comfortably in the bag as she cruised along the last stretch. Suddenly, teammate and CTC member Louise Knudson came up behind and passed Kelleher with only 10 meters to the finish. A stunned Kelleher had just enough time and energy to react and surged back into the lead just as they crossed the finish line; out leaning Knudson for a scant one-one hundredth of a second to win.

The CTC was well represented throughout the awesome sized field with many members scoring impressive finishes in their respective age groups: Holly Rich (1st 15 – 19), Bethany Coppock (5th 15-19), Becky Keller (2nd 30-34), Kristen Keller (4th 30-34), Dawn Herrick (6th 30-34), Leah Connor (6th 35-39), Suzanna Turanyi (15th 35-39), Nicola Ratcliffe (1st 40-44), Jen Hochrein (2nd 40-44), Heidi Johnson (3rd 40-44), Susan Heald (5th 40-44), Jeanine Wolanski (7th 40-44), Lauri Wilson (1st 45-49), Lise Willingham (2nd 45-49), Theresa Coppola (5th 45-49), Jennifer Ackerman (3rd 50-54), Trish Foley (5th 50-54), Jerri Emm (8th 50-54), Peggy Mowbray (1st 55-59), Bonnie Wilfore (2nd 55-59), Linda Scandore (3rd 55-59), Wendy Golden (4th 55-59), Diane Rosin (5th 55-59), Marcia Kraft-Sayre (6th 55-59), and Nancy Fraser (1st 70-74).

The club was also all over the course as veteran director Cynthia Lorenzoni’s corps of volunteers here on hand helping with everything from parking to course monitoring. Folks like Tom Hints, Kathy Thomas, Heidi Johnson, Michael Goldman, Bob Wilder, Carol Finch, Jim Bell, Audrey Lorenzoni, Nancy Fraser, have served countless hours for many years on Lorenzoni’s race committee. They were joined by dozens of other CTC folks like John Lloyd, Tom Scala, Chris Post, Steve Sayne, Dave Murphy, Bob Downer, Maria Bell, Jim Cargile, Albert Connette, Melvin Wilson, Steve Denton, Ned Michie, Jeff Stafford, Dan Monohan, Steve Nelson and Chris Conti, who have helped for many years.

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of many of our women throughout the summer, the race had raised, as we went to press, close to $310,000 for research and other vital resources at UVA’s Breast Care Center. Haven’t contributed? The race committee encourages you to do so ASAP as they will continue to accept donations through the end of September. Thanks!

And of course the energy of the event wouldn’t be at the high level it is without Joan Esposito and her army of Pink Ladies, who led and cheered hundreds of women to their first footrace finish.

We also want to send a thanks to Kristin Solomon, she did and excellent job of designing the beautiful race shirt again.

The club has so much to be proud of with this very special event as it touches thousands of lives in so many different ways.

Congratulations to everyone to played a role in making this event such a huge success.

September 1, 2007

By most accounts the 25th edition of  Virginia ’s largest all-women’s event was an overwhelming success.  A record field of 2,700 females entered this special event and, in the process, they raised close to $240,000 for Breast Cancer Survivor programs at UVA’s Cancer Center .  This incredible sum represents an almost 100% increase over last year’s phenomenal $125,000.  Veteran CTC Director Cynthia Lorenzoni and her hard working committee were tickled with how well things went this summer and they were pleased with the organizational efforts of the 300 race day volunteers.  Folks like Jim Bell, Melba Atkinson, Carol Finch, Tom Hintz, Bob Wilder, Michael Goldman, Frances Hersey, Melba Campbell and Kathy Thomas have been helping Cynthia for several years with organizing this wonderful club event.  Hintz’s parking crew was 75 strong this year and they did a beautiful job of helping to get the women on the starting line on time once again.  Veteran CTC volunteers like Tom Scala, John Lloyd, Al Rogol, Dave Murphy, Melvin Wilson, Jim Cargile, Dan Monohan, Bob Downer, Chris Conti and David Cooke were joined by many first timers in making this a wonderful experience for all their racer guests. 

The CTC was well represented throughout the race field starting with the dynamic duo of Andrea Wright (24:20) and Eliza O’Connell (24:24) finishing 2nd and 3rd overall.  Amazingly these two training partners and road rivals have been only separated by a mere 5 seconds in their last two races. 

Several members scored well in their respective age groups, including blue ribbon winners Kristen Keller, Nicola Ratcliffe, Peggy Mowbray, and Nancy Fraser. Other CTC age group placers included Maria Bell, Anna Castle, Natalie KRovetz, Marcia Kraft-Sayre, Sarah Cargile, Nancy Davis-Imhoff, Laura Kwiatkowski, Dawn Herrick, Becky Keller, Bridget Donaldson, Leisa Gonnella, Bess Tarkington, Krista Coppock, Missi Brown, Lise Willingham, Jeanmarie Bantz, Michelle Bushrow, Frances Hersey, Chris Thomas, Chris Defries, Pam Balcke, Marit Gay, Trish Foley, Valerie Lopez, Kiyok Asao-Ragosta, Wendy Golden, Karen Rich, Sharon Balint, and Patti Clevenson. 

Over 150 more fellow members participated in this special anniversary edition of one of the area’s largest fund raisers.  Among them were Katie Wilcox, Beth Evans, Christen Duxbury, Kim Cetti, Laurie Duxbury, Gail Smith, Mary Hintz, Kara Coppock, Cindy Eichelkraut, Annie Roesch, Rocket Roberts, Lauren Hite, Jean Link, Ginny Boothe, Janet Herman, Diane Snustad, Sarah  Defries, Emily Harenstein, Linda Hanson, Anne Weybright, Sachi Ragosta, Amelia Sitler, Karen Ferrer, Eileen Merritt, Anne Cronk, Pamela Tetro, Katherine Garstang, Leslie Arcuri, Eileen Wittmer, Rebecca Williams, Karen Rockwell, Audrey Lorenzoni, Adelaide King, Louise Gilliam, and Leah Connor, who all had excellent races!  Everyone in the club who helped to make this special event a success is to be congratulated for their volunteer and racing efforts.  Several women summed it up at the post-race celebration by saying it is their favorite community event!

September 2, 2006

By most accounts, the 24th edition of Virginia ’s largest all-women’s race, the Charlottesville Women’s Four Miler, was the best ever as a record crowd of 2,400 females participated in this special event.  Overcast skies and cooler temperatures than the previous hot and humid race mornings, greeted the participants and volunteer Medical Director Bob Wilder commented that “we might not see better racing weather for this event in the next twenty years!”  What a relief the weather was after 3 straight days of being pounded with the heavy rains of a tropical storm and it put all of the participants in a celebrating mood. 

Veteran CTC race director Cynthia Lorenzoni and her volunteer race committee were pleased with the positive feedback on several of their new additions to the event including on line registration, chip timing at the finish and the spectacular parking job lead by new “parking Czar” Tom Hintz, whose army of pre-dawn volunteers parked over 2,500 vehicles in a little over an hour.   WOW!

CTC Ace Andrea Wright led a slew of fellow club members across the finish line, as the 45 year old finished 3rd overall in a P.R. of 25:18.  Eliza O’Connell (4th – 25:23), Nicola Ratcliffe (7th – 26:00), Beth Cottone (8th – 26:03), Kristin Keller (9th – 26:08), and Heidi Johnson (10th – 26:34) were the other CTC members in the Top 10, and these speedy women continued to dispel the myth that the “youngsters” are always in the Top 10, as the average age of this crew was 39!

Several clubsters scored impressive finishes in their respective age groups, including the following blue ribbon winners:  Kristin Keller (25-29), Eliza O’Connell (35-39), Peggy Mowbray (50-54), Mary Napolean (60-64), and Nancy Fraser (65-69).  Other age group scores of note from the CTC squad:  Emily Bascom (26:46), Dawn Herrick (26:45), Jenny Blair (26:50), Krista Coppock (30:39), Amy Reice (31:46), Missi Brown (30:24), Nicola GoergeB Leisa Gonnella B Pam Balcke B Kiyoko Asao-Rogosta (29:12), Trish Foley (30:46), Michelle Bushrow (29:15), Lauri Wilson (28:16), Jerri Emm (32:34), Natalie Krovetz (33:19), Dorie McHugh (31:50), Jeanine Wolanski (28:39), Marit Gay (31:10), Jennifer Ackerman (30:42), Bev Wispelway (29:52), Patti Clevenson (32:06), Marcia Kraft-Sayre (32:13), Linda Scandore (32:11), Bev Hayden (40:39), Bonnie Wilford (32:02), Sachi Rogosta (32:05), Linda Hanson (33:00), Karen Ferrer (33:18), Tanya Stuetz (33:45), Jenny Gerow (31:56), Anne Tommasu (34:31), Sharon Foley (35:36), Sarah Cargile (38:26), Rocket Roberts (38:58), Lisa Draine (38:53), Janet Herman (42:48), and Carol McIntosh (43:07) to name just a few of the 200 CTC women who had impressive outings at this year’s race.

Lorenzoni passed along rave reviews to her dedicated race committee, who helped her organize this special CTC event.  Frances Hersey, Jim Bell, Nancy Fraser, Tom Hintz, Melba Atkinson, Bob Wilder, Michael Goldman, Melba Campbell and Carol Finch made their fellow club members proud as they volunteered their time, energy, and expertise to bolster the level of quality of this already impressive race.  Thanks to their efforts and the financial support of the 2,400 entrants and their friends and family, the race raised a record $124,000 for patient services at  UVA’s wonderful Breast Care Center. 

September 3, 2005

Way back in 1983 when the CTC kicked off the inaugural running of the area’s first ever all-women’s race, who would have ever imagined that it would someday grow into the largest all-women’s event in the state with over 2,000 participants and raising $100,000 for a worthy area cause?  Well, that’s just what the CTC pulled off thanks to the efforts of race director Cynthia Lorenzoni, her veteran race committee, and 350 race day volunteers!

Many of those race committee members and race day volunteers come from the ranks of the CTC including hardworking folks like Jim Bell, Carol Finch, Nancy Fraser, Dave Lasch, Joanne and Ian Rogol, John Lloyd, Bob Wilder, Bette Dzamba, Frances Hersey, Kathy Thomas, Melba Atkinson, Kerry Gardner, Dave Murphy and his daughters, and so, so many others.  And how could the day get rolling without the leadership of Rollin Stanton and his army of 65 pre-dawn parking volunteers?  His gang parked close to 3,000 cars over the rolling lawns of the beautiful Foxfield property in a little less than 90 minutes...  may be a Charlottesville record!

Many CTC women absolutely tore up the course on this beautiful late summer morning starting with Andrea Wright (25:22) and Elizabeth Cottone (25:35), who finished 2nd and 3rd overall and led 3 other CTC women into the top 10:  Nicola Ratcliffe (5th), Kara Flavin (8th), and Emily Bascom (9th).

Many of our members won their age groups starting with the speedy Sachi Ragosta, who took home her 2nd straight age division crown.  Other CTC blue ribbon age group winners included Emily Bascom (20-24), Bridget Donaldson (30-34), Jeanmarie Bantz (40-44), Mary Napoleon (60-64), Nancy Fraser (65-69), Nicola Ratcliffe (35-39), and Linda Wells (55-59).  Other CTC races of note were recorded by folks like Jenny Blair, Kristen Keller, Heidi Johnson, Michelle Huston, Missi Brown, Leisa Gonnella, Krista Coppock, Jeanine Wolanski, Jennifer Ackerman, Marit Gay, Karen Loftus, Kiyoko Asao-Ragosta, Bev Wispelway, Linda Scandore, Pam Stratos, Patty Roberts, Natalie Krovetz, Nancy Spekman, Sandy Derr, Susan Riddle, Lise Willingham, Nicole Yarbrough, Rachel Horsley, Becky Williams, Barbara Armacost, Julie Baker, and Lauri Wilson.  These and many, many other members scored impressive races at this popular event. 

Also out on the course were dozens of Mother/Daughter duos including several from the ranks of the CTC including the Purcell’s, Alice Handy and her daughters Abby and Jenny, the Spiekermann’s, the Bascom’s, the Kwiatkowski’s, Janet Herman and Amelia Sitler, Mary Claire and Emily Smith, the Golden’s and the Stinette’s.

Many of us old-timers in the club continue to be in awe of the incredible growth of this amazing event and thank everyone who participated as a runner or volunteer in making this year’s race such a success. 

September 4, 2004

Well, the CTC finally hit a good weather day for this popular club race as a gorgeous sunrise under cool temperatures greeted the record field of 1,865.  That good weather seemed to help many of the participants as several veteran CTC women commented that it was “the best Four Miler ever.”

Race director Cynthia Lorenzoni, who was at the helm for her 5th straight Four Miler, agreed that things went well.  She had 260 volunteers who did an excellent job of closing the roads (so the women were treated to an auto-free course), parking cars, working the finish line, handing out water and working on the results.  In fact, over half of the volunteers came from the ranks of the CTC including race committee members Frances Hersey, Rollin Stanton, Carol Finch, Melba Atkinson, Jim Bell, Nancy Fraser, Cindi Conte and Lorenzoni.

The club continued its incredible fund raising ways as it passed along another $45,000 to the fine folks at the Breast Care Center at UVA.  This brings current 2004 total donated by the CTC to area causes thus far to a stunning $100,000!

This year’s median time of 11:00 / mile was the slowest in race history but the winning time at 23:48 was almost 90 seconds faster than last year.  Several CTC members had impressive outings, especially in their respective age groups.  The following women scored blue ribbons in their age groups:  Andrea Wright (40 – 44), Jennifer Ackerman (45 – 49), Mary Napoleon (55 – 59), Sachi Ragosta (9 & under), Susan Riddle (60 – 64) and Nancy Fraser (65 – 69).  Wright, who finished 4th overall in 25:37 was the top CTC finisher.  Kristen Keller (10th – 26:44) and Heidi Johnson (12th – 26:46) rounded out the top 3 overall for the CTC.

Several other CTC members had excellent outings including Kerry Hendrix (27:36), Frances Hersey (29:32), Trish Foley (29:59), Pam Stratos (31:56), Anna Castle (33:25), Kathy Pritchard (33:51), Christine Bushrow (43:06), Gwen Buckley (34:21) Kate Kohn (37:24), Kobby Hoffman (37:32), Rachel Horsley (39:22), Anne Knox (28:40), Diane Snusted(39:46),  Alice Wiggins (41:06), and Ellen Whitener (45:10) were just a few of the several dozen members who came across the finish line with a smile on their face.



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